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What To Sell At a Garage Sale For More Profit (10 Best Items)

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A garage sale, also known as a yard sale, is an informal event for the sale of second-hand and used items by people, usually from their homes.

Garage sales are typically advertised on the Facebook marketplace and a few other websites. Goods sold typically include household items, such as furniture, clothes, and toys.

Most garage sales are held on weekends, with families setting up tables or stands to sell their unwanted items. People often go to garage sales looking for good deals on things they need or want.

Garage sales are a great way to declutter your home and make some extra money. But what should you sell? Here are some tips on what to sell at a garage sale.

Before moving ahead you should read our full guide on how to have a successful garage sale.

What To Sell At a Garage Sale (10 Best Items To Sell)


Clothes are often one of the best items to sell at a garage sale. They are easy to sell and usually take up less space than other items. Additionally, people are always looking for good deals on clothing, so selling clothes at a garage sale can be profitable.

To get the most money for your clothes, sort through them carefully and decide which ones are in the best condition. You might even want to wash and iron them before the sale. Then, price them reasonably and be prepared to haggle a bit with customers.

You should also be aware that some items of clothing, like formal wear or baby clothes, can be worth more than others. So if you have any special items, make sure to price them accordingly. With a little planning, you can make some serious cash by selling your clothes at a garage sale!

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Kids’ Toys

When you have kids, it seems like you’re constantly buying them new toys. But eventually, they outgrow those toys and they end up taking up space in your home.

A garage sale is a great way to get rid of those unwanted toys and make some extra money.
Here are some tips for selling kids’ toys at your garage sale:

1. Sort through the toys and decide which ones are in good enough condition to sell. Anything that’s broken or missing pieces should be thrown away.

2. Price the toys reasonably. Remember, these are old toys that are already been used by your kids.

3. Set up your garage sale in a way that’s inviting to potential buyers. Organize the toys by type and put them on tables or in bins so they’re easy to find.

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When most people think of garage sales, they think of selling old clothes or items that they no longer need. However, garage sales can also be a great place to sell furniture. If you have furniture that you no longer want or need, here are a few tips for selling it at a garage sale.

The first step is to price your furniture. It’s important to remember that you likely won’t get full market value for your furniture, so don’t expect to. Instead, price your furniture at a fair price that someone is likely to pay. You can check online for similar items to get an idea of what to charge.

Next, make sure your furniture is clean and in good condition. No one wants to buy dirty or damaged furniture, so take the time to clean it up before the sale.

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Costume Jewelry

If you have some old costume jewelry lying around, a garage sale is a perfect opportunity to sell it. Here are a few tips on how to best sell your costume jewelry at a garage sale:

First, take inventory of what you have. Make sure to sort through everything and only keep the pieces that are in good condition – no one wants to buy broken or damaged jewelry.

Once you’ve determined what you’re going to sell, price each piece individually. A good rule of thumb is to price items at about one-third of their original value.

Next, create some attractive displays for your jewelry. You want potential buyers to be able to easily see everything that’s for sale, so avoid putting pieces in boxes or bags.

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Home Decor Items

When it comes to selling home decor items at a garage sale, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Price items realistically. Don’t try to sell something for more than it’s worth just because it’s part of your home decor. Remember, people at garage sales are looking for bargains!

Group similar items together. If you have a collection of vases, for example, put them all in one place so people can easily see what you have.

Make sure items are clean and in good condition. Nobody wants to buy a dirty or damaged decoration for their home.

Camping gear

If you’re looking to get rid of some old camping gear, having a garage sale is a great way to do it.

When deciding to sell your camping gear, you should think about what type of items will generate the most profit.

Camping tools, tents, and campers are all popular items that people look for when shopping for camping gear. If you have these items in good condition, you should be able to get a good price for them.

Before you have your sale, be sure to price your items reasonably.

Many people who shop at garage sales are looking for bargains, so if you price your items too high, they may not sell. advertise your sale in advance on online marketplaces to attract potential buyers.

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Video Games

Nowadays, people are holding garage sales to get rid of their old video games and consoles.

For many people, video games are a thing of the past. They may have fond memories of playing Nintendo or Sega as a kid, but now these types of retro consoles are hard to find as these are discontinued by the company.

So people who want to live their childhood again are looking to buy these types of video games from garage sales.

Gamers and collectors can find some real gems at these sales if they’re willing to dig through a bunch of junk.

