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How To Undo In Canva (All Possible Ways!)

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We’ve all been there – you’re designing something in Canva, make an edit you’re not thrilled with and then wish you could magically undo it.

I know that panicked feeling when you want to backtrack but aren’t sure how.

Well, I’ve got great news for you – there are a couple of incredibly simple ways to undo just about anything in Canva!

Whether you need to undo just a few steps, the entire design version, or if you deleted images and videos, I’ll walk you through exactly how to undo in Canva in just a few clicks.

So let’s dive in!

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How To Undo In Canva (Step By Step!)

Below are the steps that you can follow to undo in Canva:

1. How To Undo Edits/Changes In Canva

Open or create a new design from the Canva homepage.

While editing your design in Canva editor, if you want to reverse your previous action then click on the ‘Undo’ button from the top of the screen.

The ‘Undo’ button looks like a curved arrow pointing to the left.

Click On Undo Button

For example, I will click on the ‘Undo’ button to restore my previously deleted text element ‘Gold Cream’.

After clicking on the ‘Undo’ button, your previous action will automatically get reversed.

Your Previous Action will Get Reversed
  • Note: If you have edited your design a number of times, then keep clicking on the ‘Undo’ button until you get your desired action reversed.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut for undoing your actions: Ctrl/Cmd + Z.

2. How To Undo Version History In Canva

What if you have made an enormous number of changes to your design?

Then it’s better to restore your desired version history, rather than undoing each change manually.

To do that, click on the ‘File’ button from the top of your screen.  Now from the new menu, click on the ‘Version History’ button.

click on file button
  • Note: The ‘Crown’ icon beside your ‘Version History’ button represents that this feature is only available to Canva Pro users. This means that Canva-free users cannot use this feature.

After clicking on the ‘’Version History’ button, you will notice a preview of your design with a list of the versions on the left-hand side.

Click on the ‘Version’ that you want to restore and a preview of that version will be presented in front of you.

Click On A Version History

Once you are satisfied with the preview of the version, click on the ‘Restore This Version’ button from the top right corner of your screen to restore the selected version of your existing design.

Or click on the ‘Down’ button near the ‘Restore This Version’ to get access to the ‘Make A Copy’ button.

You can also click on the ‘Make A Copy’ button to make a copy of your selected version.

Click On Restore This Version

Canva will now process the changes for a few seconds and then your selected version will be presented will front of you.

You can then edit or customize the design further by using the left sidebar and the top toolbar.

3. How To Undo Deleted Designs In Canva

Now you know how to undo the changes in your design.

But what if you accidentally delete the whole design in Canva?

Don’t worry! You can easily restore the deleted designs in Canva as well.

Once you have deleted a design in Canva, it gets stored in the ‘Trash’ for 30 days. If you don’t restore your design within 30 days, Canva automatically deletes the design permanently.

So, log in or sign up to the Canva website to get access to the Canva homepage.

Then click on the ‘Trash’ button from the left bottom corner of the Canva homepage to get access to all the deleted content.

Click On Trash Button

Hover your cursor over the top right corner of the thumbnail of the design that you want to restore.

Now you will notice a ‘3 Dots’ icon in front of you, click on it to get access to a few options.

Then click on the ‘Restore’ button to restore the selected design in your recent design section.

click on restore button
  • Note: If you want to restore an image or a video, then click on your desired subheading from the ‘Trash’ menu and then follow the same process to restore the image or video as well.
restore images and videos

To get access to your restored content, click on the ‘Back To Home’ button from the top of the left sidebar.

click on back to home button

After reverting back to the Canva homepage, look for the ‘Recent Designs’ section. This section contains all the projects on which you have worked in the past.

You will notice the restored design on top of the ‘Recent Designs’ section.

Newly Restored Designs
  • Note: Click on the restored design to open it in the Canva editor. You can then proceed with editing your project further.

    After editing your design, don’t forget to click on the ‘Share’ button from the top right corner of the screen to save the design on your computer.

FAQ- How To Undo In Canva

Below are a few frequently asked questions to deepen your understanding:

Does Canva Have a Version History?

Yes, Canva does have a version history feature. But it is only available to Canva pro users, Canva free users cannot get access to this tool.

Open a design type and then click on the ‘File’ button from the top of your screen. From the new menu, click on the ‘Version History’ button.

Now select your desired version from the left side of your screen and then click on the ‘Restore This Version’ button.

How Do I Undo A Replace Template In Canva?

To undo the changes made to the template, click on the ‘Undo’ button from the top of your screen.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut for undoing the changes in Canva, Ctrl/Cmd + Z.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – with just a few clicks, you can easily undo any changes in Canva thanks to the handy undo features.

Whether you want to reverse a couple of edits or go all the way back to a previous version, it’s super simple to restore your design.

I love that Canva lets me quickly undo small tweaks I’m unhappy with.

And it’s so nice being able to revert back entirely to an older version or recover deleted elements like images and videos.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

And if you found this tutorial useful, please share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading!

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