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How To Fade An Image In Canva (Edges Too!!)

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Have you ever wondered how to give your images that cool, sleek look by fading them?

Well, look no further because I’ve got the answer for you!

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to fade an image in Canva, and give you 4 different methods to achieve that beautiful fade look! 

But hold on tight, because the fun doesn’t stop there!

Not only will we teach you how to fade an image, but I will also show you how to fade two images together in canva to blend them together.

So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the step-by-step tutorial.

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How To Fade Image In Canva (4 Methods) 

Here are the 4 easy methods to fade images in Canva, let’s take a look at each of them one by one:

Method 1: Using The Fade Slider (Using Canva Old Photo Editor)

Ok, this method is really simple but in order to use this method you need to switch to the older version of the photo editor in Canva, don’t worry I will teach you how to do that just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a New Design or Open an Existing One

So the first step is to open your canva design or project if you already have one, if you don’t you can always visit the Canva website and select from thousands of templates.

You can even create your own custom project by clicking on the “Create a Design” button from the top right corner and then selecting the “Custom Size” option.


Then you can enter your desired Width and Height of the document and then click on “Create New Design”.

Step 2: Upload Your Photo or Choose From Canva Library

Next, upload the photo you want to fade or choose one from the Canva library.

To upload your own photo, click on the “Uploads” tab on the left-hand side of the screen and then click on the “Upload Files” button. Now select your image from your system and it will be uploaded to the Canvas.

Upload your media

You can also simply drag and drop your image from your system to your Canva editor, this will also upload the image to your canva account.

To choose a photo from the Canva library, click on the “Elements” tab and then search for the photo you want and then switch to the “Photos” option under the search bar.

Canva stock images

Step 3: Switch To Old Photo Editor

Now you have to switch to the old photo editor, as the new one does not have the fade slider option.

All you have to do is click on your image and your image will be surrounded by a purple line confirming that the image is now selected.

Now click on “Edit Image” option from the top toolbar, there you will see a message at the bottom, “You’re using the new photo editor. To use the old experience click here”, you have to click on the “click here” text.

revert to old photo editor

When you click on the text, a popup will appear asking you whether you want to switch to the old editor or not, just click on “Revert to the old editor”.

revert to old photo editor

Step 4: Adjust The Fade Slider Under Edit Photo Option

Now click on “Edit Image” option again then there you will see an Adjust section, just click on “see all” to reveal all the adjustment options.

Now you will see a fade option, you can adjust the fade slider to achieve the fade look.

Moving the slider to left decreases the fade and moving it to right increases the fade effect.

How To Fade An Image In Canva

Method 2: Lowering The Opacity Of The Image

This is the simplest method to fade an image inside Canva. Here are the steps to do it:

Open Canva and create a new design or open an existing one that you want to edit.

Upload the image that you want to fade by clicking on the “Uploads” tab on the left-hand side of the screen and selecting the image from your computer. You can also use the stock images from the Canva library.

Drag and drop the image onto your design canvas.

Click on the image to select it.

On the toolbar above the editor, you will see a chessboard type of icon that is responsible for the Transparency of an element, click on it.

adjust the transparency

Now drag the slider to the left to lower the opacity of the image to achieve a faded look. You can also enter a value in the field next to it.

Preview the image to see if the fading effect is to your liking.

Once you are satisfied with the result, click “Download” to save the image.

Lowering the opacity of an image is a great way to create a subtle fading effect that can be used for various purposes. 

For example, you can use it to create a watermark on your images, to blend two images together, or to create a transparent overlay effect.

Method 3: Using Gradient Elements

Another great way to fade images in Canva is by using gradient elements from the Canva element library.

All you have to do is click on “Elements” from the left sidebar and search for “Transparent Gradient”.

add a transparent gradient element

Choose a gradient element that you like and place it exactly above your image to create an overlay effect, now click on the graphic element and change the color of the gradient using the color palette displayed on the top toolbar.

