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How To Display Purses At a Garage Sale (4 Display Ideas)

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Getting ready for a garage sale is super exciting! You finally have a chance to clean out your closets and make a little extra cash.

If you’ve got a bunch of cute purses you don’t use anymore, your garage sale is the perfect place to sell them.

But you’ll need to put in some effort to make those bags look irresistible to shoppers.

Here’s my advice on how to create an awesome purse display that will have customers begging to buy!

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How To Display Purses At a Garage Sale

Here are some ideas to display your purses in a Garage Sale.

1. Using Cloth Hangers and Pipes

Start by getting some long plumbing pipes or wooden dowels.

Place them horizontally on a table, shelf brackets, or ladder to act as supports.

Display Purses Using Hangers and Pipes
Image Source: Pinterest

Then take unused plastic or wooden hangers and slide their hooks over the horizontal pipes to suspend them.

Now you have horizontal hanger bars ready for displaying purses!

Hang your bags by their straps over the suspended hangers at varying heights for an artful presentation.

For extra flair, spray paint the piping and hangers fun colors before constructing your display.

The horizontal support pipes keep the hangers and hung purses secure. And the possibilities are endless! 

2. Using Cloth Drying Racks

Do you know those foldable clothes drying racks you sometimes use in the laundry room or shower?

Well, those can actually make amazing purse displays at your next garage sale!

I know, it sounds kinda random.

Display Purses USing Drying Racks
Image Source: Pinterest

But think about it – those racks have all sorts of crisscrossing bars perfect for draping purse straps over.

Just set one up in your garage or driveway, then start hanging your bags over the rungs by their straps. Make sure to face all the purses forward so customers can see the goods!

Use the different levels of the rack to arrange bags by size or price. Hang your pricier designer pieces at eye level where they really stand out.

For a fun backdrop, drape some colorful sarongs or sheets behind the rack. This makes your purse display pop even more!

Who knew an old clothes drying rack could show off your secondhand bags in such a neat way?

3. Display In Wooden Racks

Take out those wooden bookshelves or display racks you’ve got sitting around the house!

Pop off the shelves and instantly you’ve got a multi-level purse showcase.

Simply arrange your purses on the different wooden ledges that used to hold your Funko Pops or whatever.

Displaying Bags In a Wooden Rack
Image Source: Buluchu

Make sure to place the bag in such a way that it’s front side is visible to the buyers.

If you are low on space and have too many purses to display you can also put them sidewise

The shelves give you different height options too.

Put clutches and wallets up top where they’re easily seen, then style bigger totes and beach bags further down.

You can even give ’em a quick coat of spray paint for a fun pop of color too.

4. Using Old Wooden Crates Or Cardboard Boxes

You can use old cardboard boxes or wooden crates you’ve got lying around your house to display purses.

Stack them on a table or shelf to create fun little cubbies for showing off your bags!

Using Old Wooden Boxes To Display Handbags
Image Source: Pinterest

Simply place a purse inside each box – kind of like individual storefronts.

The boxes act as little stages to make each purse a star. And they build height levels for more visual interest.

No need to buy display gear. Just raid your recycling and closets for quirky purse cubbies. Spray paint, decoupage or stencil the boxes for some pizzazz!

Using Carboard Boxes To Display Handbags In a Garage Sale
Image Source: Pinterest

Those humble boxes turned display stands will have your bags looking so fresh. Time to give ’em their long-awaited moment to shine at your sale!

How To Sell Purses In a Garage Sale (4 Tips)

Here are some tips to sell purses at a Garage Sale.

1. Pick the Right Garage Sale Spot

The first step is finding the perfect spot in or near your garage to show off your purse collection. You want somewhere that’s front and center so it grabs people’s attention.

A long folding table right when you enter the garage is ideal. You can even put up a fancy sign with an arrow pointing into the garage saying “Purses This Way!” Make sure to use a solid table, not a rickety card table that might collapse.

If you have room in your driveway or yard, that works too. Just get a big plastic table or set up some wooden shelves outside. Place a big colorful sign near the street with “Purses for Sale!” so people see it as they drive by.

The key is making your purse section super visible and welcoming. You want shoppers drawn right over to browse all your neatly displayed bags.

2. Organize and Categorize Your Purses

An organized, categorized display makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Group designer purses together – Brand names like Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, etc. should have their own sections so buyers can conveniently browse.
  • Cluster by purse type – Sections for totes, clutches, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, satchels, and so on allow customers to zero in on their preferred style.
  • Separate by material – Leather, canvas, straw, vegan, and other fabrics can each have their own areas. This further helps buyers narrow down choices.
  • Consider color coordination – Arrange purses by color family to create a visually appealing display. Group blacks together, blues together, neutrals together, etc.
  • Divide by price range – Have sections for low-, medium- and high-priced options catering to diverse budgets.

Taking the time to thoughtfully categorize your purses makes for a smoother shopping experience.

Pro Tip: Use signs to label categories so customers can self-navigate to what they want. For example, post “Leather Totes” or “Under $20″ signs above the corresponding sections.

3. Prep Your Purses So They Look Amazing

Now it’s time to clean and prep each purse before putting it out for display. You want your bags looking as close to brand new as possible!

First, gently wipe down the outside of each purse with a damp cloth. This removes any dust or dirt so they shine. Use a leather cleaner if needed.

Next, empty out the insides and clean out any crumbs or gunk lingering in the bottoms. A lint roller picks up fuzz nicely.

Inspect every purse closely for flaws and fix them. Use glue or sewing kits to repair any loose hardware or damaged spots. This makes your purses seem fancier.

Make sure to attach price tags to each purse based on its original value and current condition. Do some research online first to set fair garage sale prices.

4. Purses Display Hacks

Alright, your purses are prepped and priced! Now comes the fun presentation part…

Start by stuffing each purse lightly with tissue paper or packing paper so they keep their shape. Flat, saggy purses don’t look nearly as nice.

Hang longer straps visibly off the sides of the table. This prevents tangled messes and shows off cool strap details.

For extra pizazz, prop up a few of your high-end designer bags on empty shoe boxes or small crates. Raise them up higher so they stand out as VIP pieces!

Make sure cinchable bag tops stay open so customers can peek inside at the lining and pockets. Use little plastic stands or hangers to keep them propped open.

The key is creating an eye-catching display at all angles. You want shoppers gravitating right to your table!

Final Words

Turning your unused bags into eye-catching displays is so much fun! And it’s really the key to making shoppers eager to buy them up.

So use your imagination – repurpose stuff around the house into little stages or racks for showing off your purse collection. Things like old boxes, shelves, and clothing racks work great.

Organize your bags neatly by color or style, and keep those straps untangled so all the cute details are visible.

Throw in some unexpected decorations as accents too – some sprays of silk flowers, festive ribbons, or colorful backdrops transform a basic table into a purse haven!

Getting clever with how you showcase your purses plus smart pricing is a surefire combo for garage sale success!

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