So selling video games in a garage sale can be profitable for you.

When pricing your games, make sure to take into account their condition and whether or not they’re working.

Games that are in good, working condition will obviously be worth more than those that aren’t. It’s also important to make sure your video games are clean and well-maintained – no one wants to buy a game that’s in poor condition.

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If you have a good selection of CDs and DVDs in good condition, you could make some extra money by selling them at your garage sale.

Here are a few tips for selling CDs and DVDs at your garage sale:

First, be sure to price your items reasonably. CDs and DVDs in good condition can go for a few dollars each, but if they’re scratched or damaged, you’ll likely only be able to sell them for pennies. Keep this in mind when setting your prices.

Second, let collectors know if you have any rare or hard-to-find items for sale. They may be willing to pay more than the average person for these items.

Finally, don’t forget to advertise that you’ll be selling CDs and DVDs at your garage sale.


If you have a lot of books in good condition, you’re in luck – they can be some of the easiest things to sell in the garage sale.

But instead of just putting them out on a table with a price tag, there are a few things:

First, take some time to research which books might be of interest to collectors. These are the ones that are most likely to sell for above retail price.

Then, give your books a quick once-over to make sure they’re in good condition.

Any that are damaged or excessively worn should be set aside – they probably won’t sell anyway, and you don’t want to give buyers the impression that all of your books are in poor condition.

Display your books prominently and in an organized fashion. Neatly arrange them on a table or shelf so potential buyers can easily browse through them.

Be prepared to haggle. Many garage sale shoppers are looking for bargains, so be prepared to negotiate on price.

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Many people love to collect things, and there are collectors for just about everything you can imagine. These items could be anything from books to DVDs to games and cards.

If you have any items that fall into this category, do some research to find out their value. You may be surprised at how much money people are willing to pay for certain collectibles.

To get the most profit from your collectibles, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Find out what similar items are selling online or at other garage sales. This will give you a good idea of how much to charge for your own items.

It’s also important, to be honest with potential buyers about the condition of your items. If an item is damaged or missing pieces, be upfront about it.

No one wants to buy a broken toy or an incomplete game, so it’s better, to be honest from the start.


What should you not sell at a garage sale?

A garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and make some extra money. But there are certain things you should avoid selling at a garage sale.

Here are three things you should not sell at a garage sale:

1. Used beauty products: Used makeup, shampoo, and other beauty products can be a health hazard. No one wants to buy used products that could be full of bacteria.

2. Used shoes: Unless they are in perfect condition, used shoes are generally not something people want to buy. And even if they are in good condition, someone might not want to wear someone else’s shoes.

3. Dirty clothes: This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one wants to buy dirty clothes, no matter how cheap they are.

How do I make my garage sale more successful?

A successful garage sale takes some advance planning and preparation. Here are a few tips to make your garage sale more successful:

1. Advertise your garage sale in your local area using flyers and on online websites like Facebook marketplace. Be sure to include when and where the sale will be, as well as a list of some of the items you’ll be selling.

2. Organize your garage sale so that items are grouped together by type, and make sure everything is clearly priced. You might want to set up a separate area for kids’ toys or clothes.

3. Make your garage sale appealing by setting up a table with snacks and drinks for customers, and put up a signboard with arrows pointing the way to the sale.

How do you attract customers to a garage sale?

But how do you attract customers to your sale? Here are a few tips:

1. Take some good-quality pictures of the items you are selling to post on websites and other online marketplaces. This will give potential customers an idea of what they can expect to find at your sale.

2. Price your items fairly. Nobody wants to feel like they’ve been ripped off, so be sure to price your items accordingly.

3. Make sure your items are in good condition. No one wants to buy something that looks like it’s about to fall apart!

4. Organize your sale well. Customers don’t want to dig through piles of junk to find the treasures they’re looking for.

5. Make your sale appealing. Set up some tables or racks to display items nicely, and put out some signs or balloons to let people know where you are.

6. Advertise your sale. Post it on online classifieds sites, or put up flyers in your neighborhood. And don’t forget to take pictures of your best items – people love being able to preview a sale before they head out.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a garage sale is a great way to clear out clutter and make some extra money. When deciding what items to sell, be sure to price them reasonably and group items together by category.

Advertise your sale in advance and be prepared to haggle with customers. With a little planning, your garage sale can be a success!

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