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22 Websites To Get Paid To Do Homework (Upto $7,000/mo)

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In today’s digital age, there are many opportunities to earn extra income by lending your academic skills to help others complete their school assignments.

With the rise of remote learning and e-learning, the demand for virtual tutoring and homework assistance continues to grow.

By signing up with legitimate online tutoring websites, you can get paid to provide individualized tutoring, answer questions, review material, proofread essays, solve math problems, and more.

Whether you are still a student yourself or a professional with expertise in a subject, you can monetize your knowledge in your spare time.

In this article, we will explore 11 popular websites that pay tutors to help students understand concepts, complete homework assignments, and ace tests and quizzes.

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11 Websites To Get Paid To Do Homework (Verified!)

Below are 11 websites that you can use to get paid to do homework:

  1. Studypool
  2. SweetStudy
  3. School Solver
  4. 24HourAnswers
  5. Toppr
  6. Chegg
  7. Growing Stars
  8. JustAnswer
  9. Homework Market
  10. Paper Coach
  11. TutorMe
  12. More sites at the end of this article…

1. Studypool

Website: Studypool

Expected earnings: $300 – $500 a week.

Commission: 20%-30% commission per assignment

  • Note: Commissions are basically the percentage cut that the website takes from your earnings. For eg: if you have earned $100 and the company is taking a 20% cut, your effective earnings would be $80.

Studypool is a platform where you can get paid by tutoring students all over the world.

So how it works is, students from all over the world post their questions, problems, or queries they are struggling with and tutors like you who have expertise in that topic can help these students and get paid.

Tutors can bid on the questions, and once the student chooses him, a tutor can then start working on that question during this time students can stay in touch with the tutor and ask follow-up questions if he has further doubts.

earn money tutoring

Now talking about earnings, according to Studypool itself, tutors can earn up to $7,500 per month working from home but the earnings totally depend on multiple factors like availability, amount of questions they answer, quality of their work, and pricing per question.

For eg, here are the earnings from top earners on this website.

As you can see, “Allanmitch” has earned over $93,922 from this platform alone.

highest earners

Different questions offer different pay (check the below screenshot for an idea) and it can be anywhere from $3 to $40, but it can be more than this too.

recent questions

Once you bid on a question and complete it, and the user approves your question, studypool will release your payment.

And you need a minimum of $50 to withdraw your earnings.

Withdraw methods are not clearly mentioned by the site but I guess you can easily withdraw your earnings through PayPal or direct bank transfer (please contact the site for withdrawal methods)

Here are the most popular subjects on Studypool:

top tutoring subjects
  • Algebra
  • Computer Science
  • Maths
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Accounting
  • Science
  • Health and Medical
  • Law

How To Get Started As a Tutor On Studypool

First, you have to visit this page and click on the pink “Apply Now” button to apply as a tutor

Then you to create your account on the platform using your email and password.

And then you have to verify your email.

Now the application process will start.

  • Note: Please do not use any AI tool like chatGPT, ClaudeAI, or Perplexity in your application otherwise it will be auto-declined
important message

Fill in all the necessary information such as your personal details, education, work experience etc, and then submit the application.

Once Studypool reviews your application, you will get an email regarding the approval.

application form

2. SweetStudy

Website: SweetStudy

Expected earnings: $5-$20 per assignment.

Commission: 20% commission per assignment.


SweetStudey (previously known as HomeworkMarket) is a platform that tutors can use to earn money by doing assignments, submitting answers, and proofreading content.

Using SweetStudey, you can monetize your academic skills by providing tutoring services to students from all over the world.

To get started with SweetStudey as a tutor, you have to ‘Signup’ with them. Once you have signed up, you have to fill out the tutor application form mentioning your username, educational background, experience, etc.

upload documents

After creating a profile, submit your documents for verification of your identity and get paid up to $10 for each uploaded document (seriously..?? this company is literally paying you for the verification of your document, crazy!!).

SweetStudy will then review your application.

Once you get selected as a tutor on SweetStudy, you can start answering questions according to your expertise.

You can tutor students on subjects like:

  1. Business & Finance
  2. Chemistry
  3. Computer Science
  4. Geography
  5. Geology
  6. Literature etc.

Browse through the questions and then upload the answer with your own pay rate. If a student chooses to view your answer, you will get paid via PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer,

Depending on the type of question, a tutor can earn around $5-$20 for every answer. SweetStudy also charges a 20% commission on every accepted answer.

3. School Solver

Website:  School Solver

Expected earnings: Students willingness to pay

Commission: 20% commission per answer

School Solver

School Solver offers tutors a flexible and convenient way to earn money by guiding students through difficult homework, assignments essays, etc.

