How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically | Get 2K Followers In a Month {Secret Trick}

How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically
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A perfect Instagram account is a guaranteed way to market your services and products and to increase your brand visibility.

Sound’s great right?

Although creating an Instagram account is completely free and doesn’t require any technical knowledge but growing your followers on Instagram is pretty difficult nowadays.

You can easily create an Instagram account within 5 mins but it will take months to gain engaged and real followers on your Instagram account.

That’s why most people get stuck and stop working on their Instagram account.


I can guarantee you, if you read this article line by line till the end, you will be able to gain at least 2k-3K Real followers in the next 30 Days with my secret trick.

And these followers are going to be real and engaging, NO BOTS.

This is the secret trick that I personally use to increase my organic followers from 0 on my Instagram Theme Pages.

I will teach you step by step How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically.

Why Increase Instagram Followers?

I think I don’t need to tell you all the benefits of having an Instagram Page with a huge amount of real followers.

Whether you are a brand or an individual, having a group of real followers on your Instagram will increase your Brand’s visibility.

People will trust you based on the number of followers you have. And I am not talking about the numbers here, I am talking about real followers that actually engage with the content that you post.

If you’re running an Instagram theme page then the more amount of followers and engagement you have the more money you’ll make.

Having an Instagram account with huge followers, you can do shoutouts, paid promotions, affiliate marketing, and sell your own products.

Read my in-depth guide on how to promote affiliate products where I have talked about the Instagram method as well.

So in short,

Instagram account with a high amount of engaging and real followers = More Money.

Quality Vs Quantity

Now let’s take an example, suppose we have 2 Instagram accounts, Account 1 and Account 2, and below are some stats related to both the accounts.

Account 1:

Total followers: 10K
Average likes per post: 15-20 Likes

Account 2:

Total followers: 2K
Average likes per post: 200-300 Likes

Now you tell me which one of the accounts is more trustworthy? of course Account 2.

Even after having a low amount of followers, the average engagement that Account 2 is getting on every post is way too higher than Account 1.

So the main point that I want to highlight is, the number doesn’t matter, the quality of followers matters.

And that’s what we are going to focus on in this article, we will organically grow Instagram followers from 0 along with a good engagement rate.

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically From 0

Now if you are at 0 followers and just starting out then do not worry, just follow my tips step by step and you can also gain a good amount of followers on Instagram.

Create A Niche Page

Instead of creating an Instagram page in the general category and posting all the mixed content, I suggest you stick to a single niche.

You have to make your Instagram page a brand, so it is very important to stick to a single theme while creating an Instagram Page and that’s why we call them Instagram Theme Pages because they are based on a single theme.

That niche can be anything that you are passionate about, it can be fitness, luxury, beauty, and makeup, parenting, etc.

Points To Remember While Choosing A Niche

  • That niche should have enough audience
  • That niche should not be seasonal (Niches like camping, fishing, etc)
  • That niche should target a specific audience (Like fitness, makeup, sports, etc)
  • Avoid creating a meme page, it is highly competitive and has less earning potential

Optimize Your Profile

When you are done with selecting a niche, it’s time to create a well-optimized attractive Instagram profile.

Your profile should convince your visitors to hit the follow button whenever they visit your profile.

A highly optimized Instagram page usually have these features:

  • Easy To Remember Username
  • Attractive Logo
  • SEO Optimized Keyword Rich BIO
  • Beautiful Instagram Highlights
  • And Great Content

If your Instagram theme page has all of the above then you are ready to rock.

Post Viral Content With Hashtags

Now when your profile is finally ready with all the optimization, it’s time to put some content on your page.

Now when you are starting from 0 followers you actually do not have any audience that will engage with your posts and trigger the Instagram Algorithm and make your posts viral.

Now the only thing we can do when we are at 0 followers is to repost the content that is already viral or doing great on other pages under similar niche and use some relevant hashtags to give it an initial organic boost.

How are you gonna do that?

Look at the big pages in your niche, for eg. if you are in the luxury niche then have a look at all the big luxury niche pages.

Analyze their posts one by one and you will realize that some of their posts are getting more likes and comments than the average likes that they get on each post, that’s what we call viral posts.

For eg. If an Instagram page is having 1000 average likes per post then a post with 20,000 likes on their page is what we call a viral post.

You have to repost these kinds of viral posts on your page and do not forget to give credit to the original owner.

Now because we don’t have any followers, so no matter how much viral content you will post, you are not going to get any reach.

That’s where Hashtags come into play, I suggest using less competitive hashtags for your posts in beginning.

