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How to Set the Duration Of Text In Canva (Text Timing)

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Have you ever wondered how to set the duration of text in Canva while creating a video?

Maybe you tried but failed because you were not able to figure out how to do it.

Or maybe then you have searched for some tutorial on How to Set the Duration Of Text On Canva but it got all confusing from there.

I know it can be quite frustrating, especially when you are a newbie and do not have much experience with Canva.

Well, worry not, today in this article I will be showing you step by step guide on How to Set the Duration Of Text On Canva.

Even if you are a newbie to Canva and do not know much, I have covered all the important steps along with the screenshots to help you out!

So you ready? Let’s dive in.

How to Set the Duration Of Text In Canva (Short Answer)

In Canva, you can control the duration of text in your video project by following these steps:

First, right-click on the text element within the project. Next, choose the “Show timing” option from the dropdown menu that appears. Now, position your cursor over one of the trim handles, and with a simple drag, you can easily adjust the timing to your liking.

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Setting The Duration Of Text In Canva (Steps With Screenshot)

Here are the steps you can follow along with the screenshots to set the duration of text in Canva.

1. Create Your Video Project

Ok, so the first step is to create your video project or open an existing one from your Canva account.

For that, visit the Canva Website and log into your account.

Click on the “Create A Design” button present on the top right corner of the Canva Homepage. A menu with a search bar will open.

Type “Video” in the search bar and press Enter key on your Keyboard. Click on “Video” from the options. A blank video template will open on your screen.

How to Set the Duration Of Text In Canva

You can skip this step if you already have a video project created inside Canva, you can open your existing video project and directly jump to Step 3 in that case.

2. Create Your Video

Now you can start creating your video inside Canva, you can use the canva elements library, stock images, stock videos, texts, animations, etc to complete your video project.

You can also use upload your own videos directly from your computer by clicking “Uploads” from the left menu of the Editor and selecting your video.

You can also use premade video templates by clicking on the “Design” button and selecting any template you like.

design your video

So there are lot of ways to design your video project, just choose your router according to your needs.

3. Set The Duration Of The Text Element

Once you are done creating your video, it is time to set the duration of text elements in your video.

Right-click on any text you want to set the duration for.

A drop-down menu will open on your screen, click on “Show Timing”.

click on show timing

You will see that a time text box for your selected text will appear on the video timeline.

adjust the duration of the text

Now to set the duration of this text, drag the text timing box from the left and right to set the duration of your text as per your liking.

4. Repeat Step Two For Other Text On The Video

If you want to set the duration of other text on your video, repeat Step 3 for each and every text.

[Note: When you select a text on your video, the timing box over the video timeline will only appear for your selected text and not other text on your video. You have to select and set the duration of each text one by one.]

5. Download Your Video

Once you have set the duration of every text on your video and are happy with the result, click on the “Share” button present in the top right corner.

Select “Download” and choose the File Type as “MP4 Video”.

download your video

Now hit the “Download” button. Your will video will start downloading in the right bottom corner of your page.


Can I lock Individual Text in Canva Video?

Yes, you can lock individual text elements on your video in Canva.
Click on the text element you want to lock and then click on the mini lock icon from the top toolbar.
You can also Right-Click on the text layer and select the lock option from the dropdown.
When you click on that text element again, a Lock symbol will appear above that text. Click on this lock symbol, and your text element will get unlock

Can You Use Text Timing Feature To Create Subtitles In Canva?

Yes, you can easily create subtitles using this feature however it may be time-consuming to write every subtitle one by one and set their duration.

There are many better AI-based methods to create automated subtitles in one click, I will suggest you that.

How do I change the duration of an element in Canva video?

To change the duration of an element in canva, you have to just right-click on the element and click on the “Show Timing” option.
Now you can see the duration of that element in the video timeline at the bottom, now you can easily adjust its

Before You Leave

So I hope I was able to answer your query on how to set the duration of text in canva.

Now before you leave I have something special for you, do you know you can now edit pdf files inside canva using our in-depth guide on How To Edit PDF Files in Canva.

The guide will help you edit your existing pdf files using canva’s easy-to-use editor, so just give it a try.

So if you got any questions regarding “how to set the duration of text in canva”, you can comment them down below, I would to help you out.

And if you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it with your family members and friends.

Thank you

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