School Solver is mentioned on big publishers like Forbes, TechCrunch, Mashable, etc.

To know how School Solver works in detail, go through the below video.

To get started as a tutor on School Solver, click on the ‘Register’ button at the top right corner of the School Solver homepage and then fill in the required information (refer to the screenshot below).

fill out application form

After registering on the platform, you will have to take two quizzes on the subjects that they would like to teach. It is mandatory to score at least 90% on the quiz to be allowed to teach the subject.

Once you have passed the quizzes, you will become eligible to answer student’s questions. To do that, click on the ‘Answer Questions’ button at the top bar and a list of all the questions posted by the students will open in front of you.

Now scroll through the list of questions and decide which one you want to answer depending upon the student’s willingness to pay, due date, etc.

Here are the types of questions that you can expect:

latest questions

After deciding which question to answer, draft a properly explained or detailed solution and submit it to the original question.

The best part of School Solver is that after submitting the answer to the original question, it gets moved to a search engine database.

This means that if another person searches for the same question, your answer will be displayed on the search results. But to get access to your answer, the student has to pay a certain price and that will be credited to you as well.

In this way, even if your earnings are low initially, it will increase over time as more students will discover your answers and you will keep on getting paid.

But remember each time you make a withdrawal from your account, you will be charged a 2% fee.

To know the experience of fellow users on SchoolSolver, look at the below screenshot.

Trustpilot reviews

4. 24HourAnswers

Website:  24HourAnswers

Expected earnings: $18- $26 hourly

Commission: Not specified.


24HourAnswers was launched in 2005 in New York State. It is a 24/7 online platform that provides homework help or online tutoring services to high school and college students.

They provide 2 types of services:

  1. Homework Help: Tutors submit detailed answers to the questions or assignments posted by the students.
  2. Online Tutoring: Tutors teach students on a one-to-one basis on virtual platforms.

You should have at least a Master’s degree to qualify to become a tutor on 24HourAnswers. But you can also be accepted as a tutor if you demonstrate extraordinary performance and record.

The criteria for being a tutor at 24HourAnswers is higher than any other platform because it targets college students with complex subjects. So, it is recommended to read all the terms and conditions of the website before registering yourself.

To become a tutor at 24HourAnswers, click Here to create a tutor account.

apply to become a tutor

After creating an account on 24HourAnswers, fill out the tutor application form mentioning your address, past work experience, educational background, etc. Submit the form and wait for the website to contact you via email.

tutor application

Once you get approved as a tutor, start browsing assignment postings. When you find an assignment that you are interested in, directly contact the student and discuss the pay scale, due date, length of the assignment, etc.

Once the student hires you for the job, you can start drafting the answer.

How much you can earn by being a tutor at 24HourAnswers depends on the time dedicated, the subject taught, your past experience, etc.

But according to Glassdoor, you can earn between $18- $26 hourly by solving the doubts of the students online.

To learn the in-depth experience of being a tutor at 24HourAnswers, watch the YouTube video below.

5. Toppr

Website: Toppr

Expected earnings: $600 monthly

Commission: Not specified.


Toppr is an Indian-based startup that connects tutors with students who need help with their assignments and homework. It also provides study material and guides for board and competitive exams such as JEE Main, UPSEE, BITSAT, etc.

Toppr is the most awarded ed-tech platform in India. Below is the list of the most popular awards received by Toppr:

  1. Best Tech in Education, IAMAI India Digital Awards, 2019
  2. Top 20, Edtechgolbal Scale-up Awards, 2019
  3. Best Education Platform, Indian Education Awards, 2018
  4. Best in Educational Industry, AWS Mobility Awards, 2017
awards received by Toppr

According to the Toppr website, an average teacher can earn up to Rs. 50,000 per month ($600/mo) by:

  1. Building content such as concepts, solutions, etc to increase the subjectual knowledge of the students.
  2. Teaching students face to face on the ‘Photon’ platform.
  3. Providing solutions to the questions posted by the students to clear doubts.
  4. Becoming an Ambassador for Toppr and helping to increase the reach of the platform.
Average teacher can earn up to Rs. 50,000 per month

Click Here to ‘Sign Up’ as a tutor on Toppr. After signing up as a tutor, click on the ‘Solve Doubts’ button to open the list of questions posted by the students.

questions posted by students

Once you decide which question you would like to answer, start working on the solution and then submit it on the platform.

