What to Use for Cash Box for Garage Sale? (Easy Options!)

What to Use for Cash Box for Garage Sale (1)
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It’s finally garage sale season!

Are you looking forward to tackling some spring cleaning and earning a little extra cash?

I’m getting excited just thinking about the bargains I might find in my neighborhood.

But to have a fun and successful garage sale, you need to safely and neatly store the money people hand over when buying your items.

Purchasing a locking bank-style cash box seems so official and it is not even necessary.

I mean why would you buy a separate cash box when you can easily use stuff laying around your home as cash boxes? right?

But what to use for cash box for Garage Sale?

In this article, I’ll share my favorite genius ways to repurpose household items into functional cash storage for your upcoming sale.

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Why You Need a Proper Cash Box

Before we dive into the fun cash box options, let’s chat about why having a dedicated cash box matters:

  • Keeps all money secure in one designated spot
  • Prevents accidentally losing funds or having them stolen
  • Lets you quickly make the correct change for customers
  • Organizes bills, coins, checks, and receipts in one place

So taking the time to create a custom cash box should definitely be on your garage sale preparation to-do list!

7 Items to Use for Cash Box for Garage Sale

Now for the fun part – turning common household stuff into your own personalized cash boxes! Here are some of my favorite ideas:

1. Plastic Food Storage Containers

Let’s be honest – we all have a cupboard overflowing with Tupperware, Rubbermaid, and other plastic food containers, right?

PLastic Containers

Those stashable bins are perfect for storing cash!

Look for smaller cereal or lunch-sized containers with lids that snap or latch closed to keep money secure inside.

Label it “Cash Only” so your kids don’t toss random stuff inside.

Use leftover plastic dividing trays or small jars from the dollar store to neatly organize bills by denomination. This makes handing out change a breeze.

2. Old Metal Toolboxes

Got an old rusty toolkit or fishing tackle box collecting dust in the garage or basement? Don’t send it to the curb yet!

Metal Toolbox

These sturdy boxes are ideal for converting into heavy-duty cash boxes.

The metal construction and locking mechanisms help protect your earnings from getting swiped or lost.

And the built-in stackable compartments neatly separate bills, coins, receipts, and checks for organization.

Carry it around safely with the handle, just like a classic bank deposit bag. Toolboxes give you a very secure spot for stashing piles of garage sale profits!

3. Make-up and Toiletry Bags

Have a stash of small make-up, toiletry, or shower bags leftovers? They transform into fab tiny cash boxes!

Makeup Pouch

The zippered pouches prevent money from escaping. Use designated bags for bills, coins, checks, and receipts to stay organized.

Their compact size takes up hardly any space on your sale table.

Toss a few inside your purse or pocket for easy transport around the sale. Plus the pretty patterns add lively style!

4. Camera Gear Bags

You can convert an old camera bag or lens case into a padded cash box!

Camera Gear Bag

The plush interior will protect your money from getting damaged or wet.

And all those handy interior dividers and zippered pockets keep your funds neatly organized.

An adjustable shoulder strap lets you securely carry it around the sale.

5. Art Supply Boxes

Plain pencil boxes or sturdy art supply containers work wonderfully as cash boxes too.

Art Supply Boxes

The box structure keeps contents securely inside. Find one with fun colored lids or labels to designate it as your cash holder.

Small beading organizers with adjustable dividers are perfect for sorting coins and bills. Keep all your garage sale profits safe in plain sight!

6. Travel Waist Pouches/Money Belts

For an easy and hands-free way to keep cash secure at your garage sale, consider using a waist pouch instead of a traditional cash box.

Travel waist pouches or money belts are inexpensive and strap around your waist and is very handy for collecting cash and giving away change.

Money Belt

The slim, lightweight design hugs your body comfortably and allows you to easily move around while keeping money close at hand at all times.

Designate separate pouches or compartments in the pouch for organizing bills, coins, receipts, and checks.

With a concealed waist pouch acting as your cash register, you can focus on engaging with customers while discretely storing earnings and making change.

It’s a clever hack for keeping your garage sale cash readily accessible but out of sight!

7. DIY Cash Boxes

If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, it’s easy to make your own DIY cash box rather than purchasing one.

All you need is a little creativity!

For a simple homemade version, grab an empty shoebox or other container that’s laying around your house.

Cash Box Made Using Cardboard
Credit: STech

Then use cardboard dividers, plastic containers, or trays from other products to create separate compartments inside the box for organizing coins, bills, and checks.

Add fun duct tape, colorful paper or stickers to personalize and designate your DIY box as the cash holder.

Watch this video for step by step process of creating a cardboard cash collecting box.

Cash Box Success Tips

Transforming household items is quick and easy. But here are some useful tips for cash box success:

  • Label your box “Cash Only” so people don’t mistake it for trash
  • Secure larger bills together with binder clips or rubber bands
  • Refill coin stash if running low to make quick change for shoppers
  • Never leave your cash box unattended – take it with you!
  • Keep the box in a secure place once the sale is over

Get Crafty with DIY Cash Boxes

As you can see, with a little creativity, you can easily transform stuff around your home into customized cash boxes for your upcoming garage sale.

Repurposing everyday containers adds some fun flair while also securely storing your profits. And you get to put some of those long-forgotten household items to good use again.

Let me know how your cash boxes turn out – or if you have any other clever ideas I should try!


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