How To Start A Money Making Blog In 2023 (My Exact Formula!!)

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I know most of you guys are here because you must have heard about people making $ 10,000 Per month from a single blog and now you want to do the same RIGHT? 

OF COURSE Yessss!!!

So 10,000$ per month from a single blog?

Well yeah, people on the internet actually making these numbers and even more.

But, what special these people do so that they are able to make such big numbers in a month?

Simple, they own a blog that makes them thousands of dollars per month.


Is It That Simple To Make $10K Per Month??

It is true that you can make $10K per month or even more with your blog but it takes time. You won’t be making $10k in your first month of blogging. It will take time and a lot of hard work.

Blogging is not a getting rich quick kind of thing.

How To Create A Blog In 2023

So I know you are getting curious about how to create your first blog in 2023 and start making money online. RIGHT?

So here i am going to tell you 5 steps that you can follow to start your blog.

5 Steps To Start A Blog In 2023

These 5 steps will guide you on how to create a blog in 2023 from scratch. Please read them carefully.

1. Choosing A Niche (Blog Topic)

Before starting any blog you should decide in your mind what you are going to blog about, we call it a “Blog Niche”.

So basically a niche is the topic of your blog which you are going to blog about, it can be anything like Travel, Food, Tech, Animals, etc.

Choosing the right blog niche is a very important step, if you messed up here then you are going to mess up your whole blogging journey.

Most people fail to choose the right blog niche and they end up losing all their investment and time.

But Wait!!

I am going to tell you some important points that can help you in choosing the right niche for your blog.

How to choose the right blog niche?

  • Make sure the niche/topic you are choosing for your blog should be of your interest.
  • You should be passionate about that niche and you should have a good experience in that niche. If you are good at fitness then you can blog about fitness.
  • The niche should have enough audience which you can monetize later using different ways.

These points will help you in choosing the right blog niche for you. Just start your blog with something that you love to share and you can produce unlimited valuable content without any hesitation.

2. Choosing The Right Blog Name (Domain Name)

Ok, so you are done with choosing your blog niche right? now the next step is to give it a name.

Now, what is a domain name?

The domain name is actually the name URL of your blog for eg. is a domain name.

Now in this step, you are going to do the branding of your blog by giving it a name that people will remember. It is going to be the identity of your blog.

So choose your blog name carefully.

What to do if the domain name that you choose is already taken?

No worries, you can always use this free tool that will provide you a bunch of domain name ideas related to your topic which you can buy easily.

Where to buy a good and cheap domain name?

Well, I always purchase all the domain names from Godaddy, as they provide some good discounts and their customer support is also good.

3. Pick A Good Hosting

You must be thinking about what is hosting? and why do I need it to start my blog?

Well, let me tell you in a much easier way.

See, if you have to live on this planet you should have a house, right? your house contains all the necessary things like T.V, Bed, Sofa, etc.

Similarly, your website also needs a house. where it can store all the necessary files like Images, Videos, and Script files (Html, CSS, javascript…..)

The main role of hosting is to store your website files on a server and serve them in an appropriate manner whenever a user from anywhere in the world requests it.

You have to choose a good and fast hosting service provider if you want to provide a good user experience for your blog visitors.

Which hosting plan I should choose?

Well, I would always recommend going with Bluehost, it is one of the best and fast hosting providers in the market and I am using it for the past 2 years, and the experience is amazing.

Start Your Blog With Just 3.95$ Per Month Using This Link

Why Choose Bluehost?

  • Easy One-Click WordPress Setup
  • Free SSL Certificate Included
  • Free Domain Name For 1 Year
  • Amazing 24/7 Customer Support
  • Starting At Only 3.95$/Month

3. Setting Up The Blog

After you have made your mind to go with Bluehost, it’s time to actually buy the hosting and set up your blog to publish your first article.

First of all, let’s see how you can actually buy hosting from Bluehost. First of all click on this link to land on the Bluehost page.

After that, you will see multiple plans. Including Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, And Pro Plan.

I would suggest you go with Choice Plus because it has many great features like Unlimited domains and the most important, Domain Privacy.

Whenever you buy a domain name, your p[personal information like Name, Address, Contact Email, etc get saved in a publicly available database called Whois.

Bluehost Domain Privacy will keep your personal data private and no one can peek into your details.

Just click on the green “Select” button, and you will be redirected to this page below, here you have to select your domain name which is absolutely FREE for 1 year.

Setup Your Bluehost Account: After you enter your domain name, you will be redirected to Bluehost Signup page, where you have to enter all the necessary details to create a Bluehost Account.

Select Package Information: You can choose the package duration of your hosting, whether you want to take it for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

The longer plan you select, the more discount you’ll get.

Note: They don’t have any monthly payment plan.

Complete your hosting Purchase: Now enter your payment information and complete your hosting purchase.

Create A Password For your Bluehost Account: Now you have to create a password for your Bluehost account. (This password is for your Bluehost account password not for your WordPress blog)

So now you have successfully created a Bluehost account and also purchased your web hosting, it’s time to login into your Bluehost account and set up your blog.

