Top 5 Ways To Promote Affiliate Products As a Beginner

Top 5 Ways To Promote Affiliate Products As a Beginner

I know lots of you are already aware of the term Affiliate Marketing and lot of you have already started working on it right?

So today in this article i will tell you my best 5 methods to start promoting your Affiliate Products with or without a blog.

While doing some research, I get to know that the main challenge that every beginner faces in its initial days of affiliate marketing is that they don’t know how to promote affiliate products.

If you are one of those people then read this article till the end and I will be sharing you some of my personal methods to promote affiliate products and a secret strategy to earn 1000$ per month just by promoting affiliate products.

If you are a complete beginner then I recommend you to go and check out my previous post Affiliate Marketing For Beginners, it will give a basic idea about affiliate marketing.

Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Products Online

Here i am telling you some of the best methods to start promoting affiliate products.

Through Your Blog

This is the most common and best way to promote affiliate products online. If you own a blog that has a decent amount of monthly traffic then you can easily start sharing affiliate products with your audience using your blog.

Bloggers are earning more than 100k $ per month just by promoting affiliate offers on their blog, so I think a blog is a best and easy way to promote affiliate offers. You can start your own blog at just 3.95$ per month.

Why Blog?

  • It looks professional to have your own self hosted blog
  • The blog will give you passive income, you don’t have to drop your affiliate links again and again
  • You can capture your visitor’s emails and target them again and again
  • The blog will give you an online identity and people will start knowing you

These are some benefits of owning a blog, so I always recommend to have a self-hosted blog if you are really serious about affiliate marketing. If you don’t know how to get started then you can read my post here on How To Start A Self-Hosted Blog.

How To Promote Affiliate Offers On Blog?

It’s very simple if you have a niche-specific blog, let’s say you own a health and fitness blog then you can start posting some good quality content on your blog and drop your relevant affiliate links inside those articles.

People will read that article and find your affiliate links, and becasue those affiliate offers are relevant to your audience then there are higher chances that they will buy those products through your links.

For example, if you have a health and fitness blog then you can write articles like,

  • Best Whey Proteins For Gym Lovers
  • Best Weight Loss Programs To Lose Weight In 2020

You can also post comparisons, reviews of different affiliate offers and you can also prepare a list-type article like Top 5 Best Exercise Cycles For Beginners.

So these article will do both the work, first they will provide quality information to your audience and help them select a right product for themselves and second they will promote your affiliate products and offers and earn you some real cash.

So what are you waiting for, start your blog today and start promoting your affiliate products there.

Youtube Channel

Do you know that almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day? i know these numbers might sound crazy to you but this is a fact. YouTube is a great source of targeted traffic if you utilize it properly.

Have you ever seen description boxes of some YouTube videos that contains some random amazon links? those all are affiliate links. Channel owners put their affiliate links in the description box of their videos so that their viewers can buy those products from their links.

So why don’t you grab this opportunity for yourself? If you already own a YouTube channel then start promoting affiliate offers related to your channel niche by dropping affiliate links in your videos description box.

Produce some great quality videos and provide valuable content to your audience and once your viewers will start engaging with your videos, you will start generating affiliate income?

If you don’t have a YouTube channel then I recommend you to start it today, it’s completely free and you can easily create a YouTube channel just by using your Gmail id.


I bet you all have an Instagram profile and you all used to post you stories and photos there on regular basis. Then why don’t you start promoting your affiliate products on Instagram? Yes, you’ve heard me right, you can actually promote your affiliate products directly from Instagram.

How To Promote Affiliate Products Through Instagram?

In order to promote your affiliate products using Instagram you have setup your Instagram business account, you can also do it through personal account but i won’t recommend it as it will not look professional and also it won’t provide you analytics report about your followers, post reach and engagements.

First decide a niche and then create an Instagram page dedicated towards that niche. Start posting informative content on your page and use relevant hashtags for initial level growth.

Once people will start engaging with your page and you will start getting followers and reach. Then you can promote your affiliate offers by putting an affiliate link in your Instagram profile bio, as that’s the only place where you can share a clickable link on Instagram.

If you are posting quality content then people will start visiting your Instagram profile and they will find read your bio and find your affiliate offer link and because that is related to their interest that’s why there are chances that they will click on the link and make a purchase.

You can even do it for multiple pages, just set up multiple Instagram pages in different niches and start promoting different affiliate offers.


For those who don’t know, Pinterest is a visual search engine where people actually come and search their queries. just like Google. It’s a great place to find targeted audience and start promoting affiliate offers.

To get started with Pinterest you first have to create a Pinterest business profile and after that, you have to create eye-catching and clickable Pins and link them to your affiliate offers. Don’t forget to optimize your pins for keywords so that they will appear in search results whenever someone searches for a particular query.

Optimize your Pinterest profile for Pinterest SEO by adding relevant keywords to your boards and profile. Create multiple boards and make them keyword rich.

You can create multiple pins for the same affiliate offer and pin them at different intervals in different boards. You can also join some group boards to get some initial boost.

Bonus Tip: Don’t link your pins directly to affiliate offers as some of the affiliate networks are banned on Pinterest. You can create a blog post promoting affiliate offers and promote that blog post using Pinterest pins.

Keep in mind that this technique is not going to show you results form day one, you have to give it a try for at least 1 month to start getting results.


So if you don’t have a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram page or you don’t have any online presence then you can promote your affiliate products using Quora.

What Is Quora?

Quora, is an online question answer forum where people from all over the world asks their queries and other people answer them.

Why Quora?

Quora have more than 500 million monthly visitors and we can easily find targeted audience on and start offering them our affiliate products.

How To Promote Affiliate Products On Quora?

First of all you have to create a Quora account and fill all the necessary details in your profile. Make sure you show some expertise in a particular niche so that people will trust your profile and buy the products that you recommend them.

After setting up your Quora profile, you have to find relevant questions in order to answer them and offer them our affiliate product. For eg. if you want to promote a weight loss program then you have to find questions like “How can i lose my weight fast?“, “How to lose weight without Dieting?“, etc.

After getting all those questions, now you have to answer them one by one, provide them a high quality answer to their question and include your affiliate link naturally inside that answer.

Make sure you don’t look very obvious while promoting affiliate offers in your answer just keep it natural.

Always write a high quality answer and don’t bombard your answer with affiliate links, just one link is enough.

Don’t copy paste your answers and don’t be spammy otherwise you will be banned from Quora. Try to answer 10-20 questions per day and you will start seeing results soon.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, i have shared multiple methods to promote affiliate products that i personally use. I always recommend you to at least start a blog because it will open so many doors for you to earn money online.

If you have any doubts then do comment below, i will be happy to help you.

Cheers 😊

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