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ThebrandedBucks is all about helping you make more money through side hustles and starting your own business. We want to make sure you can live freely without worrying about finances.

Here you will find guides and resources about Blogging, eCommerce, Social Media, Business, Side Hustles, Make Money Online, etc.

Rohit Lohia

Hi there, this is Rohit Lohia, Founder Of The Branded Bucks.

I started TBB (The Branded Bucks) In 2021 to help people start their online businesses whether it is a content business like Blogging, YouTube, social media, etc, or an e-commerce business like Etsy, amazon, or eBay.

How We Started?

After graduating from Delhi University at the age of 22, I was eager to find ways to earn money online.

Delhi University College Pic
20 Yr Old Me With My College Gang at Delhi University

However, I struggled to find opportunities that fit my schedule.

After researching for a bit, I eventually landed on the idea of creating an Etsy store and selling digital products, so I decided to start my own Etsy shop, and to my surprise, I made $36k from it.

My Etsy Earnings
Earnings From My Etsy Shop

This success inspired me to create this website to help others in similar situations.

My experiences taught me that there are many different reasons why people seek to earn extra money.

Some are struggling single parents trying to make ends meet, while others are college students looking for extra spending money.

And then there are those, like me, who are fed up with their jobs and crave the independence of running their own businesses.

At TheBrandedBucks, we understand that everyone comes from a different place in life, which is why our content caters to a wide range of needs and circumstances.

Whether you’re seeking financial advice, business ideas, or simply looking for inspiration, you’ll find something valuable here.

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Rohit Lohia