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What’s The Best Time To Have a Garage Sale (Explained!)

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It’s everyone’s favorite season – yard sale season!

As someone who has hosted my fair share of garage and yard sales over the years, I know how exciting (and daunting) it can be trying to plan the perfect sale.

There are so many factors to think about, but timing is absolutely critical if you want to attract the most shoppers and make as much money as possible.

Choosing the right day and month for your sale requires some strategy and insider knowledge.

In this guide, I’m going to deep dive into how to pick the optimal date and time for your garage or yard sale based on tons of trial and error on my end! I’ll share tips on:

  • The best months and why
  • Perfect days of the week to hold your sale
  • Ideal start/end times and why early matters
  • How weather impact your date
  • My hard-learned lessons from past sales!

If you want your next garage sale to be your best yet, you need to plan the timing intentionally. Let’s get into the details!

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Choosing the Right Month for More Shoppers

The first key decision is picking the best month for your yard sale.

Shopper behavior changes a lot based on season and climate. Here are your top options:

1. Spring – Prime Yard Sale Season

If I had to crown a single best month for a garage sale, I’d say April or May. Early spring is prime yard sale season in many colder climates.

Multi Family Garage Sale


People have been cooped up all winter and are just itching to get out of the house and hunt for bargains as soon as the weather turns warm!

It’s like everyone gets yard sale fever.

Now summer is pretty solid too, don’t get me wrong.

There’s a reason the 2nd Saturday of August was declared National Garage Sale Day. A summer weekend sale can definitely turn a nice profit.

Just be prepared for major crowds and competition from neighboring sales.

2. Summer Sales – Hot or Not?

Okay, so early spring reigns supreme in my experience. But what about summer?

June-August can be a good option, especially leading up to Memorial Day or other summer holidays.

Flea Market

The key is making sure extreme heat doesn’t deter shoppers in your region.

I’ve found scorching hot weekends in July/August with temps above 90°F much harder for sales. Few people want to bake in the sun for hours digging through garages.

But more mild summers with temps in the 70s-80s°F can absolutely bring out shoppers. Just be strategic – have tents, shade, cold water/drinks, etc.

Later evening sale times also make sense in summer.

3. Fall and Winter – Don’t Overlook Them!

While spring and summer are peak garage sale seasons, I’ve had great turnouts hosting sales in September through November as well.

The cooling weather is appealing again after a hot summer. And buyers start looking for deals on fall/winter gear. Less competition is also nice!

I probably wouldn’t advise sales in the actual winter months in cold regions.

But I have friends in warmer southern areas who swear by winter garage sales when snowbird tourists flock in.

So know your local climate!

4. Area-Specific Factors to Consider

One tip is to chat with neighbors and get a feel for the cadence of sales in your specific town or region within the broader seasons I outlined.

For example, if you live near lakes or beaches, obviously summer weekends will be huge. College towns thrive around school schedules.

And some cities or communities have designated yard sale weekends or monthly events that you should align with. Do your homework!

Choosing the Optimal Day of the Week

Once you’ve picked a month with historically good garage sale foot traffic, the next key decision is choosing the best day of the week.

Saturdays Are King

This is a no-brainer. In most areas, Saturday mornings are by far the busiest and best day for yard sales, hands down.

People are off work and eager to hit the neighborhood sales early and spend the whole morning browsing.

Ideally, have everything set up by 6-7 am at the latest to catch the early birds. Expect a big early rush from sunrise to about 10 am as people do their Saturday ritual.

Sundays – Great for Extending

Some people swear by Sundays for sales as well. My preference is actually to do a Saturday and Sunday sale if I have enough stuff.

Sundays tend to be a bit more low-key. I get more serious hagglers versus excitement on Saturdays.

But it can definitely extend your sale and capture people out running errands or coming home from church.

Holiday and 3-Day Weekends

Whenever a holiday like Memorial Day or July 4th falls on a Monday, having a yard sale that full 3-day weekend from Friday to Sunday can be fantastic.

People have time off work and are ready to shop and celebrate.

I also recommend sales on other 3-day weekends like Labor Day. The extended hours really benefit.

  • Pro Tip: Check if your town allows sales on the holiday proper. Many prohibit commerce on the actual holiday but allow the full weekend. Just something to confirm in local ordinances.

Fridays and Weekdays

In my experience, Fridays tend to be hit or miss for sales, and weekdays even more so unless you have a stay-at-home parent customer base.

