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How To Create Templates In Canva (Easy Tutorial!)

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Are you also not satisfied with Canva’s pre-made templates?

Or maybe you just want to learn how to create your own custom templates inside canva so that you can sell them to make some side cash?

Let me guess, you might have searched for some tutorials on ‘How To Create Templates In Canva’, but are still not able to figure out how to do it properly.

Then this article is for you, In today’s article we will guide you through the process of creating templates in Canva from scratch.

So you ready? let’s dive in.

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How To Create Templates In Canva (Step By Step!)

Here are the steps that you can follow to create templates in Canva

1. Sign In Or Log In On Canva

Go to the Canva website, and on the Canva homepage, you’ll see a “Sign Up” and “Log In” button at the top right corner of the page.

If you already have an account, then click on the “Log In” button and enter your email address and password or if you don’t have an account, click on the “Sign Up” button to create a new account.

It’s free and you don’t have to put any payment information in order to create an account.

sign up or log in

2. Create a New Design

After signing or logging in to your Canva account, you will be directed to the Canva dashboard. Click on the ‘Create a Design’ button on the top right corner of the screen.

A new menu will appear on the right-hand side, from where you can click on the type of design you want to create (for example, logo, flyer, presentation, document, etc).

Or if you want a specific design dimension, then click on the ‘Custom Size’ button from the left-down corner of the new menu and then enter your desired dimensions (Width and Height).

After filling in the dimensions as per your need, click on the ‘Create a New Design’ button to enter the Canva editor page.

click on create a design

3. Add a Background

Once you enter the Canva editor page, you will see a blank canvas in front of you with various editing tools on the left sidebar.

Now it’s time to add a background to your blank canvas. This can be done in two ways:

Add Color As Your Background

Click anywhere on the blank canvas, and as a result of which a top toolbar will appear. From the top toolbar click on the ‘Background Color’ button which typically looks like a ‘Small Colored Square’

As a result of which a new menu will appear on the left-hand side. From there you can click on the ‘Default Colors’ to use them as your background.

Or if you want to use a specific color that is not available in the ‘Default Color’ options, click on the ‘+’ icon or ‘Add A Color’ option from the new left-hand side menu.

This will open a color picker, from where you can manually enter a specific color code or use the color slider to find your desired color.

Click on the color of your liking to add it to your blank canvas.

add color as background in your canva template

Add Image As Your Background

You can either add your own image in the background or you can use the canva stock image library if you do not have your own background image.

To upload your own image, click on the “Uploads” button from the left sidebar and then click “Upload files” and select the image from your computer.

Canvas also have some premade background images and textures, to access them, click on the ‘Apps’ button from the left-hand side Canva editor bar. This will open a new menu with a variety of options.

Find the option that says ‘Background’.

click on background

Now you can choose from different background designs, such as gradients, patterns, and images.

Browse through the available options and click on the one you need to add to your blank canvas.

choose a background for your canva template

4. Add Elements

Once you have a background on your screen, it’s time to add different elements to your design.

What type of elements you add to your design will depend on what kind of template you want to create.

Click on the ‘Elements’ button from the left-hand side editor bar to open the new elements menu.

The Elements menu will contain various categories of elements like shapes and lines, stickers, illustrations, 2d cliparts, photos, and more.

You can browse through the categories to find the element you want, or you can also use the search bar on the top to look for specific elements that you require.

Once you’ve found the element that you want to add to your design, click on it. The selected element will appear on your canvas.

add elements in your canva template

Note: After adding the element to your design, you can further customize it by clicking on the element. As a result of which a top toolbar will appear. Depending on the type of element, you will be able to resize it, change its color, adjust its position, rotate it, etc from the above toolbar.

5. Add Text

After adding the elements, it’s time to add text to your design. For that, you have to click on the “Text” button from the left-side toolbar bar and a new menu with text options will appear.

You can now click on the ‘Add A Text Box’ button or use ‘Default Text Styles’ such as ‘Add A Heading’, ‘Add A Subheading’, or ‘Add A Little Bit Of Body Text’ to start typing your desired text.

If you want something creative, then you can scroll down the text menu to find ‘Font Combinations’. Under the ‘Front Combination’ subheading, you will find various font pairings, typically with two different fonts and colors.

Click on the ‘Front Combination’ that you like and it will appear on your canvas. Remove the existing text by using the ‘Backspace’ button on your keyboard and start typing the text that you want.

add text to your canva template

Note: After adding text onto your canvas by whatever method you choose. You can still customize it further by clicking on the ‘Text’ element on the canvas and a top toolbar bhi appear. You can use the top toolbar to change font style, font size, position, color, etc of the text.

6. Copy The Template’s Link

  • The template link is a special link that you can share with your friends, family, or customers who bought your Canva template.

    Whenever someone opens the template link, it will create a copy of that Canva template in their personal Canva account.

    Now they can edit the copy of the template however they want and the original template in your account will remain untouched.

    This allows you to sell unlimited copies of your template using the template link.

Play with various backgrounds, elements, and texts to create the template you have in mind. Once you get satisfied with the results in front of you, then it’s time to copy the template’s link.

Click on the ‘Share’ button on the top right corner of your screen. As a result of which a new menu will appear, click on the ‘More’ button at the end of that menu.

click on share button

Then search for the ‘Template Link’ option from the search box in front of you. When the ‘Template Link’ option appears in front of you, click on it.

search for template link

Now you will be able to see a unique link with a ‘Copy’ button on the right-hand side.

Click on the purple colored ‘Copy’ button to copy the link and then save the link somewhere safe (email or document). So that when you click on the saved link again, you will be able to use this design as your template.

copy the template link

FAQ on How To Create Templates In Canva

Here are some most frequently asked questions on the topic of how to create own template in Canva.

How Do Templates Help Your Design?

Templates are a great way to reduce time wastage and increase efficiency. Templates give you a pre-designed framework to edit as per your requirement. They are usually considered a shortcut for creating various designs such as Instagram posts, flyers, posters, etc.

How Can I Share My Template From Canva?

Once, you are satisfied with you template design in front of you. Click on the ‘Share’ button from the top right corner and scroll down to click on the ‘More’ button. Then search for the ‘Template Link’ option from the search box in front of you.

When the ‘Template Link’ option appears in front of you, click on it. Now you will be able to see a unique link with copy option. You can click on the ‘Copy’ link button and share it with any of your friends or family.

Before You Leave

So I hope I was able to answer your query on ‘How To Create Templates In Canva’.

Note: The Template link which you copied can be used for personal purposes or can be shared with your friends, and families or you can also use that link to sell your templates. Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to use the design as a template.

If you still have any questions left regarding this topic, feel free to comment below. I would be happy to answer them.

Thank you

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