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Best Places To Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

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There are many side hustle ideas if you are looking for one. But, the one that I am talking about in this post is a bit strange to listen to.

Could you ever imagine that you would get paid to talk to lonely people? Well, I am sure an idea would never come to your mind.

But the truth is a bit different. As people grow old, there is hardly any person that they can spend time talking to.

Many people in their old age complain about feeling lonely and thus that leads to other mental diseases.

But not anymore, you can take up the opportunity and fill your pockets with a good amount of cash by just talking to them.

Key Takeaways

  • Websites like FriendPC, RentaFriend, RentaCyberFriend allow people to sell their virtual friendship services
  • You will get paid to become a virtual friend for people all around the globe
  • You just need to have good communication skills and ladies will always have an extra edge
  • I highly recommend you take this as a side hustle only, it can never replace your full-time job and neither it provides long term career benefits.

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This is a great side hustle for you if you can do it and thus get paid to chat online.

The process is simple but most people don’t know where and how to start. To give you a fair idea, I am here to guide you through the process of easy money-making.

Places To Talk To Lonely People For Money

Chatting with lonely people is a great side hustle for teenagers and students these days.

Some people enjoy talking to others and if you too are someone with the same sort of interest, you can earn lots of money.

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Here I have a list of platforms that will help you meet clients who need your time. Let us start:

1. Rent A Friend

Many people like hopping to parties but don’t have anyone to come along. Well, in such cases too, you can lend your helping hand and get paid to become a friend.

Some people look for a company to attend several occasions.

Through Rent a friend, you can easily be a part of the lives of people who are looking for a company. It is easy and free to register with the platform and you can earn as high as $50 per hour.

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If you feel this is a fun job for you too, go ahead and take the chance.

How Much It Will Cost You To join Rent A Friend?

Joining Rent a Freind is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay them anything, you will keep 100% of your earnings.

WAIT!! then how do they earn money? when they do not cut their commissions from your earnings?

Well, they charge a small amount of money for accessing their website from the people who are hiring you as a friend, which allows them to contact you. So that’s their business model.

How Much Money Can You Make On Rent A Friend?

Well, here is a screenshot of their site where they mentioned how much money you can make based on how many hours you work there.

2. Join Papa

The name of this company in itself tells you a lot about it. Through Join Papa, you can connect to elderly seniors who need young people to spend some time.

Your primary job is to act as a caretaker and involve in little household activities.

For your services through this platform, you can earn up to $15 for an hour. And, the more hours your work, the more money you get.

And there are no limits of earnings, according to the website, their most active Pals earn over $3000 per month.

It is kind of a social job you need to do for which you even get paid in return.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr marketplace is a bit different than the others on the list. It is a well-known freelancing site where you are your own master.

People from different parts of the globe offer their services in any area they are good at.

Look at the screenshot below, you can see people are actually selling these kinds of services over there.

If you look closely you can see they have reviews as well, which means people are actually buying their services.

If you too want to try out, go ahead and create your own ‘gig’ with the services you wish to offer.

People who are interested in your service will directly contact you and pay you for the same.

4. FriendPC

FriendPC is an online platform that allows people to become “virtual friends” and get paid for providing friendship and companionship to others.

It connects people looking for friendship, conversations, advice, gaming partners etc. with vetted “virtual friends” who can fulfill those needs.


As a virtual friend, you set your own schedule and rates.

You can offer text/voice chat, phone/video calls, gaming sessions, advice/coaching services or even meet people in real life.

Here are some most popular virtual friend services people provide on FriendPC.

FriendPC Services

The platform takes care of payments, so you get paid securely. All you need is a profile highlighting your skills, interests, and availability.

The pros are flexibility, decent income potential, and the ability to help lonely people. You can make upwards of $15-20 per hour based on your services and rates.

The cons are inconsistent demand, the need for constant self-promotion, and no long-term career benefits.

Overall, FriendPC is a unique platform for those seeking remote, flexible opportunities to leverage their friendship skills.

While it takes effort to build a clientele, the income potential and freedom are good. As long as you set clear boundaries and take safety precautions when meeting people offline, it can become a steady side income stream.

5. Rent A Local Friend

Rent a Local Friend is an online platform that connects travelers with locals who can show them around and help them experience authentic local culture.

Locals can sign up to be “Local Friends” and create profiles highlighting their interests, talents, and favorite spots in their city.

Travelers browse these profiles and can book these Local Friends to create personalized itineraries, join for tours around the city’s highlights, or just meet up for a coffee or meal to get insider travel tips.

Rent a Local Friend

The requirements to be a Local Friend are simple – just a passion for your city, good communication skills, and a friendly personality.

The pros for Local Friends include earning extra cash, meeting travelers from around the world, and sharing the city you love with others. Cons can include inconsistent bookings and income.

Local Friends set their own rates, but most charge around $25-50 USD for a few hours of their time.

For travelers, the biggest pros of using Rent a Local Friend are getting a customized, authentic experience rather than cookie-cutter tourism, and having a local contact to provide recommendations, navigation help, and advice during your trip.

Cons are that experiences can vary greatly depending on the individual Local Friend. Overall though, it’s a innovative way for travelers to make a local connection and enjoy more meaningful, personal travel.

6. Premium.Chat

Premium.Chat is a platform that allows people to get paid for chatting online – whether through text, audio, or video chat.

It works by letting users create a profile and share links to it across their social media channels or websites.

Premium Chat

Interested people/followers can then request paid chat sessions, which the user can choose to accept or decline.