6. Chegg

Website: Chegg

Expected earnings: $20-$22 hourly

Commission: Not specified


Chegg launched in 2000, is a platform that helps students to clear their doubts with experts from well-known universities in subjects like algebra, computer science, biology, French, etc.

Chegg’s overall mission is to provide a good overall return on investments by tutoring students at a lower cost.

To become a tutor on Chegg, create an account and then start building your tutor profile. You have to mention your area of expertise, work experience, qualifications etc on the profile.

While creating a tutor profile on Chegg, you also have to upload two forms of verification such as driving license, passport, student ID card, diploma etc.

It is also required to submit a short video introducing yourself, your qualifications etc on the platform before submitting the application form.

Below is the in-depth guide on how to apply for a tutor on Chegg:

After submitting the application, Chegg will review your application and send an email regarding the decision.

Once you get accepted as a tutor at Chegg, you can browse through tutoring opportunities and start getting in contact with the students that you want to help.

You will be paid weekly on the basis of hours spent on tutoring. But an average tutor on Chegg makes around $20-$22 hourly by clearing the doubts of the students.

Apart from providing online help, Chegg also provides physical jobs in different fields all around the world.

Below is the screenshot of a few job opportunities listed by Chegg on their platform.

jobs posted on Chegg

If you are also interested in working in different fields then click Here to open a list of job opportunities on Chegg.

7. Growing Stars

Website: Growing Stars

Expected earnings: $25 hourly

Commission: Not specified

growing stars

Growing Stars is a platform that provides private coaching to young students between 2-12 grades. It provides one-to-one tutoring services to students on subjects like maths, science, chemistry, biology, etc.

The tutoring session takes place on the Growing Stars audio-integrated whiteboard. Students can use the whiteboard to ask questions, communicate with the teacher, etc.

How much tutors can earn from tutoring at Growing Stars is not mentioned on their website. But it is estimated to be $25 per hour. The earning capabilities depend on various factors such as the subject you are teaching, your past experience, etc.

If you are interested in being a tutor at Growing Stars, click Here to fill out the online registration form.

tutor registration

After sending your application and resume to Growing Stars, wait for them to analyze your profile and keep checking your email for the acceptance letter.

Once you get accepted, a manager from Growing Stars will contact you to develop a tutoring plan according to your expertise.

After getting matched with the students, connect with them to discuss the timing and duration of the sessions.

8. JustAnswer

Website: JustAnswer

Expected earnings: $2000-$7000 per month

Commission: Not specified


JustAnswer launched in November 2004, is a versatile platform that connects students with experts. An expert can earn money on JustAnswer by simply answering the questions posted by the students. They can work from anywhere (desktop or smartphone) and at any time.

You can apply for an expert in many categories such as:

  • Veterinary and animal behavior
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Wellness and mental health
  • Heavy equipment
  • Tax & Finance
  • Consumer electronics etc.

According to JustAnswer, you can get paid between $2000-$7000 per month by helping people based on your category and experience.

Experts get paid through Hyperwallet, PayPal, and Venmo (US only).

experts apply here

To become a tutor at JustAnswer, click here and fill out the application form with personal details, academic background, valid ID and social security number, etc.

After filling out the form, wait for a couple of days for JustAnswer to verify your details through a third-party verification firm. It usually takes 4-7 days for USA/Canada applicants and 2-4 weeks for other countries.

If you get accepted, you will receive an email explaining the further steps. JustAnswer will organize a meeting with its associate and he will teach you how to use and navigate the platform.

After the proper training, you can start earning money by answering questions on JustAnswer.

application process

9. Homework Market

Website: Homework Market

Expected earnings: $7 per page

Commission: Not specified


Homework Market is a leading platform that helps college and university students with their homework. They provide Q&A services, essay writing, proofreading content etc.

You can easily become a tutor at Homework Market and earn $7 per page. They have very strict terms and conditions for tutors, so it is recommended to go through them first and then fill out the application form.

How Homework Market works

To become a tutor at Homework Market, click on the ‘Become a Tutor’ button from the top of the Homework Market homepage. Now an application form will open in front of you.

Fill out an application form, and upload your CV, academic certificates, and some sample work. Once Homework Market reviews your application, they will send an email.

become a tutor at Homework Market

If you get accepted, you can start bidding on various assignments and questions. Students will get the opportunity to select a tutor for their work, so it is important to maintain a strong profile that includes positive feedback, high ratings, quality work, etc.

After getting selected by the student, start working on the assignment and submit it on time.

10. Paper Coach

Website: Paper Coach

Expected earnings: minimum $8 per page

Commission: Not specified

Paper Coach

Paper Coach provides paper writing, essay writing, research paper writing, and dissertation writing services to high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.

