Printful Vs Printify: Best Print-On-Demand Company? (2022)

printify vs printful
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I am pretty sure that you must have heard of the concept of print-on-demand, this is a very popular thing today. Customized products are very much in demand in today’s time.

Also, the best part is that you can start to earn without moving out of your house. Several companies offer print-on-demand services for you today.

Nevertheless, the market is filled with competition and is mostly in a situation where you don’t know which company to choose. Isn’t it?

If that’s the case, this article is just here to help you choose better among the two most competing print-on-demand companies, i.e., Printify and Printful.

How Do Print-On-Demand Companies Work?

For any small artist, opening one’s own business is a dream. Well, not any longer with the print-on-demand services. Yes! You read that just right.

Unlike any large printing business where a huge amount of money is needed to print things in bulk orders, there is nothing as such needed in the case of print-on-demand.

The name in itself has an answer. You only print your designs on things when you get an order. It is that simple. There is no need for huge investment and there is no risk too.

Also, there is no unwanted burden on you, where you have a line of customers or, a lot of cash that you need to manage. The only problem with the print-on-demand products is that they are a little high-priced as compared to products manufactured in bulk orders.

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How Does Printful Work?

Becoming a part of Printful is as simple as running a hot knife through butter. All you need to do is sign up and connect your store with the Printful server. However, you need artistic skills to start your online design store.

What if you are not an artist but still want to become a part of Printful? Yes, even that is possible. Wondering how? Well, Printful has a library of different design templates that you can take advantage of.

You can design any time of your choices such as mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, tote bags, blankets, different types of clothing items, and many more. Printful allows you to choose the templates and get started with your high-resolution graphic design skills.

How Does Printify Work?

Printify too is a great platform for print-on-demand items. They have a huge product catalog as well as a design-help tool to help its users. The overall look of the final product you sell is taken care of by Printify. Their set of designs helps to do this work easily.

Also, the best part of it all is that you can request samples on Printify and see what the final product might look like. From printing to shipping, everything is done by Printify and you can just enjoy being the owner of your online store.

Now let’s talk about some of the differences between printful and printify.

Printful Vs. Printify: How One Is Different From The Other?

If given an option, it is difficult to choose one out of Printful and Printify. Both these companies are the market rulers today. But, even after being huge competitors, some factors can make you feel that one is better than the other.

Thus, here is a list of factors that you can consider before making a choice:

Suppliers & Quality

Printify does not have its manufacturing suppliers, they are dependent on third-party suppliers for getting their orders fulfilled.

This process might not bring the same results for all products. The quality might be different depending on the manufacturer. Your product can be very good quality or of average quality.

Printful on the other hand manufactures its products. They have their standard quality of products on which you can print your designs with any small changes you need.

It is easy and simple to use and also can save a lot of your time.

So if we talk about suppliers and Printify vs Printful quality?

Printful wins the battle.

Order fulfillment time

The shipment time for Printful is mostly 7-8 business days depending on the delivery location. In the U.S, Printful has several fulfillment locations such as California, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Michigan, and North Carolina.

Also, they have overseas delivery locations in UK and China. Thus, their reach in terms of shipping is quite wide.

Talking about Printify, they have a special express delivery facility in the US. Since they depend on third-party suppliers, the time of delivery for your order is dependent on the suppliers and not Printify itself.

Some suppliers might take only two days to ship, while some others might take as long as a week. Thus, it is very uncertain.

So is Printify better than Printful in terms of delivery?

Well yes, because of the third-party suppliers, your order may get delivered faster if the supplier is from your area in the case of printify.

Online marketplace reach

You can only sell your products if you reach the right customers through the right platforms. With both the platforms of Printful and Printify, you can link your accounts with different e-commerce sites.

Printify has its links with e-commerce sites such as Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Wix Stores. Your designs will come on the e-commerce stores once you link your Printify account with the e-commerce site.

Whereas the same can be done on Printful it offers more varieties of e-commerce sites you can connect with.

For example, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Amazon, BigCommerce, Storenvy, Weebly, Tictail, Gumroad, Ecwid, Shipstation are some of the online partners of Printful. Thus, you can clearly note that Printful is a clear winner in this regard.

Pricing policy

Both Printify and Printful are free to join but have different plans that you can avail of.

Printify has premium and enterprise plans that will cost you $29/ month or $24.99/ month for annual subscriptions.

Also, the lowest-priced T-shirt of Printify costs $7.73 which is fairly cheap and affordable.

In the case of Printful, the pro plan that they offer costs $49/ month.

But with the plan, you can get yourself some good advantages. However, talking about the product pricing, Printful basic t-shirts are priced a bit higher than Printify.

They are priced at $8.95 per piece.

Thus, in this regard, Printify is a leader keeping in mind the quality.

Customer Support

Printful has a very informal way to connect with its customers. You can go through their blog section to see some of the useful content that can be of help to you.

Also, you can easily contact their customer support service through emails, live chats, or even phone calls. The best part is that Printful offers workshops for its new users to help them understand things better.

On the other hand, Printify is also not to be left behind. They equally have a help center that contains articles on almost all problems that a user can face in the platform.

However, the 24-hour live support service that Printful offers is not available in the case of Printify. This is the one area that has been missed.


Now that you know the key differentiating factors between Printify and Printful, I am pretty sure you must be having some important questions in your mind. Thus, here are some most commonly asked questions on the given topic:

Is international shipping available with Printify and Printful?

Yes, international shipping is available with both the companies, Printful and Printify. However, their shipping policies and locations differ in certain cases. Both the companies do not ship worldwide but are restricted to certain places.

Printify does not ship to regions such as Burundi, Belarus, Cuba, Central African Republic, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Zimbabwe.

Whereas, Printful does not ship to Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria because of legal as well as carrier issues.

Which is better printify or printful?

They both have some pros and cons so it will be harder to tell which one is better. For some people, printify would be better and for others, printful would be the best option. So do your own research and check out which one works best for your needs.

Which among the two has a better market exposure?

In my opinion, Printful is a clear winner in regard to market exposure. It allows more e-commerce partners to connect with and help users to reach more customers in the online platform.

Several top e-commerce platforms such as Esty, Amazon, etc. are its partners. The Printful platform can help you drive more sales as compared to Printify.

The reason is simple, Printify also has its e-commerce connections, but it is very limited. So, it is better to go for Printful.

Can I use both printful and printify?

A lot of people have this question in their mind,

Can you use both printful and printify? Yes, you can use both of the POD websites together same time with the same store. However, you have configured which of your listing is connected to which POD site.

so that you won’t get confused about which POD site is taking your orders.

Printify vs Printful for Etsy?

Both the platforms have their own pros and cons, you can read our comparison post above based on different aspects and choose which one suits your Etsy shop.

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Concluding Thoughts On Printify Vs. Printful

With that, we can come to the end of this blog post with all points covered rightly. The everlasting problem of which print-on-demand company is the best ends right here.

So, in conclusion, I would say that if price and variety of selection is your preference, then Printify is the one for you. Their third-party suppliers will give you enough options to choose from.

But, Printful is no less and has a lot of things better than Printify. Be it market exposure, shipping policies, product quality, or even customer support, everything is at its best with Printful.

Despite the price of its products being a little higher, you can still be satisfied with paying such a price. Thus, that’s where you have a clear idea of whether you want to settle for Printful or Printify.

Both are equally good in their spheres but Printful definitely has my heart.

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