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10 Website To Get Paid For Testing Apps [$10/Testing]

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In today’s world, there are plenty of different ways from which a person can earn money if he is interested in either working part-time or even full-time.

Some of these ideas might include freelancing and blogging etc. But what is more interesting is that now a person can even earn by testing apps online. Isn’t that interesting enough? Just imagine the joy that one would get by taking up tasks like testing apps.

If you think you need any special skills for that, it is not true. You can now get paid for tasks such as testing apps. This blog post is all about guiding you about the different ways you can get paid by testing apps. Let’s get started.

How Does Getting Paid To Test Apps Work?

There are various websites to get paid for testing apps available online.

So, if a person is interested in doing so then all he has to do is test the functionality of the app by using the app just the way a normal user of the app would, and once he has checked this and is ensured that there are no glitches and that the app works well, he reports this to the person who has developed the app and gets paid as a reward to do so.

Even if this job might seem to be quite easy it’s not and might require some practice and patience to get well at this job.

Hence there are many apps and websites that offer these kinds of jobs to people who are interested.

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What Does a Website/App Tester Do?

Obviously, as the name suggests a website/ app tester tests websites and apps. But it just doesn’t stop here.

What an app tester has to do is that he has to record his screen and voice giving feedback and opinions about the website/ app by using it the way a regular user would do.

Another complex task that a website/app tester will have to do is testing bugs and to see if the website has any technical issues or bugs. But these are quite difficult to find so the tester would need a little bit of practice for this job.

How To Become an App Tester

If a person is interested in doing this job and becoming an app tester, he should first be applicable for this job and should have good education and experience to do so. Once a person is determined that he wants to do this job, he should refer to such a site and then apply to them.

The workload, salary, job process, and everything varies on different websites. All he has to do is to fill out an online application, answer the required questions, and then get paid to test the various apps by giving their opinions which then improves

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10 Websites To Get Paid For Testing Apps

User Testing

This is a great app to get paid by testing apps. First, the tester would have to pass a practice test only then will he get to start getting paid for work.

He’ll also be reviewed so he should make sure he is providing some good and useful opinions by voicing his thoughts well.

He can earn up to $10 per test which will be deposited in his account and might get about 1-2 tests per week.

They have various tests for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Sometimes the tester might even get a chance to do a live test which can make him earn up to $30 per 30 minutes. Isn’t that crazy!


This might be a bit too much at the start because this website has a lot going on it other than the various websites available online.

But there’s nothing to worry about as with time a person can get hang of it and things might become less complicated.

There are also some testers that are making a full-time income from this website ($3,000/month).

Of course, this won’t be possible quickly and also wouldn’t be that easy but if a person is determined he can work this out.

A tester has to find out bugs making him earn about an average of $5 per bug.

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Enroll is a bit different from the other sites as this website doesn’t require a microphone or any webcam to record the app that the tester has tested.

And also, these tests can be conducted on any device let it be smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

The tests on this website are quite simple as all the tester would have to do is complete some simple tasks like clicking somewhere on a webpage or just comparing two different web pages.

As these tests are very easy the payment also might be less like $0.10 to $1.50.


This is a yet again great website that has some well-known clients like Microsoft, Google, and L’Oreal from which testers can make quite a good amount of money.

It’s one of the top choices of people around the world because of its quick results, flexible pricing options, and the fact that they offer detailed analysis.

This is a great company and also reviews are available online by the Userlytics testers who are proof that the company pays well.

But some testers might not get work and would have to wait for months. At the same time even though this company pays but not a lot specifically to those testers who are beginners and just started as an app testers.

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TryMyUI is also one of the best websites to get paid for testing apps and was founded in the year 2010 and has been serving various companies like Amazon, NBC, Bose, and even the US Department of Labor Statistics.

The customer service of this platform is excellent and has high-quality user tests.

There are various reviews online that act as a testimony that this app is good to test apps.

These tests are of about 20 minutes paying the tester $10 for each test that he completes.

A great thing is that there is no fixed number of tests that the tester can do so there is a good chance of earning quite a good amount of money.

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IntelliZoom helps various companies around the world to run better apps by testing them.

This company has its branches in countries like Europe and the United States and it maintains its good reputation around the globe that helps clients in improving their digital products.

Different surveys offer different amounts for the work for example the standard surveys offer up to $2 per test as they don’t require audio and video while the tests that require audio and video pay up to $10 per test.

As this company has branches in countries like Europe and the United States it requires the testers to be able to speak languages fluently like English, Spanish, or German.


Ferception is yet again another great company that has helped many famous clients like Coca-Cola, Airbus, and Leroy Merlin to help meet up to their client’s expectations. The services are quite fast and efficient. A tester can earn up to $10 to $20 per test.

To take out the payment, the tester needs to have at least $20 in his Ferception account and can then receive his payment either in the form of gift cards or actual cash.

As soon as a person has registered which takes only a few minutes to do so, the algorithm of the website will look for a study that should match his profile and as soon as the website finds a study, the person will receive an email that will ask him to participate.

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UserFeel is also one such option that pays the tester to test apps just by creating a profile and then taking a sample test. After some time, the user will get approved by them.

As soon as he receives the approval, he will start to get various test offers via email. The tester can earn up to $10 per test which takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

The payment policy is great as the payment is provided every week making it one of the fastest apps to pay testers to test apps.

Testing Time

Testing Time is a great way to increase your income by getting paid to test apps as they pay the testers around $54 for a test that takes up to 30 to 90 minutes.

This one is a bit different as they generally expect the tester to do the work over Skype as their tests are usually conducted with a live moderator who guides the tester about what they want him to do rather than sending checklists as the other websites do.

So, it’s better to check that the microphone and webcam are working properly. This company is actually from Switzerland based but they accept testers from all around the globe.

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StartUpLift (Currently Not In Service)

This is another app where the tester would not need a microphone or a webcam. This might be great for people who are not comfortable being filmed or speaking as they look for written reviews for testing apps.

With each test, the tester can earn up to $5 regardless of the time they take but usually, these tests are quick.

Final words

Earning money by doing little things is a different joy. Especially, if you are a tech lover, you would love the feeling of earning money by testing apps. Without any special skills, you can get paid very easily without any struggle.

Isn’t this a great way of making money quickly by testing apps knowing that a person does not have any prior experience? So, if a person is looking for something like this, he should go for it.

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