Most people are busy working. I would only do a Friday sale to extend a weekend event, or a weekday if you want only serious diehard shoppers. Expect slower sales.

First Weekend of the Month

Here’s a bonus insider tip! Consider holding your sale the first weekend of the month, especially if it falls early after paychecks hit.

Why? Well, people tend to have more disposable cash right after getting paid at the end of the prior month. Take advantage of that wallet flush!

Set the Right Start and End Time

Another key decision is setting start and end times to get maximum traffic when shoppers are most active.

Start Super Early

Serious garage sale buyers’ alarm wakes up at dawn ready to hit the sales at first light. I suggest officially starting your sale at 7 a.m. or even 6 a.m. if allowed in your area.

Start Your Garage Sale

You want to be set up, coffee brewed, and ready to rock when those early birds arrive. The early crowd really maximizes sales.

If you start late you will completely miss the morning crown. Don’t worry about waking up that early – just go to bed earlier or nap later!

End in the Afternoon

Equally as important is having a later end time, ideally 3-5 p.m. if you can last that long. Many people work mornings and come out mid-day.

Vendors often loop back around later to negotiate leftover goods too. You want a long selling window to capture traffic all day. Consider 10 am-5 pm.

I shot myself in the foot having a sale 9 am-12 pm once. Too short and I missed out! Stay open as long in the day as you can withstand.

Weather Can Make or Break Your Sale

Ask any garage sale pro, and they’ll confirm – weather is a huge factor when planning your date! A few things to consider:

Scorching Heat May Kill Sales

Extreme summer heat waves over 90°F+ are bad, bad news for turnout.

Summer Garage Sale

Few people want to stand sweating in a yard for hours or leave pets in hot cars.

The same goes for muggy humidity!

I always watch the forecast and will reschedule if an intense heat wave hits. Consider an evening sale if it’s blistering out.

Rainy Days Are Risky

While scattered showers are manageable with tarps, all-day heavy rain or storms will of course kill attendance. It’s heartbreaking when bad weather hits unexpectedly.

I recommend having a backup rain date planned just in case.

Though sometimes rainy days end up ok – I’ve had sales still do decently in drizzle when buyers need to get out of the house! So it can go either way.

Cool, Cloudy = Perfect

Cool, cloudy weekends with highs in the 60s-70s°F tend to be magical for sales in my experience. The weather keeps people lingering and browsing for hours.

Sunny days can get warm later on, while overcast skies offer pleasant refuge if you have lots priced to move!

Adjust for Regional Climates

If you live in more temperature regions, cold snaps and snow obviously kill sales too. Consider your area!

In Miami, 90°F may be normal while 60s are jacket weather. Tailor decisions to your local climate. Check average temps and precipitation.

Work With Local Rules and Regulations

Before you settle on a date, there are some legalities to be aware of based on where you live:

Are Permits Required?

Many municipalities require you to obtain permits to hold garage sales, especially for multi-family sales. There may also be rules about signage.

Nothing can shut down your sale quicker than a visit from the code enforcement officer!

Are There Sale Limits?

To control neighborhood disruption, many cities limit sales to 2-3 per year at a single home. Some prohibit sale “swap meets.

I found out the hard way that my town only allows 3 per address annually. Oops! Read up on the frequency limits so you don’t go over.

Are Weekend Sales Restricted?

Lastly, check if sales are limited on certain days. For example, my old town prohibited sales on Sundays due to noise. Others ban major holidays.

Carefully review the municipal codes so you pick compliant dates and don’t get in trouble!

My Lessons Learned From Trial and Error

I want to wrap up by quickly sharing a few key lessons I’ve learned from hosting sales:

  • My May sales always outperform April due to nicer weather
  • I purposely avoid competing local events that steal buyers
  • Never again will I do a short 4-hour sale – missed sales!
  • Sundays attract more casual hagglers than thrill-seekers
  • Cool overcast days boost attendance over sunny/hot ones
  • Sales on the first weekend of the month when people have more cash are huge

Hopefully, these examples demonstrate that the month, day of the week, specific dates, hours, and even weather make a BIG difference in garage sale turnout and sales.

Get any of those key factors wrong, and it can really hurt your numbers.

When everything aligns perfectly? You’ll have an incredibly successful sale!

So in your planning, carefully consider the tips I outlined.

Finding that ideal date and time requires thought, local knowledge, and often a bit of lucky timing with the weather. But it’s so worth it when your hard work pays off!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Happy selling!

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