How To Make A Table In Canva In 2022 (3 Secret Way!!)

how to create tables in canva
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Canva is a great platform for creating beautiful visuals. Tables are often used in graphics to display data or information. In this article, i will show you how to create tables in Canva.

I will be discussing 2 easy methods to create tables. The first method is to use the shape element and the second method is to use lines.

I will also be discussing how you can customize these tables by changing the colors, fonts, backgrounds and positioning.

How To Make A Table In Canva

1. Search For “Shapes” In Elements

The first way to make a table in canva is by using the shape element. To do this, you need to search for “shapes” in the elements tab.

Select the square-shaped element and do not worry about sizing because we will fix that later.

Once you have selected the square, hold and drag it to your canvas.

2. Resize The Shape To Form A Rectangle Cell

Now that you have added the shape to your canvas, resize it to form a rectangle cell. To do this, click and drag the corner anchors to adjust the size of the rectangle.

This is going to be your table cell so resize it accordingly.

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3. Create Multiple Cells (Copy Paste The Shape)

Now that you have the shape for your table cell, duplicate it by pressing “Ctrl + C” on Windows or “Cmd + C” on Mac.

Then paste it by pressing “Ctrl + V” on Windows or “Cmd + V” on Mac.

If you want 5 different rows in your table you have to do this 5 times.

After that, place all the cells side by side to form a row.

And make sure the space between all the cells are equal, you can do that by using canva positioning tab.

Once all cells are placed and are equally spaced in a row you have to group them together.

To do that select all the cells in that row and click on the “group” button at the top toolbar.

4. Copy The Entire Row

Now, select the entire row group by clicking on it and making its copy.

We will now make columns, just keep making the copies of the row group and place them downwards.

Now equally space all the row groups using the positioning tab in canva.

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5. Put Your Content Into The Cells

Now that we have our table ready, all we need to do is put content into the cells.

You can add text by selecting the “Text” element from the left sidebar and then clicking on the cell you want to add text to.

You can also add images by selecting the “Uploads” tab from the left sidebar and then dragging and dropping the image into the cell.

You can also add shapes, lines, or anything else you want by selecting them from the left sidebar and then dragging and dropping them into the cell.

Creating Table In Canva Using Lines

The second method to create a table in canva is by using lines.

To do this, search for the “Line” element from the left sidebar and then click and drag it onto your canvas.

Once you have added the line, hold and drag the corner anchors to resize it.

You can also change the color and the thickness of the line from the above toolbar.

Now you can copy and paste the lines and place them to form rows and columns.

You can also group the lines together to form cells.

After you have placed all the lines, add content to the cells by following the same method as we did for the first method.

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How To Customize A Table In Canva

Now that you know how to create a table in canva, let’s see how we can customize it.

To change the color of the table, select the cell shape and then click on the color palette option from the top toolbar.

Select your desired color and then hit “OK”.

You can also change the font of the content present inside the table, to do that select the text and then click on the “font name” option from the top toolbar.

Now select your desired font from the drop-down and change its size accordingly.

The same you can do with tables created using the lines method.

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Use Of Tables In Designs

Tables are generally used to present data in a tabular format.

But you can also use them for other purposes like creating calendars, infographics or even web layouts.

You can also use tables to create dividers or section breaks in your design.

Tables can also be used to create planners, journals, printables, etc.

So basically tables have a number of use cases and can be very handy in your designs.

Tips And Tricks For Creating Better Tables In Canva

Here are some tips and tricks for creating better tables in canva.

– Always use the same font for all the text inside a table. This will make your table look more professional and organized.

– Try to avoid using too many colors inside a table as it will make it difficult to read. Stick to two or three colors maximum.

– If you are using images inside the table, make sure they are of high quality and size.

– Use the positioning tab to equally space your cells and content.

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Q) Can you make a table chart in Canva?

A) Yes, you can make a table chart in Canva by using the same method mentioned above. You can also customize the colors, fonts, and position of the chart.

Q) How do I customize a table in Canva?

A) To customize a table in Canva, select the cell shape and then click on the color palette option from the top toolbar. Select your desired color and then hit “OK”.

You can change the colors, sizing, position, font, etc. If you are using canva for a good period of time you know pretty well how to do all this stuff.


Creating a table in canva is very easy and anyone can do it with little to no design experience. Just follow the steps in this article and you will have a beautiful table in no time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Happy designing! :)”

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