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How To Make a Quiz In Canva (The Simplest Way!)

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Looking to make an engaging quiz for your students, customers, or audience?

I know it can be tricky to figure out how to build quizzes from scratch. But with Canva, you can easily create awesome online quizzes in no time!

Whether you need a fun personality quiz, trivia quiz, or poll to gather feedback, Canva has you covered.

No designing skills or complex setup required. I’ll show you how to use Canva’s design features to add questions, multiple-choice answers, fun elements, and more to your quiz.

Before you know it, you’ll have a professional quiz ready to engage your audience.

Excited to finally make quizzes the easy way using Canva? Let’s dive in!

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How To Make a Quiz In Canva (Steps!)

Follow the below steps to make a quiz in Canva:

1. Open The Template

Search for your desired quiz template from the search bar located in the middle of the Canva homepage.

Search For Your Keyword

For example, I will search for ‘Quiz Instagram Post’ from the search bar. But you can also search for other keywords such as quiz questions, quiz Instagram, etc according to your need.

Click On The Template

After searching for your desired keyboard, Canva’s wide library of templates will open in front of you. Scroll through the templates and then click on the one that catches your eye the most.

click on customize this template

Now click on the ‘Customize This Template’ button to open the template in the Canva editor.

2. Customize The Template

After opening the template in the Canva editor, we can start customizing it according to our needs.

a) Replace The Text

The first and most important step is to replace the existing text elements.

Double-click on the text element that you want to edit. After selecting your text element, start typing your desired text in the text box.

Double Click On The Text

For example, I want to create a science quiz. So, I will double-click on the question and then start typing the new question that I want to ask the readers.

type your text

Note: Follow the same process to replace all the text elements according to your needs.

Replace All The Text Elements

Now if you want to change the font style of the text element then click on the ‘Font Style’ button from the top toolbar.

Click On The Font Style

Scroll through the new menu and click on the ‘Font Style’ of your liking to change the existing font style of the text.

Note: You can use the top toolbar to change the text’s size, color, alignment, effects, etc.

b) Change The Background

After replacing and customizing the text elements, we can proceed with changing the background of your design.

Click on the design and then on the ‘Apps’ button from the left sidebar. From the new menu, click on the ‘Background’ button to open background categories such as patterns, gradients, abstracts, etc.

click on apps button

Now use the top search bar to search for your desired background. Or scroll through the available background categories.

  • Note: If you want to add a color as your background, click on the color palette at the top of the background menu. Or if you want to set a Canva stock image as your background then search for it from the top search bar.
change the backrgound of your design

Once you find a background that you like, click on it to change the existing background of the design.

  • Note: If you want to set your own image as background. Then click on the ‘Uploads’ button from the left sidebar and upload your own image to Canva.

c) Edit The Elements

Now to make your design even more stunning, you can customize the existing elements to match the theme of the design.

To do that, click on the element and then on the ‘Color’ button from the top toolbar. Now click on a default color or use the color picker slider to create a new color.

change color of the element

For example, I think that the ‘Black’ color will match with the tone of my design. So, I will click on it to change the existing color of the element.

edit all the elements
  • Note: In this way, you can customize each element to match it with the tone of your design. If you want to add new elements to the design, then click on the ‘Elements’ button from the left sidebar.

3. Highlight The Right Answer

Now the quiz will be ready in front of you.

But what if you want to share the right answer to the question with the readers as well?

Then click on the ‘Duplicate Page’ button from the top of the design. After clicking on the ‘Duplicate Page’ button, the duplicated copy of the design will appear in front of you.

Duplicate Your Page

Note: The main motive of creating a duplicated design, is to highlight the right answer for the readers.

Click on one wrong answer and then click on the ‘Transparency’ button from the top toolbar. Now drag the ‘Transparency’ slider towards the left-hand side to decrease the opacity of the wrong answer.

click on transparency button

Note: Follow the same process to decrease the transparency of all the wrong answers.

decrease the opacity of answers

Once you decrease the opacity of all the wrong answers, your right answer will automatically get highlighted.

  • Note: You can also change the font style, color, effect etc. of the correct answer to highlight it further by using the top toolbar.

After creating both pages, click on the ‘Share’ button from the top right corner of your design to download the design on your computer.

FAQ-How To Make Quiz In Canva

Below are a few frequently asked questions:

Does Canva Have Quizzes?

Yes, Canva does have quiz templates. To create a quiz in Canva, choose a template from Canva’s wide library of templates.

Then customize each element according to your needs. You can also create a duplicate copy of the quiz to highlight the right answer for the readers.

How Do I Make A Clickable Quiz In Canva?

Open a quiz template and then customize it according to your needs. Once your quiz is ready in front of you, click on the element that you want to make clickable.

Then use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+ k’ to get access to the ‘Enter a Link’ section.

Now enter your desired link and press the ‘Enter’ key from your keyboard. The selected text element will get underlined indicating that it is clickable.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – with Canva, you can easily create all kinds of amazing quizzes that you can post on your social media!

A few of my favorite Canva quiz tips are adding images to questions, using colorful answer choices, and styling with fun fonts to grab attention.

I hope these steps help you make your own awesome quizzes!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other Canva-related questions.

And if you found this tutorial helpful, please share it with your friends and family.

Thanks for reading.

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