Top 10 Canva Tips And Tricks To Design Faster (Shortcuts Included)

Top 10 Canva Tips And Tricks To Design Faster (Shortcuts Included)

I won’t believe you if you say that that you don’t know about Canva.

I don’t think that you can even continue your online journey without this legendry tool.

From bloggers to graphic designers, beginners to professionals, all of them uses canva to design their templates, printables, social media graphics, etc.

That’s why Canva is such an amazing designing tool that anyone can use even without any graphic designing skills. It saves you a lot of money on hiring professional graphic designers.

So in this article, i’ll be telling you top canva tips and tricks that will help you to design faster.

Also, i will be giving you 10 Bonus Canva Keyboard Shortcuts at the end of this article.

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canva tips and tricks

1. Resizing Proportionally

May be lot of you are already aware of this trick that if you resize any element while holding Alt Or Option(For Mac) Key, you will be able to resize that element or text proportionally from all the 4 corners.

If you are unable to understand what i am saying then try it yourself, try to resize an element while holding the Alt or Option key and you will understand wat i am saying.

This thing will help you a lot whenever you have to maintain the symmetry of the design for eg. you want to resize the square shape proportionally from all the sides so that it won’t become a rectangle.

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2.  Adding Shadows To Elements and Pictures

We all know how to add shadows to a text element but most of the people don’t know how to add shadows to an element or image.

Recently Canva have added this feature that allows you to add shadows to elements or pictures.

How to do that??

It’s pretty simple, just select your image or element (Not canva element) and click on effects tab at the top and then under the Shadows tab select Drop

This will allow you to add shadows to your uploaded media.

canva tips and tricks

You can also play with the shadows settings like shadow direction, transparency, etc just by tapping the settings icon on the Drop Tab

Note: you can’t use this methods to add shadows to Canva Elements however you can use it for your self uploaded graphics or media.

3. Using Canva Layers

Unlike Adobe software, Canva does not support visible layers.

Objects, text, and images, on the other hand, can all be placed in front of or behind one another, forming an invisible layer.

It become really difficult to select an object or text layer that is behind another object layer because every time you try to do it canva will select the top most layer rather then the one that you want to select.

canva tutorial

To adjust these layers, go to the position tool and use the behind or forward tools to send the object to the back or forward.

You can also use a shortcut by pressing the Ctrl or Command button on your keyboard and click through the objects and it will start selecting the objects that are present behind.

4. Equally Spacing Elements And Pics

It is very important to maintain the symmetry in your designs so that it can look professional.

Canva gives you an option to equally space all the selected elements vertically or horizontally in just one click.

space evenly

You Just have to select all the elements and click on Position tab and then under the “Space Evenly” section you will get all the options to equally space your elements horizontally or vertically.

You can use this feature for pics, elements, textboxes, etc.

5. Using Hyperlinks In Canva

Hyperlinks can be really helpful if you are creating PDF’s, eBook’s or you want to embed clickable button’s inside your PDF’s for your subscribers.

This allows your customers to click on a particular element inside a PDF and land on a URL that you have hyperlinked with that element.

Sounds cool!! RIGHT??

How to use hyperlinking??

It’s very simple just select the element, text or pics that you want hyperlink with and press the link icon on top right hand side and paste in your URL and hit apply.

Now whenever a user will click on that particular element, he or she will be redirected to that URL.

6. Grouping The Elements

Grouping the elements is a great option, especially if you spend a lot of time creating a title with multiple fonts, colors, and text boxes.

It becomes really easy to move all the grouped elements rather then moving them on by one and losing their symmetry.

What is the best way to group elements?

1. Select each element by holding the Shift key and clicking on them on by one.

2. Now select the group icon present at top right hand side of your toolbar

7. Creating Text Overlay’s Without Photoshop

There is no official way to create text overlays inside Canva. If you want to create a gold textured text or a rose gold gradient text then you can’t do it directly inside Canva. You have to create that text effect inside Photoshop and then import that PNG file inside Canva.

However i am going to share you a little tip that can help you achieving the same look inside Canva as well.

How can you create text overlay’s inside Canva?

  1. First go in elements tab and search for “Frames”
  2. Scroll down and you will see a lot of Alphabetical Frames
  3. Select all the alphabets that will build your word. For eg. to write my name Rohit i will choose the frames R, O, H, I, T
  4. Now just drag and drop your texture image on the alphabets one by one
  5. This is really amazing because it can be customized by your customers as well if you are selling digital templates

8. Using Customizable Gradient Elements

Want to achieve a gradient look without using Photoshop?

Just go in elements tab and searc for the keyword “Gradient” and filter the results to only show Free elements.

You will see a bunch of free gradient elements that you can use in your design.

and the best part is these elements are customizable that means you can change their gradient colors.

9. Adding Cool Frames To Your Pics

There are lot of ways to add frames to your pics in Canva but i personally like this one.

This one allows you to quickly add frames like neon frame, laptop frame, mobile frame, etc to your pics.

Just click on your pic and then click on effect tab on upper left and then select under the Frames section choose your desired Frame.

Unable to see the Frame section?? You have to first connect the Frame app in Canva, you can do it by clicking On effects tab then click on Frames and then connect.

10. Using Canva Shortcuts

These are the Canva keyboard shortcuts that you can use while designing your templates.

These will save you a lot of time.

  1. Add a line: L

  2. Add a text box: T

  3. Bold text: Command-B

  4. Italicize text: Command-I

  5. Underline text: Command-U

  6. Align to center: Command-Shift-C

  7. Align to the left: Command-Shift-L

  8. Use uppercase letters: Command-Shift-K

  9. Copy style: Command-Option-C

  10. Paste style: Command-Option-V

  11. Deselect an element: Esc

  12. Select all elements: Command-A

  13. Delete an element: Delete

  14. Duplicate an element: Command-D

  15. Move an element in increments: select the element and click the arrows

  16. Move an element in larger increments: select the element, hold Shift, and click the arrows

  17. Bring element forward: Command + ]

  18. Send element backward: Command + [

  19. Send element to the very back: Option-Command-[

  20. Bring element to the very front: Option-Command-]

  21. Group elements: Command-G

  22. Constrain proportions while resizing: select the element/s, hold Shift, and drag corners to resize

  23. Undo an Action: Command-Z

  24. Redo an Action: Command-Shift-Z

  25. Add a comment: Option-Command-M

  26. Present in full screen mode: Option-Command-P

  27. Exit from full screen mode: Esc

  28. Collapse sidebar: Command + /

  29. Zoom In: Command (+)

  30. Zoom Out: Command (-)

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So i hope these little Canva tips will help you to create beautiful designs in no time.

If you know any other Canva tip or trick that can help peoples then do comment it down below, i will be happy to include it in this list.

Happy designing!

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