Once a chat is complete, Premium.Chat handles collecting payment from the client and paying the user, keeping a small commission.

However, one key thing to note is that Premium.Chat does not provide a ready marketplace of clients for you.

To attract paying clients, you need to have an established following on social media, a website, an email list, etc. that you can actively promote your Premium.Chat services to.

It works best for people who already have some audience or platform to draw potential paying chat customers from. Without this, it can be difficult to get any initial traction.

So in summary – Premium.Chat provides payment processing and chat interfaces but does not bring a built-in customer base.

Potential downsides are that you may occasionally get inappropriate requests, and it can take some effort to build up a strong client base.

Top earners make $1000-$1500 per month, but most users tend to earn less than this as they establish themselves.

Overall though, if you think your time, advice or conversation skills could be valuable to others online, Premium.Chat provides an easy way to monetize this without needing your own membership site or handling payments.

7. Rent A Cyber Friend is a unique platform that allows people to become paid “cyber friends” charging per-minute rates typically between $0.01 and $3.50 to chat or video call with users seeking online companionship.

To sign up as a cyber friend, you create a profile highlighting your personality, and interests, and offer rate to attract users looking to connect with someone compatible for conversation or shared activities.

Rent a Cyber Friend

The site tries to facilitate more authentic social connections between real people versus dating or escort services.

As a cyber friend, you can earn income by renting out your friendship services to site users who feel lonely or isolated.

However, for the best chance of getting business, it is advisable not to overprice yourself at the maximum allowed rate of $3.50 per minute.

Reviews of have generally been positive, with users rating it 4 out of 5 stars and praising the legit earning opportunity, user-friendly interface, and chance to gain cultural insights by meeting diverse global users. One downside mentioned is occasional payment issues.

Overall, while becoming a paid cyber companion involves some emotional labor, provides a flexible means of profiting off interpersonal skills.

For cyber friends willing to engage vulnerably and foster genuine interest in site users rather than perfunctory conversations, it can lead to meaningful connections, financial gain, and cultural expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know that you just talk and earn money, you might have some other related questions coming to your mind.

Well, I am here to answer all of them. Thus, I have some of the most commonly asked questions and the answers related to the topic. Let’s get started!

Can I earn a living by talking to lonely people?

Well, the basic idea is that this method is good for a side hustle and not a primary source of income.
Most of the platforms pay you enough for your services and that is enough to earn some extra. If you are looking at it as a full-time job, not all platforms pay you that high.

What qualities are need for such kind of job?

The first and most important is that you need to be good at talking to people. if you are someone who has talked enough in their lives and want to earn some money by doing so, you can try out the platform that is mentioned above.

Do I need to have a computer and webcam for the job?

It is not a necessary criterion. Some platforms do need you to have a computer and webcam for video calling services.
But if you want to offer chats through texts, only a smartphone is all you need.
There are several options to choose from and you can go for the ones that do not need a computer or webcam compulsorily.

Can I do such jobs part-time?

Some platforms go for hourly pay and that can be the best fit for you. The more you work the more money you can easily earn.
You offer your services on an hourly basis and get paid for the exact amount of work you do.

Final Thoughts

It is not just older people who feel lonely and need people to talk to. Many other people too, including teenagers, travelers, college-going students too need company at some point in life. Besides, for people looking for a side hustle that pays good, this is a great option.

No one could have ever thought in their lives that by simply talking one can earn some money. But, today, it has come true.

If you are good at talking to other people, you can make money out of it.

Many people involve in such services today as there is a lack of jobs but people need money.

The internet has gifted you all possible ways to earn money and today, you can even get paid to talk to lonely people. Gone are the days when you needed some qualification to earn money.

But now, even without a degree of education, you can connect with lonely people, spend time talking to them and earn money easily.

You have nothing else to do other than talking, and you can get paid for that too.

Thus, if such a side hustle method interests you, you can also get started right away. Without any investment, you can register and get started.

What else are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity that is waiting to pay you in good amounts.

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If you people can’t even read and follow directions on your own, you aren’t going to be able to do this work. No one is gonna hold your hand and do everything for you. Rohit was kind enough to write this blog post and share this info with you but half of you except them to do all the work for you in getting set up! Read the article and use Google instead of asking asinine questions that are either available here or on the sites mentioned. Rohit, you have the patience of a saint.


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Hello and thanks for writing such a resourceful article! Talking to lonely people is a dream side gig for me. I just started with PapaPal, and it’s been a great match as I’ve always gotten on well with people older than I. I have tried Rent A Friend several times over the past 3 years and the site always says that they aren’t currently accepting new applications but will be soon. Have you had a different experience recently? I’m looking forward to exploring the other opportunities you wrote about. Thanks again!


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I’m extremely interested in doing this and have been reading for hours. Very interesting, I must say. As a life coach just starting out, this is a great idea. The link to College Pirates is faulty though. When I googled it it came up as tutoring or mentoring college students. Is this correct? Is it possible for you to post the actual website? Really appreciate your article. Thank you


Fabulous! Thanks much for responding so quickly. I’ll check it out. I’ve been working with seniors the past 13 years so I’m in the process of applying for Papa Pals. I’m pretty excited about it as it’s one of my passions.

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I would love to talk to anyone who just needs someone to hear them. We all need someone we can vent to and help heal the void of loneliness. I have worked in healthcare for the past 18 years and part of my job was to care for people and be there for them. I know I can do this 🙂 God bless


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