How To Boost Sales On Etsy | Boost Etsy Sales 2022

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As an Etsy seller, you know that increasing your sales is always a top priority.

But it can be tough to figure out how to do that, especially if you’re not sure where to start. In this post, I will share some tips for boosting your sales on Etsy.

So read on and learn how you can start driving more traffic to your shop and increase your sales from today!

What Is Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace that allows you to sell your handmade or vintage items directly from your home. The primary focus of the site is its handmade goods, which include art, clothing, and home decor items.

Etsy is the perfect platform for independent artists to sell their designs, crafts, and vintage items.

With over 70 million unique visitors and 1.7 million active sellers, Etsy has become one of the fastest-growing sites in the world for unique products that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Talking about the history of Etsy, Etsy was started in 2005 by Rob KalinChris MaguireJared TarbellHaim Schoppik having a vision to allow people sell their handmade crafts from home.

How To Boost Sales On Etsy 2022

Make Your Shop Name Catchy

Before Opening an Etsy Shop, you should take your time for giving your shop a good brandable name.

You want your shop name to be as catchy and memorable as possible so that your customers can easily remember whenever they see your listings anywhere on Etsy.

You need to be able to attract customers and sell your products with a strong and memorable brand name.

But how do you make your Etsy store name memorable when you’re just starting?

You need to find the perfect balance between catchy and meaningful.

There are a few things to bear in mind when trying to come up with the perfect Etsy shop name:

– Make sure your name is unique enough that no one else on Etsy will have the same as yours.

– Make sure your Etsy shop name isn’t too long and easy to remember.

– Try to avoid numbers and special characters in your shop name.

– Only use keywords in your shop name related to the products that you sell

Use Keywords In The Title, Tags, And Description

Keywords are the foundation of SEO. By including them in certain places, you can increase your audience reach and sales.

You can use relevant keywords in your Etsy listing title, tags, and description to reach out to more buyers organically. The key is finding a balance between being creative while still keeping an eye on search engine optimization so that people know exactly what they are searching for when it comes time to buy from you!

Using proper keywords not only ranks your products higher on Etsy, but you will start ranking on Google results as well and this get more traffic and sales.

List As Many Details About An Item As Possible

While listing your items on Etsy, make sure you provide all the relevant information about the product. Like colors, sizing, weight, dimension, and if possible include a short paragraph about how the product can benefit the buyer

This will convince the buyer to make a purchase and your sales will increase.

Consider The Cost Of Shipping

If you are looking for how to boost sales on Etsy then free shipping is one of the best strategies to increase sales and retention.

It also helps in building a brand image as it is a value-add to the customer’s experience.

Etsy shops that offer free shipping are among the top performers in terms of conversion.

Pay For Shipping So That You Can Offer Clients Free Shipping: Etsy’s algorithm takes free shipping into account when it shows results for any search term. That means you will be prioritized in search rankings if you offer free shipping.

You will always be able to provide lower prices since you are covering the shipping expenses.

The reason for this is because the delivery costs are already included in the product price.

As a bonus, it’s a great tool for getting the word out about your business.

Take Best Product Pics

A good product picture is essential to attracting customers and getting sales. The key is in finding the right angle and lighting that reflects the best quality of your item.

It’s a common occurrence for shoppers to return items because the delivered item was different than what they saw in the pics.

In fact, more than 60% of products sold online are returned due to poor images of the items. That’s why you need to make sure that your items look the same in the images as it is in real life.
Here are some tips to click the best Etsy product images:

– Always use balanced lighting in your shots (Not too bright neither too dull)

– Make sure you click multiple pics from different angles

– Background should be neat and clean and not too busy, we want our product images to pop out

– Look at other sellers selling the same product and analyze what type of images are doing well, and then do something better than that

Include Variety Of Products

Instead of adding 100’s of variations of s single product you should list products from different categories.

For eg. just imagine you run a clothing store, so instead of listing 300 T-shirts designs, you should list 100 T-shirts, 100 Hoodies, and 100 Trousers.

In this way, you’ll have products in different categories because just imagine not everybody is looking to purchase t-shirts maybe someone visits your store and search for hoodies as well.

