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How To Add Personalization Option On Etsy App [With Pics]

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There is something about personalized items that makes them so special and unique.

Whether it be a printed t-shirt or a necklace with your name initials, adding a personal touch can make any item more meaningful.

Have you ever wanted to offer some personalization option to your Etsy listings where user can enter their information and get their customised products?

In this article, we will discuss how to add the personalization option on the Etsy app so you can offer personalizable items on your Etsy shop.

Use Case Of Personalized Etsy Listing

There are many different use cases for personalized Etsy listings, such as customizing t-shirts with names or creating custom jewelry like necklaces and rings.

Customers love personalized items, so giving them the option of making them their own is a surefire way to increase sales.

If you offer t-shirt designs on your Etsy store, customers can add their name or a quote onto the shirt.

For jewelry makers, personalized pieces are always popular; customers can choose from several customization options including initials, birthstones or dates for rings or necklaces.

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How To Add Personalization Option On Etsy App

Unfortunately, the option to enable personalization on your Etsy listings is not yet available on the Etsy seller app.

However, sellers can still do this through the web version of the Etsy platform.

All you have to do is navigate to “Shop Manager”, go to your listings page and find out the listing you want to add personalization to.

Click On “Edit Listing” and scroll down until you find a “Personalization” section, toggle that ON  and it will ask you for instructions for buyers, you can add it according to your item.

You can also see a little preview on the right-hand side of what buyers will see.

If the personalization is optional then check to mark the box and click on Save

How To Enable Personalization On Etsy (Step By Step)

Step 1: Login To Your Seller Account

Visit and log in to your seller account using your email and password.

Step 2: Go Shop Manager

Once logged in, navigate your shop manager by clicking the small shop icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

click on shop manager

Step 3: Find The Listing and Edit The Listing

Now inside your shop manager, click on the listings option from the left sidebar and find the listing to that you want to add a personalization option to.

You can also use the search bar at the top to find the correct listing.

edit your etsy listing

Once you got the listing, click on the settings icon and then click on “Edit”.

Step 4: Enable The Personalization Option

Scroll down and you will see a personalization section, enable the option and it will ask for instruction to the buyer, just add it according to your requirements.

You may guide the buyer on how to provide their personalization details in the box for eg. if you offer a t-shirt with a custom name then you can add something like:

“Please provide the name that you want to print on the T-shirt, also choose the color and font from the listings image, the personalized message should look like
Name: Angelina
Color: Pink
Font: Pearl Caligraphy”

enable personalisation

By providing proper instructions, you will guide your buyers on how to provide proper information for the customization.

How To Offer Complicated Personalized Items

Although Etsy does allow sellers to enable personalization options on their listings and sell customized products but the problem is the personalization field on Etsy is limited to a simple description box only.

Customers can only type in text in the personalization description box and provide their information to sellers.

Although this can be great for simple items like a t-shirt with a name or a ring with your name initials as this information can be easily provided using the simple description box.

But things get complicated when buyers have to provide an image, file, document, etc to the seller for the customization purpose.

So how you gonna handle this situation?

Use Etsy Messaging or Email

Well, the best way to overcome that situation is to use Etsy messaging or email to get detailed information from your customer about their desired product or design.

Ask as many questions as necessary to understand exactly what they are looking for so that you can create something they will love.

You can also ask for images and documents if required.

Give Them Options To Choose From

Instead of asking them for fonts and colors, you can provide them with some premade design look and let them choose one.

You can include a pic in your listing showcasing all the available sizes, fonts and color combinations and ask them which one they want to go with.

A Good example is the listing below by SeptandFlyArt. (Beautiful shop, show her some love)

etsy personalisation

Customers will choose the size, design, fonts, and colors and then mention them in the description box, and it will make the process easier.

Use Google Forms

If your products are very complicated and need multiple inputs from the buyer I suggest you create a form using a google form.

Whenever they place an order, you can forward the link to the google form and ask them to enter their information.

Examples of Personalized Items to Sell

There are many examples of personalized items that can be sold on Etsy, here some of the examples:

1) Custom stationery with personal monograms and logos

2) Personalized jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings

3) Hand-painted mugs or crockery

4) Embroidered shirts and hats

5) Printed Garments

6) Laser-cut wood signs

7) Vinyl decals

8 ) Etched glassware

9) Crocheted stuffed animals

10) Custom portraits.

Each item can be tailored specifically to your customer’s needs or preferences. You could create customized designs or one-of-a-kind pieces that will have them coming back for more!

Final Words

So in conclusion, you cannot use Etsy app to enable the personalization option on your Etsy listings but you can easily do that using the web version of Etsy.

Buyers can easily use the description box to provide you with the information for their customization so that you can directly start working on their item without asking them manually.

And that’s how personalization works on Etsy. For complicated personalization, you can use the above-mentioned ways.

Got any questions? comment down below, I would love to answer you.

Thank you.

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