You are currently viewing 7 Apps To Make Money By Scanning Barcodes [UPDATED 2022]

7 Apps To Make Money By Scanning Barcodes [UPDATED 2022]

Are you looking for ways to make money by doing something you love?

How about if I say that you can make money online by just doing shopping and scanning your bills, barcodes, and receipts?

Well, it is possible, with the right apps, you can earn cashback on your purchases and even get free stuff by doing normal activities that you usually do in your daily life!

Here are 7 of the best app to make money by scanning barcodes.

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Top 7 Apps to Make Money Scanning Barcodes & Receipts

Now let’s move on to our main topic, here are our best picks to make money online by scnanning recipets and doing surveys.

1. Fetch Rewards

fetch rewards

This app is one of the most popular ones out there. It allows you to earn reward points on your purchases in different categories.

You just have to scan the itemized receipt of the product that you’re buying in a store and then upload it on the app and receive your reward.

You can upload almost any itemized receipt from your grocery shopping to your weekly trips.

The more you shop, the more money you can make!

You can redeem your reward as gift cards or as visa cards.

Just download this app from Google Play Store or App Store and start making money by scanning receipts and shopping.

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2. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a popular app that rewards you with points for doing different activities online.

You can earn SBs (point system of Swagbucks) by watching videos, searching the web, reading emails, and answering surveys.

You can also get amazing cashback and offers just by scanning barcodes and receipts of your purchases.

You can redeem your SBs for various gift cards and for real money through PayPal.

You can earn more by referring your friends to this platform.

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3. Inboxdollars


Inboxdollars is another popular app that allows you to earn rewards for doing different activities online.

You can earn money by watching videos, playing games, taking online surveys, and by referring your friends and family.

This app is around for a long time but recently they have also introduced scan sense barcode scanner.

This will allow users to scan their barcodes and receipts from grocery stores and earn cash rewards.

You can redeem your earnings as gift cards or PayPal money.

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4. National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel

This app works a little bit differently, with other apps you have to activate the offer before making your purchases but here with the national consumer panel, you have to activate the offer after you have already paid for your purchase.

That means even if you forgot to activate any offer before shopping, you don’t have to worry as you can activate the offer after shopping and get your reward.

All grocery and non-grocery purchases are supported with this app.

All you have to do is scan the barcodes and the bills and receipts of your purchases and upload it on the app.

You will earn points for every purchase which you can redeem into gift cards and prizes.

They also do cash drawings every week, month, and quarter.

The longer you remain active on the platform the more you are going to earn as they have a loyalty bonus offer also that will earn you more points if you regularly upload the receipts and barcodes.

If you want to make more money with this platform, you can start completing online paid surveys also.

This app is available for both Apple and Android devices so you can download it easily.

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5. Shopkick


Shopkick is a popular shopping app that allows you to earn rewards by walking into stores and scanning the barcodes of products.

You can also use this app to scan your receipts or bills at grocery stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS, and other retail outlets and scan different product barcodes over there to get your reward, you don’t even have to buy anything.

And it doesn’t stop there, you can also get amazing cashback on your purchases.

You can redeem your rewards for a variety of gift cards available on the app or you can convert it into cash or PayPal money.

You can start earning money by downloading the Shopkick App from Google Play Store or Apple App store.

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6. Target App

target app

Target app is another great app that gives you rewards for the shopping you do at your local grocery and non-grocery stores.

All you have to do is let the cashier scan your barcode and you will receive your cash reward instantly after you complete your purchase.

Target app usually publishes all the new offers on Sunday mornings but you can also see a different types of new offers throughout the week so keep an eye on that.

So every time you go out shopping, open the target app and see if there are any relevant offers available on the app.

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is a popular Japanese e-commerce and cashback portal website.

It also has an app that allows you to earn rewards for doing various activities online.

Rakuten tracks all your online purchases which means you don’t have to scan any barcodes or receipts again and again.

Your purchase credits will be credited to your Rakuten account within 2 days.

Once your balance reaches $5, you can redeem that amount through PayPal money or check.

You can earn between 1% to 40% among 2000 retailers on Rakuten but unfortunately, you won’t be able to earn cashback from your local grocery stores.

First-time Rakuten users will get a $10 cash bonus when they make their first purchase of at least $25.

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In conclusion, we have listed here 7 of the best apps to make money by scanning barcodes and receipts.
The app that works best for you will depend on your spending habits, but all these apps are great ways to earn some extra cash.

For more information, you can visit their websites and read more about how these apps work.

If you have any doubt, leave them in the comment section below, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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