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SurgeGraph Review (2023): Best SEO Writer?

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In today’s digital world, it’s so important need to have a strong online presence to dominate your niche.

And the most important aspects of this are quality content and search engine optimization (SEO).

To achieve good traffic and better rankings on Google, you must have high-quality content creation and marketing tools at your end. This is where SurgeGraph comes in. 

SurgeGraph is a comprehensive content creation tool that can help businesses and bloggers create SEO-optimized content in no time.

With a range of key features, SurgeGraph offers users the ability to create optimized content that is tailored to their target audience.

So, tighten your seatbelts, grab your coffee, and secure your wigs, as we deep dive into this detailed SurgeGraph Review– the tool that makes keyword optimization, content planning, and SEO-optimized AI content writing, as easy as stealing candy from a baby (not that we encourage such behavior, of course lol). 

What is SurgeGraph

SurgeGraph (formerly LSIGraph) is an all-in-one SEO writing tool focusing on the three main aspects of SEO: finding the right keywords, building proper content silos, and writing optimized content.

It is an AI content writer that can generate high-quality, long-form articles & bogs in just a few clicks.

SurgeGraph uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the top-ranking pages around a keyword and then generates content that is optimized for SEO to get better rankings.

SurgeGraph also offers a keyword research tool that provides users with related keywords, search volume, and keyword difficulty.

They have recently launched a new feature called Auto-Optimize, using which you can optimize your entire article in just a few clicks.

This video will guide you better about SurgeGraph features.

But is SurgeGraph really the best AI writer for SEO?

Well, today, we will explore its Longform AI content writer, content planner, optimization tool, and Auto-Optimizer to see if they are effective in helping users grow their organic traffic.

SurgeGraph Review (Features)

Surgegraph is loaded with features that we business owners seek, looks like their developer had done in-depth research on what the users want. Homepage

So let’s talk about the main features of SurgeGraph along with their workflows.

Longform AI

This is the main highlight of this tool, the one-click long-form AI content writer.

But whenever we say one click people usually think that the content is going to be a bot-generated trash with poor readability and optimization but it’s not the case with SurgeGraph.

Its long-form AI can generate high-quality content of up to 4,500 words based on top-ranking search engine results.

And not only the content is going to be top quality with proper outline and structure but the tool itself uses NLP to optimize the generated content to achieve top rankings on Google. 

Now let’s discuss the workflow that you can follow to use SurgeGraph’s long-form AI content writer.

SureGraph Longform AI Workflow (Step by Step)

So first of all you have to provide it your target keywords (you can provide up to 3) and the content length.

I am using the keyword “what human food can kittens eat” as an example and 2500-3500 words content length.

Surgegraph Longform AI
Surgegraph Longform AI

After entering your details, you can press the orange “Create Document” button and it will start processing your article, it will analyze already ranking competitors using NLP and comes with a premade outline.

If for some reason you didn’t like the outline generated by SurgeGraph, you can always edit it according to your preferences.

You can either choose the additional headings suggested by SurgeGraph from the bottom or you can add your own subheadings by clicking the “Add Topics” button.

Auto-Generated Outline
Auto-Generated Outline

Now in my case, I didn’t like the outline as it is not something that goes with my writing style, so I added some of my own topics and used some of the topics suggested by SurgeGraph itself.

And I will suggest the same, never used the exact same AI-generated outline, ad your own human inputs, and make it more engaging.

So here is my updated outline and it took me less than a minute to adjust the outline according to my writing tone.

Edited Outline
Edited Outline

Now we will generate a detailed outline based on these sub-topics.

Before generating the detailed outline, you can customize what you need in your article for eg. Talking Points, Questions, Contextual Terms, etc 

Generating Detailed Outline
Generating Detailed Outline

For now, I will check everything and click on the “Generate” button to generate the detailed outline and within a few seconds the AI come up with a draft based on the topics that we have selected and it is looking really nice.

Detailed First Draft/Outline
Detailed First Draft/Outline

Now you can always expand the topics and add your own talking points and contextual terms that you want the AI to use in that particular paragraph.