Paper Coach distinguishes itself by providing top and quality writing services. Their mission is to provide top-quality and plagiarism-free writing services.

main advantages of Paper Coach

If you want to become a writer at Paper Coach then fill out the registration form and go through various tests to prove your worth. Only 15% of all applicants are accepted by Paper Coach per year.

  • Note: It is mandatory for every Paper Coach writer to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. It is even easier to get accepted if you have an MBA, Ph.D., or any other higher level of education degree.

If you get accepted, you will see various orders created by students with specific instructions like their willingness to pay, due dates, etc.

Find a project that you like, then negotiate your fees with the student. On average all tutors get paid a minimum of $8 per page.

11. TutorMe

Website: TutorMe

Expected earnings: $16 per hour

Commission: Not specified


TutorMe provides one-on-one online tutoring services to students around the world. They provide facilities like whiteboards, video calls, screen sharing, etc for a better learning environment for the students.

They have also been awarded and recognized by reputed ed-tech organizations and publications. Below is the screenshot of all the esteemed awards.

awards earned by TutorMe

You can become a private tutor at TutorMe to earn a steady income. They are a 24/7 learning platform, so you can work at your own convenience.

If you want to become a tutor at TutorMe, then make sure to meet the following requirements:

  1. Prior experience of 2 years
  2. Hold a degree or are still enrolled in college
  3. Minimum 18 years old
  4. A resident of the U.S. or other approved countries
  5. Fluency in English
Become a tutor at Paper Coach

Click on the Apply Now’ button to fill out the registration form on TutorMe. Then select the area of your expertise and go through an assignment or interview to prove your excellence.

Once selected, you have to submit a background check and attend an orientation program. After appropriate training, Log into your TutorMe dashboard and browse through various student requests.

Accept a request that aligns with your expertise and start tutoring.

Few Other Websites To Get Paid To Do Homework

A few other websites that you can use to get paid to do homework:

  1. Help with Assignment: Earn a minimum of $9.50 per page and $50 per assignment and essay. They only accept tutors who have more than 2 years of experience and a Master’s or Ph.D degree.
  2. PhotoMath: If you have good mathematical skills then you can also become a tutor at PhotoMath and earn money by answering Math questions.
  3. Yup: You can also answer questions or tutor students in subjects like maths and English.
  4. Weegy: You can get paid to answer questions on Weefy. You can earn around $0.20 per question answered.
  5. OneClass: Apart from tutoring, you can also earn money by selling notes and courses on OneClass. Average sellers earn around $370-$470 per course.
  6. Spires: You can tutor students or become an educational assistant to earn money on Spires.
  7. Teach Me 2: You can also offer your services as a private tutor on Teach Me 2.
  8. Upwork: It is a famous freelancing website where you can apply for gigs to earn money.
  9. Wyzant: Get paid $25 per hour for providing private tutoring to students.
  10. Eduboard: You can get paid to answer questions, write essays, and do assignments.
  11. BookNook: You can earn money by answering the questions posted by the students. But to be a tutor at BookNoot you have to be a US resident.

FAQ- 10 Websites To Get Paid To Do Homework

Below are a few frequently asked questions:

Can I Pay Someone To Do My Homework For Me?

Yes, you can pay someone to do your homework. There are various platforms like TutorMe, Paper Coach, JustAnswer, SweetStudy, etc where you can place an order with specific instructions like your willingness to pay, submission date, etc.

You can review the profiles of the tutors who have bid on your assignment. After selecting a tutor that you want to work with, he will submit the homework before the due date.

Can I Sell My Notes Online?

Yes, you can also earn money by selling your notes online. You can sell your notes, study material, flash cards at Course Hero, NoteXchange, Omega Notes and OneClass, etc.

You can set the price at which you want to sell your material. A person can earn between $5 to $30 per material. All the websites will also charge a percentage of commission on your sales.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – 11 websites that make it possible to earn cash for helping other students with their homework assignments.

From solving math problems to writing essays, you can get paid to put your academic skills to use.

Just remember, these sites are meant to connect tutors for guidance, not for doing someone’s entire assignment from start to finish.

Use your knowledge ethically to assist those who are genuinely stuck

If you have expertise in a subject though, it can be a great way to make money while assisting your fellow students. Just be transparent about the help you provide.

Let me know in the comments below if you end up trying any of these homework helper sites!

I’d love to hear if you found them worthwhile. And if this article was useful, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

And if you have any doubts?

Do comment below, I would love to help you out!

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