How To Download Etsy Digital Files In Your Laptop Or iPhone

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If you’ve recently purchased a digital product from Etsy, and wondering how to download the file on your laptop or iPhone then this blog post is for you.

As you all know Etsy also offers digital items like PDFs, eBooks, and templates. These digital items are sold through the Etsy website and can be accessed by customers after they have made a purchase. The items are in a digital format, which means that they can be downloaded and used by customers immediately but how do download Etsy files?

If you are having such questions in mind then read this article till the end and we will guide you on how to download Etsy digital files on iPhone, iPad, and computer.

How To Download Etsy Files On Website

To download your digital files from the Etsy website, you have to first log in to your Etsy account by entering your details.

Once logged in, click on your account avatar in the top right corner of the homepage and select “Purchases and Reviews” from the drop-down menu and find the order you’d like to download files from.

Click on the “Download” button next to the order and your download will start immediately.

The download process may take a little while depending on how many files are being downloaded and what are their sizes, but once it’s done you’ll have everything you need to get started working with those files.

How To Download Etsy Files On iPhone App

Unfortunately, the Etsy app won’t have any option to download the digital files that you have purchased from the Etsy marketplace. So how you can download Etsy digital files on your iPhone?

If you want to download files using your iPhone, you need to visit the Etsy website in your iPhone browser, you can use safari or google chrome on your iPhone, you first need to open the Etsy website and then log in with your account details.

After that, you have to click on your profile avatar from the top-right menu and then click on “Purchases and Reviews”.

Then you have to find the order from which you want to download a file. Once you have found the order, just click on the Download button next to that order and it will start downloading.

How To Download Digital Files From Etsy On Ipad

You can follow the same steps that you’ve followed on your iPhone in order to download the Etsy digital file on your Ipad.

To download digital files from Etsy on an iPad, you first need to log in to Etsy using your browser. Once you’re logged in, click on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen.

Select “Purchases And Reviews” from the drop-down menu and find the order that you are interested in.

Click on the order and select the option “Download Files” from the top to start downloading your items.

2 Types Of Digital Items On Etsy

Etsy offers 2 types of digital products.

  • Instant Download

One type of digital item on Etsy is an instant download. This is a digital file that the buyer can download immediately after purchase. This type of digital item is usually a PDF, eBook, Templates, Printable, etc.

  • Made To Order

Another type of digital item on Etsy is a made-to-order item. Made-to-order items are digital items that the buyer can personalize and/or customize before they get the final file.

So basically here you provide your inputs to the seller, and they customize it for you. This is a great way to get customized products without having to make them yourself.

These items typically require the buyer to provide text or graphics to the seller.

Sellers usually take a few days to complete the customized file for the buyer based on his/her requirements.

This type of digital item usually takes longer to create because of the customizations. A custom logo can be an example of this item category.


Where can I find my digital purchases in my account?

If you have purchased any Digital Product from an Etsy store, your purchase can be found in the “Purchases and Reviews” section of your account.

To access this section, click on your Avatar icon from the top right corner of the screen and select “Purchases and Reviews” from the drop-down menu. This will take you to a page where all of your Etsy purchases are listed.

Where to print downloads from Etsy?

When you download a digital file from Etsy, you can print it out at your home or on popular printing platforms like Zazzle, Staples and VistaPrint.

Printing at home is convenient but may not produce the best results while printing on a popular platform can be more expensive but often results in a higher-quality product.

To choose the best printing option for your needs, consider the complexity of the file you are printing and the budget you have available.

Can you download Etsy files on iPad?

The iPad can be used to download Etsy digital files, but not through the Etsy app. Instead, the files must be downloaded through a web browser like Safari or Google chrome.

This is because the Etsy app does not have the option to download digital files.

When will I receive my made-to-order digital item?

The time it takes to receive a made-to-order digital item on Etsy depends on the seller and the level of customization requested by the customer.

Generally, most made-to-order digital items are delivered within 2-3 business days after the order is placed. However, more complex items or those that require additional customization may take up to 5 business days to deliver.

You can always ask the seller about the delivery time before placing an order.

I purchased a digital item, but I don’t have an Etsy account

When purchasing a digital item on Etsy, the buyer does not need to have an Etsy account in order to complete the transaction. The buyer will be prompted to input their email address and will then receive an email from Etsy with a link to download the file(s) they purchased. If the buyer does not receive this email and does not have an Etsy account too then they can reach out to Etsy customer care regarding this issue.

how to download Etsy files to Cricut

To get your Etsy digital files in Cricut, first, you have to download the files from using the steps mentioned above.

Then, unzip the downloaded files and extract the SVGs in a folder. After that, open Cricut Design Space and click on the “Upload” button and then select “Browse Files”. Select the folder where you have extracted your SVGs.

The files will be uploaded to Cricut Design Space and you will be able to start creating your project.


In conclusion, downloading Etsy files is a very easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes and will allow you to download Etsy files onto your mobile device or laptop.

This will give you the ability to access your favorite Etsy items offline, as well as make it easy to print out any of the files you may need. Be sure to follow the steps correctly and enjoy all that Etsy has to offer!

Thank you for reading!

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