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How To Bulk Create In Canva (Easy Trick!)

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I know the struggle of needing to create multiple graphics or documents but not wanting to go through the design process over and over again.

It can be super tedious and time-consuming!

But don’t worry – I’m going to show you an awesome Canva trick for how to bulk-create content quickly and easily.

With Canva’s bulk create a feature, you can instantly apply a template or design to hundreds of pages at once.

Whether you need to make social media posts, invitations, brochures, or any other type of design in bulk, this tool will save you so much time and effort.

No more copying and pasting elements one by one!

With just a few clicks, you can batch-produce templates that have a consistent look and feel but with different data.

Let’s jump in! Here’s how to bulk create in Canva to maximize your productivity.

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How To Bulk Create In Canva (Step By Step!)

Here are the steps that you can follow to bulk create in Canva:

1. Open Your Template

Visit the Canva website.

Then from the Canva homepage, search for the design type that you want to use for creating your bulk designs.

For example, I will search for ‘Business Card’ for demonstration purposes.

Search For Your Design Type

Now Canva’s library of pre-made templates will open in front of you. Go through various templates and then click on the one that catches your eye the most.

Choose A Template

From the new menu, click on the ‘Customize This Template’ button to open the template in the Canva editor.

click on customize this template button

2. Add Data For Bulk Creation

After opening your template in the Canva editor, click on the ‘Apps’ button from the left sidebar.  Then scroll through the new menu to click on the ‘Bulk Create’ button.

click on bulk create

Now a new menu with various data sources will open in front of you.

For example, I will click on the ‘Enter Data Manually’ button for demonstration purposes.

  • Note: People also like to use Canva and ChatGPT together to create bulk designs. Use ChatGPT to create content in bulk and paste it into a spreadsheet to save the file as CSV. Then click on the ‘Upload CSV’ button from the Canva editor to upload your previously created CSV file on Canva.
click on enter data manually button

Now we have to delete the existing data samples by clicking on the ‘Clear Table’ button from the left bottom corner of the new table.

Delete The existing sample data

After clearing the sample data, we can start by adding the desired data to the table.

  • Note: Take a closer look at the template and make a note of all the fields that you would like to customize such as Your name, email address, phone number, etc.

Now click on the top column and then label it with your desired field

For example, I want to label my first column as ‘Your Name’. So, I will type ‘Your Name’ in the top column.

Label Your Column

After labeling your first column, click on the ‘Add Text’ button from the top left corner of the screen to add a new column to your table.

Now again click on the second column and then label it.

For example, I will label as second column as ‘Title’.

Label Your Second Column

Note: In this way, you can keep adding and labeling columns (refer to the screenshot below).

label all the columns

But what if you want to add an image?

Then click on the ‘Add Image’ button from the top left corner of the screen.

add an image

Once you have made and labeled all the columns, we can start by adding information on the rows.

Just click on the row and start typing your desired text.

For example, I will type ‘Olivia Wright’ under the ‘Your Name’ heading.

Enter Your Information under the headings

Note: Follow the same process to add data under all the headings.

fill all the headings

Once you click on the row below the ‘Image’ heading. A new menu with previously uploaded images in Canva will open in front of you.

Click on the image that you want to add to your business card from the new menu.

Click On The Image of your liking

But what if you also want to create a business card for your partner as well?

In that case, fill the second row of the table with your partner’s information (refer to the screenshot below).

click on done button

After entering your desired data, click on the ‘Done’ button from the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Connect Data Fields

Now after creating columns and adding data to the table, we have to connect that data with the existing elements of your design.

To do that, just right-click on the element to get access to a new menu.

For example, I will right-click on the ‘Juliana Silva’ text element for demonstration purposes.

right click on the element

From the new menu, click on the ‘Connect Data’ button. Then click on the data field that you would like to drop into that element.

Click On The Data Field

For example, I will connect my ‘Juliana Silva’ text element to the ‘Your Name’ data field.

connect data field
  • Note: In this way, connect all the data fields with the elements on your template. Just remember that you can only connect the image field with the image element on your design.
Click On Continue Button

After connecting all the data fields, click on the ‘Continue’ button at the end.

From the new menu, check the boxes of the pages that you want to create.

For example, I want to generate both pages. So, I will check the box of the ‘Select All’ option.

Check The Boxes Of The Pages

Lastly, click on the ‘Generate Pages’ button at the bottom. Now after a few seconds, a new window with generated pages will open in front of you.

You will notice that all the marked fields will automatically get filled according to the inserted data (refer to the screenshot below).

page 1
page 2

Note: If you want to edit the elements further, then just click on it and take the help of the top toolbar.

4. Download Your Design

After making bulk creations on Canva, we can proceed with downloading the design to your computer.

Click on the ‘Share’ button from the top right corner of the screen and then on the ‘Download’ button from the new menu.

click on share button

Now from the download settings, set your file type to PNG for high-quality pictures. Then select the number of pages that you want to save on your computer, under the ‘Select Pages’ section.

download the design

Lastly, click on the ‘Download’ button at the end to start the process.

FAQ- How To Bulk Create In Canva

Below are a few frequently asked questions:

Can I Use Bulk Create In Canva For Free?

Yes, the bulk create feature in Canva is free. This means that you won’t have to be a Canva Pro user to use this feature.

To get access to this feature, open a template and then click on the ‘Apps’ button from the left sidebar. Scroll down the new menu and click on the ‘Bulk Create’ button.

Does Canva Have A Page Limit?

Yes, Canva does have a page limit. You can create up to 300 pages in Canva design.

If you want to create more pages, you need to create two separate designs and then merge them using a third-party tool (file merger).


And there you have the basics of using Canva’s bulk create a feature. In summary, it allows you to take one template or design and use different data sets to create different versions in just a few clicks.

In my experience, this tool has helped me streamline my workflow when I need to produce a lot of similar content or designs. It saves time compared to manually customizing each one.

I myself use this feature a lot whenever I am creating Pinterest Pins as it saves a lot of time.

I hope this overview gave you a good understanding of Canva’s bulk creation capabilities. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions. I’m always happy to try and help!

Feel free to share this with other Canva users who may want to learn the bulk create trick as well.

Have a great rest of your day and happy bulk designing!

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