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Is Bingo Cash Legit? Honest Bingo Cash Review (2024)

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We’ve all seen those ads for gaming apps that claim you can “win real cash prizes!” It’s tempting to think you could make some easy beer money if you’re lucky at Bingo.

But how legitimate are apps like Bingo Cash? Can you actually withdraw any winnings or are they scammy schemes designed to siphon away your hard-earned dollars?

As someone always looking for side hustles and legit ways to make extra money, I had to find out for myself how Bingo Cash really works.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve tested this app extensively, researched what others’ experiences have been, and ultimately decided if it seems like a smart way to spend time and money or just a scammy scheme.

Here is absolutely everything you need to know before deciding if Bingo Cash is worth your precious time and hard-earned dollars.

Is Bingo Cash legit?

Yes, Bingo Cash is a legitimate app that pays out real cash winnings.

After testing extensively myself and researching reviews, I believe Bingo Cash does legitimately pay out real cash winnings as advertised.

is Bingo Cash legit

Thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews confirming payouts makes me think they operate legally and send money to those lucky enough to win tournaments.

However, that does not mean I give this app my full endorsement by any means…


Because they still engage in some shady practices that take advantage of psychology and self-control biases that most people struggle with.

In short, you need to be extremely careful and disciplined not to overspend while chasing potential payouts. The business model depends on players losing more than they win over time.

Perhaps the most concerning issue is whether their matching algorithms pit you against evenly skilled opponents or just feed beginners to sharks. No way for players to audit that behind the scenes.

What is Bingo Cash?

First, what is Bingo Cash and how does it differ from typical bingo games you may have played?

Essentially, it markets itself as a “competitive skill-based” mobile bingo game. The app itself is free to download and play for fun without wagering anything.

However, the main way Bingo Cash tries to hook you is by letting you enter paid cash tournaments to try winning real money.

These tournaments cost real money to join (often $5 to $30 per contest). You compete one-on-one against other players. Winners take home cash based on the size of the prize pool.

Bingo Cash Tournaments

So theoretically, if your bingo skills are better than your opponent, you could win back double your entry fee or more.

Of course, there is never any guarantee you’ll win. In fact, losing money is more likely over time. We’ll dig into that more soon!

The company behind Bingo Cash is Papaya Gaming.

They have created many similar real money gaming apps like Cookie Cash, Solitaire Cash, Bubble Cash, etc. All are based on the same idea of skilled-based wagering.

Next, let’s look at exactly how Bingo Cash works if you were to download it and give it a try…

How Does Bingo Cash Work?

I downloaded Bingo Cash myself, signed up for an account, and played around with it for a while to understand the overall experience.

Here is an overview of how Bingo Cash functions from initial signup to ultimately asking for your cash out:

1. Effortless Signup Process

Registering only takes about 10 seconds. No need to even enter an email address or other personal info when you first join.

They automatically assign you a random user name and profile avatar. You can go back later to choose your own if you’d like.

Of course, if you do win money, you eventually need to verify the info to withdraw it later. But just getting started is friction-free.

2. Practice Games Get You Started

Once registered, Bingo Cash gives a quick 1-minute tutorial teaching you the basic gameplay mechanics.

Bingo Cash App

The main twist on normal bingo is the addition of in-game “power ups” and bonuses during games that inject elements of skill and strategy.

For example, you might earn an item that automatically daubs any number on your board. Using these at the right times can give you an advantage to beat your opponent to a winning pattern first.

After the tutorial, you can compete in practice games against random opponents around the world.

This helps you get used to gameplay for free without betting any real money.

Each practice game awards you a tiny amount gems. We’ll talk more about gems next…

3. Cash Tournaments – Where You Bet Real Money

This gets to the real moneymaking mechanism of the app.

Bingo Cash prominently encourages you to enter cash tournaments where you compete one-on-one against other players in matches.

These tournaments cost real dollars to join, usually $5 to $30 entry fee depending on the size of the prize pool. Winners earn cash payouts directly deposited into their Bingo Cash account balance.

So if you think your bingo skills have reached a level to compete for real money, you can take your games up a notch here.

Just keep in mind you are putting your own hard-earned dollars at risk with no guarantees of winning!

4. Using Gems to Enter Prize Drawings

Remember those gems you earn from practice games? They mostly exist as a way for Bingo Cash to hook you into depositing real money into the app.

You can accumulate gems slowly over time from free games, daily logins, referrals etc. Or just buy them outright with real dollars.

Bingo Cash Gems

Gems let you enter various prize drawings for the chance to win bonus cash amounts.

But earning enough gems from free play alone to enter drawings would take an extremely long time.

So once again, Bingo Cash tries clever psychological tactics to push you towards depositing funds into your account balance.