(Hashtags with less amount of posts (<100k) are considered as less competitive hashtags)

In that way, you will be able to rank on those hashtags and get those initial eyeballs on your Instagram page.

And because you are already posting great viral content, people will engage with your posts and Instagram will give you more reach.

Hashtags Breakdown

We can use a total of 30 hashtags per post, follow this hashtag breakdown for your new Instagram Page.

15 Less Competitive Hashtags [Hashtags Having total post count less than 100k]

10 Medium Competitive Hashtags [Hashtags Having total post count less than 500k]

5 High Competitive Hashtags [Hashtags Having total post count more than 1M]

Spend some time finding great hashtags combinations and find out which one works for you, no one can tell you a perfect hashtag combination to go viral, you have to find out by yourself what is actually working for your account.

Check the image below, this is what hashtags can do for you, never underestimate the power of hashtags.

My Secret Trick To Get 2K followers In A Month

Here I am sharing with you my personal favorite secret trick to grow your Instagram account from day 1.

I use this trick to personally grow all my theme pages when i start from 0.

Note: You only need this trick until you reach 2000-2500 Followers, after that you don’t need to use this trick because your page will be big enough to get organic followers on daily basis.

Ok, so the trick is actually Follow For Follow 2.0, a lot of you are already aware of this trick but mine is different.

Let me tell you first, what is follow for follow. In simple words, it is an old way to gain organic real followers by mass following people and get their follow back.

A lot of people will tell you that this trick won’t work anymore in 2021, but they are wrong, this trick is a pure gem if you will do it with my method, that’s why I called it Follow For Follow 2.0.

What Is Follow For Follow 2.0 [My Secret Trick]

Well in the normal follow-for-follow method, you just simply follow mass people and expect their follow backs, this trick is really old and is not effective nowadays.

In the traditional follow-for-follow method, the follow-back rate you will get is like 5-10%, which means if you follow 100 people you will hardly get 5-10 follow backs or followers.

Now you must be thinking that if you follow 1000 people you will get 50-100 follow backs.


Don’t ever do this, If you follow a huge amount of people Instagram will put an Action Block on your account and you won’t be able to do any actions till a certain amount of time.

I suggest you only follow 50-80 people every 24 hrs on a new account, you can increase this number once your account start getting older but not more than 150 follows per day.

Now, what’s special in Follow For Follow 2.0?

With my secret trick, the follow back rate that you gonna get is 50-60%, which means if you follow 100 people you will get 50-60 follow backs everyday.

So How To Do It?

That’s simple, you have to follow only those people who meet the below checklist.

  • The user must be active on Instagram
  • The user’s Followers/Following ratio should be less than or equal to 1
  • The user should be interested in your niche

The most important point in the above checklist is the Follower/Following ratio.

What is that?

It is nothing, you just have to divide user’s followers by user’s following and you will get the ratio. If that ratio is equal to or less than 1 then you can follow the user.

For eg., if the user has 100 followers and 100 followings, the F/F ratio would be 1 and you can follow him.

Why F/F Ratio Is So Important? 

Well F/F ratio tells us the behavior of the user when someone follows his account, if the user has an equal number of followers and following that means he is the kind of person who follows back everyone who follows his account.

If we follow 100 of such people we will get at least 50-60 follow backs, which is quite great.

How To Find These Niche Relevant People To Follow?

Simply go on big pages that are related to your niche and check out their recent posts and you will find lots of people who have liked their posts recently.

Just scroll through the users and check their profiles one by one and if they pass the F/F Ratio, you can follow them one by one.

Now because you are finding these people from recently engaged posts based on your niche, this satisfies point 1 and point 3 that i have motioned above.

Because the person has recently liked a post in your niche, that means he is active on Instagram and also interested in your niche. The only thing you have to verify is F/F ratio.

You have to keep continuing this method until you reach at least 2000 Followers and after that, you will see that your page started growing organically and you don’t have to do this method anymore.

This method is personally tested by me and it works great, you just need to give it time.


So, guys, I have shared with you the secret trick that I personally use to grow my Instagram theme pages from scratch when I am at 0 followers.

The only thing you have to remember is, do not follow mass people, keep it below 100 per day when your account is brand new.

Your actions should look like a human, not like a bot otherwise Instagram will ban you.

So I hope you have enjoyed this article, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you have any questions feel free to comment down below, I will be happy to help you out.

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a very good content btw, thankyou!


This is so amazing. Although I haven’t tried it yet but I believe it’s going to be awesome once I start doing it. I’ve not been following anyone on IG who is not someone I can learn from. But I love your idea, as long as they are interested in my niche, it’s cool to follow them. Thanks a lot I appreciate 😍😄