Change the color of gradient element

See, that’s how easy it is to use gradient graphics to fade an image in canva. 

Method 4: Using Blur Tool (Using Canva’s Old Photo Editor)

You can also fade your image by using the old blur tool in canva, here are the steps you can follow:

1. Open Your Canva Editor & Upload Your Image

Create a new document in canva or open an existing one to open up you canva editor and then upload your image.

2. Switch To Old Photo Editor

So in order to fade your image in canva using the blur tool you have to switch to the old version of the photo editor.

Select the image you want to fade by clicking on it.

Once you have selected your image, click on the “Edit Image” button present on the top menu. This will open the menu on your left side.

3. Switch To The Old Photo Editor in Canva

Now switch to the older version of the canva image editor using the steps mentioned in Method 1.

After successfully reverting to the old image editor, you have to once again click on the “Edit Image” button from the top toolbar but this time you will see the old version of the photo editor.

select the old blur tool

Now from there, search for “Blur” using the search bar and select the old Blur tool.

4. Blur The Image To Achieve a Faded Look

Once you click on the Blur tool, you will see 3 options there, Auto, Blur, and Restore.

From there select the Blur tool with a round + icon.

brush over your image

Now you will see your image is zoomed in the editor and a few extra options in the left sidebar are populated like Blur Intensity, Spread, and Brush Size and I guess all the options are self-explanatory.

Now you can paint over the image area that you want to achieve the faded look, but before painting the image I suggest you adjust the Blur Intensity and spread.

You can easily use the technique to fade the edges of your image.

How To Fade Two Images Together In Canva

Fading two images together in Canva using gradient elements is a great way to create a seamless blend between two images. Here are the steps to follow:

Open Canva and create a new design or open an existing design where you want to fade the images.

Add the two images you want to fade together to your design. You can do this by going to the “Uploads” tab and selecting the images from your computer.

If you prefer to use the canva stock images, you can do that as well by clicking on the “Elements” tab from the left sidebar and then searching for required images.

Now you have to arrange the images on your canvas in the way you want them to appear in the final design, eg. here I have placed the image side by side.

add a gradient element

Go to elements, search for “Transparent Gradient” and there you will see a lot of customizable gradient overlay elements, just select a gradient element that looks great to you.

Place one gradient on image 1 and customize it accordingly, you can play with colors and transparency to achieve the fade you want.

place the gradient on your image

Now create a copy of the same gradient, flip it according to your second image orientation (for eg. my second image is on the right side of the first image so I will flip it horizontally), and place it on the other image. 

create a copy of gradients

Adjust both gradient elements to blend both images properly with each other.

You can also change the color of gradient overlays according to your needs.

Change the color of gradients

FAQ on How to Fade an Image in Canva

Here are some most common questions people ask regarding fading image inside Canva.

What does fading an image mean?

Fading an image means gradually reducing its opacity or transparency, making it appear less prominent or visible. This technique is commonly used in graphic design and photo editing to blend images together or create a subtle effect.

What’s the easiest method of fading an image in Canva?

If you’re looking for the easiest way to fade an image in Canva, then using the opacity slider is the way to go. This method is straightforward and requires only a few clicks.

How do I fade the edge of an image in Canva?

You can use the old blur tool in Canva to fade the edges of an image, simply select the blur tool and paint it over the edges of the image to achieve a faded look.

Can I fade an element on Canva?

If you are talking about Canva’s graphic elements and illustrations, then you can only fade them by reducing their opacity.

You cannot apply methods 1, 3, and method 4 on elements.

Before You Leave

So I hope I was able to answer your query on how to fade an image in canva.

Now before you leave I have something special for you, do you know you can download Canva presentations as PPT on your computer using our in-depth guide on How To Download Canva Presentations As PPT.

You can read the article if you are struggling to download your presentation made in canva in PPT format.

So if you got any questions regarding “how to fade an image in canva”, you can comment them down below, I would to help you out.

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