5. Cashing Out Your Winnings

Okay, let’s say you ignored my warnings, deposited into the app, competed in cash tournaments, and got lucky enough to actually win money.

How do you get paid?

If your account balance reaches the $5 threshold, you can submit a withdrawal request.

Bingo Cash Withdrawl

Payments get returned to your PayPal account or the original funding source used to add money to your Bingo Cash account.

  • Note: Any type of bonus money is nonwithdrawable from Bingo Cash, only the amount that you have earned by placing real money at risk can be withdrawn.

However, they ding you with a $1 processing fee each time you cash out. And reportedly payments can a while to actually hit your account – up to 16 days by some user reviews!

So unless you’ve won a significant amount, withdrawing small winnings doesn’t make practical sense with the delays and fees involved. Be prepared for that.

6. Additional Ways to Earn

A couple of other quick ways to earn with Bingo Cash include:

  • Refer friends: Receive a $1 bonus for each friend that joins using your referral code (max 2 referrals though)
  • Daily check-in bonus: Small amounts of gems are awarded for logging in daily
  • In-game achievements: For reaching certain milestones and trophies, you may earn gems or cash
Bingo Cash Bonuses

But overall, these earnings channels probably won’t amount to very much compared to tournament winnings. They exist mostly to keep you engaged in the app every day.

That sums up the main functionality of how Bingo Cash works.

Bingo Cash User Reviews (Reddit)

On the Reddit page dedicated to scams, several users have shared their experiences and opinions about the app game called Bingo Cash.

User “ProduceLonely” mentioned that the game does pay but noted that the earnings are relatively low compared to the time spent playing and watching ads, estimating around $2.00 a day for four or five hours of play.

Bingo Cash Review 1

Another user, “Aggressive-Mango5703” expressed dissatisfaction with Bingo Cash, stating that they had a dispute with the game regarding withdrawals. They mentioned that they could not withdraw the money they won from free daily cash bonus games and had to use it to play real money games to withdraw any earnings. They raised concerns about the game’s lack of clarity regarding bonus cash and shared their frustration with the ads and time spent accumulating minimal earnings.

Bingo Cash Review 2

User “TossyTwoTabs” characterized the app as a form of gambling, highlighting that players pay a small entry fee to participate in games against multiple people, with the house taking a cut from every game.

Bingo Cash Review 3

These user reviews and discussions on Reddit suggest a mixed perception of Bingo Cash, with some users expressing skepticism about its fairness and withdrawal process, while others emphasize the low earnings and the presence of ads within the game.

Bingo Cash Pros and Cons


  • Nice app interface and smooth games
  • Spotless record paying winners
  • Good payout via PayPal


  • Must wager significant personal money
  • Questionable if tournament matching is fair
  • Chasing winnings leads to overspending
  • Smaller payouts than highlighted wins

So in summary – yes Bingo Cash does what it promises as a legitimate business. But there are still several red flags to strongly consider before playing for real stakes.

Bingo Cash App Alternatives: 9 Smart Ways To Make Money Instead

Just because Bingo Cash technically pays out, that does not make it a wise way to spend time and money in my opinion.

You assume a lot of risk while giving up significant control and transparency when you play their paid tournaments.

That’s why I suggest exploring these much safer options first:

PlatformHow You EarnKey Benefit
Branded SurveysPaid surveysNo risk & pays in cash
SwagbucksWatch videos, take surveys, play games$5 welcome bonus
InboxDollarsRead emails, take surveys, play games$5 instant sign up bonus
Survey JunkieShare your opinion on surveysLow $5 payout minimum
MistplayPlay new games on AndroidEarn free gift cards
LucktasticDaily scratch-off lotto gamesChance at real money + tokens
FeaturepointsDownload & test new appsFast cash out at only $3
Match to WinCasual puzzle matching gamesRewarded for your gameplay time

The options above represent much safer and consistent ways to generate extra side income in your free time.

You won’t “get rich” with any of them. But they pay reliably without having to risk large sums of your own money.

I suggest giving a few of those a try before playing cash bingo tournaments. See which you enjoy and pays adequately first!

Final Verdict – Try Bingo Cash With Extreme Caution

If I haven’t made things abundantly clear yet, I cannot fully endorse Bingo Cash as a wise side hustle due mostly to the risky nature of its payment structure. Losses pile up far more often than big wins here.

That said, thousands still clearly enjoy playing both free and paid versions. If you like testing your bingo skills against others, it can provide some entertainment.

Just please go in with eyes wide open about potential downsides. And absolutely do not spend money you can’t afford to lose as there are never any sure bets here.

Limit yourself to free play only for enjoyment, ignoring all pressure to enter expensive tournaments. That’s my two cents at least!

I’m curious to hear from you… Have you tried Bingo Cash yet?

Did you come out ahead or end up losing overall?

Let me know your experiences with it below!

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