How To Create And Print Business Cards in Canva

How To Create And Print Business Cards in Canva
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I know how frustrating it can be trying to design professional business cards on your own.

Between picking the right font, layout, and color scheme, it’s easy to end up with something that looks amateurish.

And when you finally think you’ve got a decent design, getting it printed can be a whole other headache.

But what if I told you there was an easy online tool that lets you quickly create stunning business cards that you can print right from home?

Canva is a free graphic design platform that makes creating sleek, custom business cards a breeze.

With their user-friendly editor and a massive library of templates and elements, you can design cards that reflect your brand in minutes.

And the best part? Once your design is complete, you can easily order printed cards or download your files to print yourself.

No more fussing with complicated designing programs or paying a professional graphic artist.

Here in this article, I will tell you step-by-step ‘How to Create and Print Business Cards in Canva’.

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How To Create And Print Business Cards In Canva

Here are the steps that you can follow to create and print business cards in Canva:

1. Log In Or Sign Up On Canva

If you already have an account, simply visit Canva Website and enter your login credentials to access the platform.

For new users, click on the “Sign Up” button and follow the registration process, which usually requires an email address and password.

2. Select a Template

After logging in or signing up on Canva, you will be directed to the Canva home page. Search for ‘Business Card’ from the search box located in the middle of the screen.

Select A Template in canva

Canva will then display a variety of pre-designed business card templates for you to choose from.

Scroll through the available options and explore different styles and layouts to find the one that best suits your needs and then click on it.

scroll through the templates

After clicking on the template that you choose, a new window will open. Click on ‘Customise This Template’ to edit further.

click on customize this template

3. Customise The Business Card

After clicking on the “Customise This Template” button, your selected template will open inside the Canva editor.

Now, here you can customize your business card template by editing the logo, text, images, colors, etc.

Let’s take a look at each of them one by one:


You can add your company logo by clicking on the “Uploads” tab in the left sidebar to upload your logo from the computer.

Then, you can easily drag and drop your logo onto the canvas and adjust its size and position as needed.

upload logo in canva


If you don’t like the background of your current template, then click on the ‘Apps’ button from the left sidebar.

As a result of which, a new menu will appear in front of you with various options.

Scroll down to click on the ‘Background’ button. A new sidebar will appear with various options to change the background.

Choose from the available background categories like landscapes, patterns, gradients, abstracts, etc, and then click on it.

change background in canva


To add an element, click on the “Elements” button from the left sidebar. A new menu will appear with various element categories like lines and shapes, stickers, graphics, etc.

Browse through the different categories or use the search bar to find a specific element you want to use.

Click on the element you want to add to your design and it will appear on your canvas.

add elements in canva


After customizing the elements and background to match your brand, the next step is to update the information on the card.

This includes adding company name, contact details, and any other relevant information.

Click on the text elements on the template that you want to edit and change the information as needed.

If the template doesn’t have a specific text element you need, you can add new text boxes by clicking on the “Text” button in the left sidebar and then clicking on the “Add a heading” or “Add a subheading” buttons.

change text in canva

4. Download The Business Card

After customizing and finalizing your business card design in Canva, it’s time to download the file. Click on the ‘Share’ button from the top right corner and then click on the ‘Download’ button.

After clicking on the “Download” button, you will see options to select your file type, pages, etc.

Select the file type according to your needs, for printing purposes PDF is preferred.

After selecting the file format, click on the “Download” button again to start the download process.

download business card in canva

5. Print Your Business Cards

To print your business cards, click on the “Print Business Cards” button near the ‘Share’ button.

This will open a new printing menu on the right side of the screen with various options like paper type, paper finish, etc.

Make all the necessary adjustments and then click on “Continue” from the bottom.

print business card in canva

Go through all the options that will appear on the screen and then click on the purple “Checkout” box.

Now it’s time to add your shipping and card details and then finally place the order.

FAQ on How To Create and Print Business Cards In Canva

Here are some frequently asked questions on the topic of how to create business cards in Canva.

What Format Is Best For Printing Business Cards?

For printing business cards, the most common format that people choose is PDF (Portable Document Format).

PDF files retain the highest quality of images, text, and graphics. When you save your business card design as a PDF, it ensures that there is no loss of resolution or clarity during the printing process.

Is There A Recommended Size For Business Cards?

Yes, the recommended size for business cards is 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) in width x 2 inches (5.08 cm) in height.

Choosing the standard size ensures that your business card will be compatible with cardholders, business card cases, wallets, etc.

Can You Print Business Cards At Home With A Regular Printer?

Yes, you can print business cards at home with a regular laser printer, provided it supports the appropriate paper type and size.

Printing business cards at home can be cost-effective and convenient, especially for smaller quantities or when you need cards on short notice.

What Color Background Is Best For Business Cards?

The best color background for business cards depends on various factors, including the company’s brand identity, industry, target audience, etc.

Can You Print Postcards From Canva?

Yes, you can print postcards from Canva. Canva offers a variety of design templates for postcards that you can customize according to your preferences and needs.

If you prefer to print the postcards at home, make sure you have high-quality postcard paper that is compatible with your printer.

Before You Leave

Before you leave I highly recommend you to check our guide on 30 Canva Tips and Tricks that will make your designing a lot easier.

I hope this guide helped simplify the process of making and printing eye-catching business cards for your company.

With Canva handling the design work, you can focus on actually growing your business!

Don’t hesitate to customize your cards to showcase your brand’s unique identity. And if you have any other questions on designing or printing business cards in Canva, feel free to comment down below.

I would love to help you out. Here’s to you and your business’s success!

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