Log In To Your Bluehost Account: After successfully creating your Bluehost account, just log in to your account using the password that you have created earlier.

Create Your Blog: Now, enter the name of your blog and a tagline of your blog. Toggle on the switch next to “Do you want a blog?” and you can change these settings later!

Select A Theme: You will see a variety of themes and you can choose any of them. Most of them are premium themes and they have lots of cool features and updates.

After picking up the theme, WordPress will start installing, and VOILAA!! You Have Just Created Your First Self-Hosted WordPress Blog.

4. WordPress Setup

Now you can start building your WordPress site the way you want to. There are a variety of things WordPress feature, like:

  • Amazing plugins
  • Themes
  • Variety of customizations

Before getting into the WordPress dashboard, you need to check your email and save your WordPress login details (username and password).

These login details will be used while logging it into the WordPress dashboard, so make sure you remember them.

Wait!! How to open the WordPress dashboard?

It’s simple, just enter this in your browser’s URL box [], and you will see a WordPress login page asking for a username and password, just enter it and you are done.

So we are now in our WordPress dashboard, now we have to do some general settings that will make our blog much better.

Go to Settings > General

  • Site Title: This is basically your website’s name, put it properly. You can change it anytime.
  • Tagline: Put your website’s tagline. Make it keyword-rich for better SEO.
  • Site Address: It’s your blog URL, make sure it starts from HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Admin Email: You can change your current admin email address using this field. This email address is used to reset your WordPress password in case you forget it in the future.

Now you need to change one more important setting in your WordPress, which is Permalinks.

Go to Settings>Permalinks,

Select “Post Name” in the URL structure, it is good for website structure and for SEO perspective as well. Learn More Here.

Now click “save” and you are done with all the basic WordPress settings and stuff.

5. Customize Your Blog And Launch It

So now we are done with all the basic WordPress settings, it’s time to customize your blog the way you want it to look. This includes changing its theme, adding sidebars and menus, and adding some compulsory pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc.

Adding Important Pages To your WordPress Website: Go to pages and click on “Add New”.

It is always a good practice to add the About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages to give a professional look to your blog.

Also, it will help you when you apply for several ad networks like Adsense and Mediavine.

Installing Important Plugins: WordPress is famous for its plugins, there are thousands of plugins available on WordPress that can make your blogging journey very easy.

To install a plugin..

  • Click on Plugins > Add new
  • Search for any plugin that you want to install
  • Click “Install” and then “Activate It”

Customizing Your Blog Theme: There are lots of free themes available on the internet but I never recommend using them because they have limited features and they can be slow sometimes.

I always recommend going with a paid theme, my personal recommendation is to go with the Astra Pro theme, it’s an awesome theme and I am also using the same theme on my own website.

Astra theme has great values,

  • Pre-Built Websites. (Import websites from the library of starter sites.)
  • Customize Without Code.​ Astra themes have lots of customization options that don’t require any coding skills.
  • Made for Page Builders.
  • Super Fast Performance. (Astra is lightweight and easy to use with any website)

After you have all the customizations, now your blog is ready to visit, just type your blog domain name in the URL section, and VOILA! your blog is live.


What Is A Blog?

A blog is a regularly updated website, which means it contains articles and posts that are published on a regular basis.

Why Should I Start A Blog In 2020?

Blogging is a business nowadays, it’s like starting a new business online. So the best thing I like about blogging is PASSIVE INCOME.


If you do a 9-5 job, you will only get paid if you work regularly. But not in the case of blogging.

Once you set up your blog and you start getting traffic and your blog starts earning money, you don’t have to put much effort.

When you are enjoying your snacks and watching a movie, your blog will be earning money on autopilot.

You don’t have to work regularly and no other business and job give you this freedom. That’s the beauty of blogging.

How Much I Can Earn From Blogging?

Earning potential from blogging is Unlimited guys. You must have seen those posts on social media “How I Made 10K$ In One Moth Through Blogging “😱

But I promise you guys, that you are not going to make these figures in your first month of blogging. 

Do I Need Any Coding Skills Or Technical Knowledge?

Of course Not, by using WordPress, you can create a blog with just simple drag and drop.

No coding and technical skills are required to create a blog in 2020.

Why do I Need A Budget To Start A Blog?

To start a self-hosted blog you need a custom domain name and hosting for it. It will not cost you much.

Self-hosted blogs have lots of benefits like you can customize them and use them according to you, you are your own boss.

With a self-hosted blog, the blog is entirely yours, and you can make it much more usable and profitable.

What’s Next?

Now you can simply keep adding more posts on your blog and keep providing value to your audience. You can also promote your blog using social media fro initial traffic.

Once you have stable traffic coming on to your blog on a daily basis, you can monetize it with various monetization methods like ad networks, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

If you have any issue with your hosting, then you can contact Bluehost, through their live chat feature or through Email.

So that’s how you create your first blog, keep visiting my blog for more blogging-related queries. If you have any questions just ask me in the comment section below.

I will reply to you as soon as possible. 😊

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