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eRank For Etsy: Is It Worth It? (My Results)

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Hey guys this is Rohit Lohia and today we are going to discuss about a tool called eRank.

I know a lot of you guys reading this article either owns an Etsy store or are looking to open a new one.

But one thing that is common among all of you is eRank.

What is eRank? and how it can help you to skyrocket your Etsy sales.

Well in this article i am going to tell you everything about eRank along with my own shop results.

What Is eRank?

eRank is an online tool specially designed for Etsy sellers that helps you to do all types of research for your Etsy shop from keyword research to competition analysis you can do everything you can think of in order to improve your Etsy SEO.

eRank helps you:

  • Find long tail keywords that people are actually searching for on Etsy marketplace
  • Analyze your competitors and find out what’s working for them, what tags they are using, and what SEO tactics they are implementing.
  • Audit your Etsy listings and give you suggestions to improve them in order to rank higher.

Here are some main features of eRank:

  • Keyword explorer
  • Track Competitors
  • Tags Analysis
  • Listing Audit
  • Rank Checker
  • Bulk keyword tools
  • & many more

Read more about eRank features over here.

With all these power-packed features, eRank helps you to level up your Etsy SEO game in no time.

eRank Pricing

Good news for all of you, eRank does come with a free plan! Yayyyy!!

But with limited features, oops!

eRank paid plan starts at just $5.99/Mo and the most advanced expert plan costs around $29.99/Mo (I personally use an expert plan)

eRank Plans & Pricing

eRank price is so much more affordable if compared to other keyword research tools.

And the features that it brings just under this price are just amazing.

Which Plan Is Perfect For You?

From my experience, if you are a beginner looking to start a new shop I suggest you start with a basic $5.99/Mo plan. The only drawback about the basic plan is that it only allows 5 competitors to track at a time which is kinda less in my opinion.

If you already own a shop and have a decent amount of sales every month then the eRank pro plan is for you which costs around $9.99/Mo.

I highly recommend pro plan for all the shop owners as it is way better than the basic plan.

So if you ask me is rank pro worth it? Definitely Yes!! go for it blindly!

  • And if you have a well-established Etsy store having hundreds and thousands of sales per month and you are looking to increase conversion rate and rank your existing products then go for the Expert plan that costs $29.99/Mo.

How To Use eRank For Etsy Shop

You can use eRank for a variety of purposes as it comes with a lot of features but the main thing that you can do using eRank is keyword research and competition analysis.

Let’s imagine you want to sell “Digital Planners” on Etsy but because the planners market is way too competitive on Etsy you are not able to figure out what type of planners to sell in order to get sales.

That’s where eRank comes into play.

Now let’s dive in and discuss some of the most amazing eRank tools that can help you to improve your Etsy SEO.

Keyword Research Tool

There are 2 keyword research tools available in eRank, one is a keyword tool and the other is a keyword explorer.

Both the tools are almost the same, they provide information like search volume and related keywords ideas for your searched term but the keyword tool got one more additional feature, it analysis top 100 listings and give you information about their total views, favorites, average price, etc.

Head over to any of the two eRank keyword research tool and enter your seed keyword which is “Planner” or “Digital Planner” in our case and eRank will show you all the related terms and keyword ideas that people are searching for along with some useful data like monthly volume, trends, competition.

eRank Keyword Tool

Now you will get an idea about what items are in demand and how many sellers are actually selling that particular item which can give you an idea about the competition.

You can then do your product research and come up with new ideas for your Etsy shop based on what shoppers are searching for.

eRank does come with multiple keyword tools like keyword explorer, keyword tool, bulk keyword tool, keyword lists, compare keywords, etc.

Competitor Tracking

Along with the keyword tool, eRank gives you the ability to track what your competitors are doing.

You can also track your competitor’s sales by adding them to the tracker list.

erank competitior tracking
erank competitior tracking

You will get daily updates on the number of sales your competitors are getting.

You can also analyze your competitor’s listings and see which tags they are using to get sales.

After getting the relevant data you can optimize your listings accordingly.

Listing Audit

Looking to improve the performance of your Etsy shop’s listings?

eRank’s listing audit feature is here to help!

This amazing feature analyzes your listings and provides recommendations on how to optimize your titles, tags, descriptions, and more.

And, with eRank’s grading system, you can easily identify which listings may need the most attention and prioritize your efforts accordingly.

Research Trending Topics

Want to get details about trending searches on Etsy? eRank got you covered, with the eRank “trend buzz” report feature you can find trending searches on Etsy each month.

erank trend buzz tool
erank trend buzz tool

Tracking Rank For Your Keywords

If you are working on particular keywords it’s important to know which position you are able to rank for those keywords on Etsy search results.

That’s where the eRank rank checker comes in handy. It allows you to track your Etsy rank for a particular keyword.

And there are many more features but I have mentioned the most important ones that I personally use.


eRank does come with 2 inbuilt calculators that can be helpful for many of you.

1. Profit Calculator: It helps you to find out your profit margin on a product after cutting all your expenses, shipping, and Etsy fees.

erank profit calculator
erank profit calculator

2. ROI Calculator: It helps you calculate returns on investment on your Etsy ads so that you can figure it whether the ads are profitable or not.

erank roi calculator
erank roi calculator

These calculators can be beneficial for new Etsy sellers who are not aware of how the Etsy fees and ads work.

Is eRank Worth It?

Definitely Yes!!

For a few dollars per month, eRank gives you everything you need in order to run a successful Etsy business.

From a keyword tool to an ROI calculator, you will have all sorts of features under one roof.

It comes with a free version too as most sellers who are just starting out don’t want to invest in a premium version.

eRank Review (My Personal Opinion)

So in my personal opinion, eRank is the best tool that you can have to do all your Etsy-related research, no matter what type of shop you own.

It is affordable, easy to use, and a feature pack tool that you can use to skyrocket your Etsy sales.

And the best part? It does come with a free account too.

My Results After Using eRank

Now, this is what you were waiting for.

So I started using eRank in June. I started finding keywords with high search volume and low competition then I started creating new products around those keywords.

As I sell digital products so creating digital items is way more easy and fast as compared to physical items.

I added around 30 new products to my Etsy shop and all the research was done using eRank only.

As you can see in the chart below, I invested in eRank Pro in June as my traffic was going down, and after that my traffic started increasing month by month because my listings began to rank on etsy and I started getting traffic from etsy search.

  • Note: After using eRank, I didn’t see any huge change for the first 1 month. Instead, it took around 2 months to see any noticeable changes. So do not expect overnight success, it takes time.

my results after using eRank
my results after using eRank

As you can see in the graph, half of December is still left and the numbers are already up.

Because I was getting results, I upgraded my plan to eRank expert so that I can spy on more of my competitors lol.

I did some competitor analysis to figure out which of their listings were doing well.

For example, there was a listing from a seller which was outperforming others and doing really well, and that was a meal planner downloadable pdf.

I noted down all the important attributes for that particular listing for example the colors they were using, fonts, thumbnail design, listing description, tags they were using, etc.

And then I created a similar product using those attributes which was way better than that and guess what? that product started bringing sales after a few days of publishing.

That’s the power of eRank.

Final Words

So that was my unbiased eRank review based on my personal experience, it’s an amazing and useful tool for etsy sellers who wants to grow their sales on Etsy.

But keep in mind not to expect quick magical results from this as it takes time for the listings to get ranked in Etsy search and start generating traffic and sales.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this article, let me know in the comment section below, if you have any questions related to eRank, i will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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