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How To Create a LinkedIn Banner Using Canva (Step By Step!)

LinkedIn has now become the world’s largest professional network on the Internet that allows every professional to connect with people and organizations under a single roof.

Are you also on LinkedIn but not getting much response?

If yes, then what could be the reason?

Maybe it’s the lack of professional touch to your LinkedIn profile.

Adding a professional and eye-catchy banner will make your profile look more polished and engaging.

As we all know, a banner is displayed at the top of your profile and can instantly grab anyone’s attention towards it at the very first sight.

Now, if you are thinking that to build a professional and good-looking banner, you need to hire a professional graphic designer who will charge high fees for it, then you are completely wrong.

Now, with Canva, you can easily create your LinkedIn banners within a few minutes, that too without having any designing experience.

To know more, continue scrolling through this article as below we will talk about How To Create a LinkedIn Banner Using Canva.

Let me start with answering,

What is Canva?

Canva is a completely free tool for graphic designing where anyone without any experience in designing can create attractive designs for posters, flyers, social media posts, etc. With Canva, you can also add text and images to your designs very easily.

In short, Canva eliminates the need for spending hours on photoshop or paying a huge salary to the graphic designers anymore.

Although, Canva helps people to design posters, flyers, social media posts, and much more. But, here in this article, I will only talk about LinkedIn banners.

Before knowing how to design LinkedIn banners with Canva, let’s first talk about “Why are LinkedIn banners important for a LinkedIn profile?”

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Why Should Every LinkedIn Profile Have an Attractive Banner?

In a world where first impressions are everything, you want your LinkedIn profile to make the best one possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is by adding an attractive banner to your profile. Here are a few reasons why every LinkedIn profile should have a banner.

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Creates a memorable and long-lasting impression:

Being the largest portion of a LinkedIn profile, banners play a vital role in leaving a memorable and long-lasting impression on visitors.

You have only 3 seconds to grab the attention of the person who visits your profile. In such a case, having a perfect combination of a professional profile photo and banner can leave a great impact on customers’ point of view about your brand.

Every individual or business should put every possible effort in building attractive banners because a default LinkedIn banner can become the reason for the high bounce rate of a website.

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Provides you an edge over your competitors

Having attractive banners on your LinkedIn profile helps you to differentiate your brand from your competitors. It provides your visitors a solid reason to opt for your offerings over your competitors.

Enhances your reputation

Attractive and eye-catchy banners on your LinkedIn profile enhances your reputation in the industry.

Reflects your brand

A strong and engaging combo of your LinkedIn profile picture and banner acts as a mirror of your brand by helping the visitors to understand what your company does for the people. 

More lead conversions

Uploading attractive and engaging banners with the relevant content can convert your profile visitors into leads by giving them a solid reason to take a positive action before leaving the page.

Shows your intention

Your LinkedIn profile or banner directly indicates to the people what your business is all about or what action you expect from them. Also, you can provide contact information in your banners so that the visitor can easily contact you for further discussion.

After knowing all the above-mentioned benefits of LinkedIn banners, you may be getting curious to know how to make attractive and professional banners by using canva, right?

So, let’s talk about it.

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How To Create a LinkedIn Banner Using Canva

Step 1: Create a Canva Account

Visit and create an account. To do so, you need to enter your name, email id, and set up a strong password. You can also create your account by using your Google and Facebook account. Once you do it, you will instantly be directed to the user interface of Canva.

create a canva account

Step 2: Choose Your Template

Now, search for “LinkedIn banners” and choose the best template based on your theme and industry type among thousands of professionally designed LinkedIn banners templates. 

choose your linkedin banner template

Step 3: Customize Your Template With Graphics, Pics, Text, etc.

Now, it’s time to enhance your banner design by tapping on the left side panel and searching for the relevant graphics to your business.

Customize your elements by resizing them, adjusting its transparency, and placing them in your design as per your like.

customize your template

Here, you can also add your email id to help your potential customers to connect with you in any way.

You can also edit the font of the text from the canva font library or you can upload your own custom fonts as well.

Browse through the long list of Canva’s list of photos and other graphics.

Here if you want to keep the same picture, then you can do so. In case you want to change the background picture of your LinkedIn profile, then also you can explore the photos option on the left-side panel to pick up the best one that suits your business or brand best.

Now, opt for the relevant text and fonts of the templates to which you want to add your brand’s name or other content.

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Step 4: Download Your Banner In JPEG or PNG

At last, upload or drop your company’s logo on your banner to give it a finishing look. 

Finally, the process of customizing your design is finally complete. Now, it’s time to download your banner and upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Download Your Banner In JPEG or PNG

To do so, click on the share at the top-right corner and download your design in PNG or JPG.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, I must say that creating banners is super easy with Canva that too in zero time. Anyone without any knowledge of graphic design can create their graphics in a few minutes. Nor do they need to install any complicated program that needs weeks or months to learn and get used to it. 

So, are you ready to feel like a professional graphic designer?

Give your LinkedIn profile a reputation among your competitors and drive quality traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

At last, if you have any doubt or suggestion, then don’t forget to mention below, we will try to help you in every possible way.

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