Or maybe the person who bought a t-shirt from you also wants a hoodie too but because you don’t have it in your shop you will end up with 1 sale instead of 2.

So having a variety is very important otherwise you will lose sales.

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Use Social Media To Get More Traffic

More traffic leads to more sales.

If you have an Etsy shop, you can use social media to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

All of these platforms are effective at driving traffic back to your Etsy store where you can convert them into potential buyers.

And I highly recommend using Pinterest to promote your Etsy products.

Pinterest is a great place for Etsy sellers to find inspiration as well as potential customers who are always ready for shopping with their credit cards in their hands.

What you actually have to do is create multiple pins for your listings and pin them regularly in different Pinterest boards.

Do not forget to add relevant keywords in your Pin title and description for better rankings.

When you do it on regular basis your interest accounts start growing and you will start getting clicks on your pins that will lead people to your Etsy store.

Make Use Of Etsy Sales

Yes, You can run Etsy sales to offer discounts to your customers.

I recommend running % Off Sale Campaigns every month.

Does running sales on Etsy actually increase the number of sales?

Of course YES, everybody loves sales and discounts and because the sale is for a limited time it will definitely increase your conversion rate and you will get more sales.

Also, whenever you run a sale, the buyers who have favorited your shop and items get a notification about your sale.

You run a sale, people get notified, they visit your store and buy from you.

Offer Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are the best way to increase the number of sales.

Sometimes customers may feel like they are not getting the best deal for their money when they buy your products.

So what you can do is you can give them a deal for eg. Buy 3 items and get 30% off.

This will convince them to buy 3 products instead of 1 and you will make more sales.

You can also create thankyou discount coupons on Etsy.

What is the Thankyou Discount Coupon?

It is a special coupon that will be delivered automatically to the customer’s mailbox and Etsy notification when he buys anything from your shop.

People can use that code to get an extra discount on their next purchase.

This will convince people to buy again from your shop.

This code can be used once per user.

Try Etsy Ads & Offsite Ads

For every four results on Etsy, there was an average of one Etsy promoted listing. As an Etsy shop owner, you cannot miss out on this opportunity.

What are Etsy Ads?

This is like normal ads, which means you are paying Etsy to promote your products on the platform and increase Etsy sales.

Once you start an Etsy ad campaign, Etsy will give you priority in search results. Means your listings will show at the top of the search results and an “ad by Etsy seller” tag is displayed at the bottom of your listing.

Paid listings on Etsy increase your chances of getting a buyer for your listed item. This was further bolstered by the introduction of Offsite Ads by Etsy, which reformatted the Etsy Ads.

What Are Offsite Ads?

Offsite ads promote your listings outside of Etsy, which means your listings will be promoted on websites like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

And the best part about Offsite ads is, you will only pay if you get a sale through the ads.

That means no matter how much Etsy is spending at the backend to promote your products if you get a sale you will pay, otherwise, you won’t be charged for any impressions or clicks.

So, you can’t miss this opportunity to increase sales on your Etsy store.


1. How to increase sales on Etsy

I have discussed various ways to increase Etsy shop sales in this article. You can try them it boost your Etsy sales

2. How to Boost Sales on Etsy with Promoted Listings?

With promoted listings, you pay Etsy to promote your listings on the platform. You can set a daily budget and Etsy will use that budget in order to drive the best results for you.

For eg. you can set $10 as a daily budget and Etsy will use that budget on daily basis to promote your listings. You won’t be spending more than $10 per day.

You may get a high CPC on your ads in the beginning because your ad campaign is new. Etsy algorithm takes at least 30 Days to get to know about your customers and optimize the ad placements for you.

So that means you have to wait for a few weeks to start getting results.

3. How to boost views on etsy?

To boost your Etsy views you need to get more traffic, I suggest you use social media to promote your shops in order to get more eyeballs on your store.

My personal suggestion would be Pinterest.

Leave a comment below and let me know if any of these tips helped you to boost your Etsy sales! And I will keep this blog up to date with any new tricks we come across that you may find useful.

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