Start Writing The Content
Start Writing The Content

Now that everything looks fine, you are now ready to generate your article, but make sure to select the right tone, creativity, and readability for your article.

As my article is related to food items that a kitten can eat, I have selected Doctor’s tone to sound more natural and authoritative. 

Creativity is set to Normal and readability to 7th-8th Grade which is the default, now let’s click on “Start Writing”.

Now the AI will take a few seconds to complete your article.

Here is the raw, untouched article that we got directly from SurgeGraph.

The Results
The Results

The first impression is amazing, we got almost 2400 words within a few seconds and a 50 optimization score, now keep in mind we haven’t performed any optimization to the article yet.

Now let’s move on to the optimization step.

To optimize your content, all you have to do is come to the SEO section from the right sidebar and click on “Auto Optimize”

The AI will then look for all the SEO suggestions and try to optimize them for you.

SurgeGraph Auto Optimize
SurgeGraph Auto Optimize

The optimization usually includes the addition of contextual terms obtained by the AI through NLP, adjusting the title, improve reliability, bolding out the important terms, the addition of outbound links, etc.

Once the AI finish finding the optimization opportunities for you, you can now click on the “Accept All” buttons to accept the changes mentioned by AI, rest of everything is self-explanatory I guess. 

Auto Optimize Suggestions
Auto Optimize Suggestions

So once I accepted all the suggestions given by AI, my SEO score went up to 68.

From 50 to 68 In just a few clicks, well I wasn’t expecting that.

Auto Optimized Article
Auto Optimized Article

The Ai has added some contextual terms, outbound links to relevant sources, bold out important terms, and done some more tweaks here and there.

Btw the cat image is added by me manually, this is something that SurgeGraph Auto Optimize can’t do at this moment.

Now you can manually add a few internal links, contextual terms, and a few more images and the SEO score can easily go above 70 which is a green zone and means the article is very well optimized.

The article that came out within few seconds is amazing, although i never suggest you to do publish this article as it is without adding any human input.

I did fact checked this article and all the information is correct however this is not going to be the case with all other topics and niches.

Some specific niches require more human editing.

Meta Description Generator
Meta Description Generator

Once completed, you can generate a meta description for your article using the SurgeGraph itself, and then either publish it directly to WordPress or you can download it in PDF, DOCX or HTML format.

They said their plagiarism checker is coming soon, so fingers crossed. 

Keyword Research

Yes, SurgeGraph does have this amazing Keyword Research tool. It’s pretty straightforward – it helps us find new keywords and figure out what topics to write about.

All we have to do is give SurgeGraph a main keyword, also known as a ‘seed’ keyword.

Then, it does its thing and gives us all the related keywords that are similar to our seed keyword and useful information like how popular they are, how hard it is to rank for them, their trend over time, and more.

Now here is a cool thing, let’s say you found an amazing keyword that you want to write an article on. 

SurgeGrapgh Keyword Research Tool
SurgeGrapgh Keyword Research Tool

All you have to just hover over that keyword and click on that mini “Pen” icon, and it will take that keyword and put that in long-form AI writer so that you can follow the same workflow mentioned above, isn’t it amazing?


This is one of the unique features that SurgeGraph has that you won’t find in any other SEO content writer or optimizer.

As the name suggests, SurgeGraph planner helps us to plan different content structures on our site.

SurgeGraph Planner or Keyword Mapper
SurgeGraph Planner or Keyword Mapper

It enables us to create topic clusters and decide the internal linking between different articles. 

This will have 2 benefits, one is that Google would be able to understand more about your website and treat you as an authority source and the other is people would be able to visit multiple pages which will result in more pageviews and earnings.

Bulk Keyword Research

This SurgeGraph feature allows you to add up to 500 keywords and provide all the metrics like volume, and competition for each keyword.

This will come in handy if you have your own list of keywords in a csv file extracted from some other tool like Ahrefs, semrush, etc.

SurgeGraph Pros & Cons 

Now let’s talk about some pros and cons of SurgeGraph, these are based on my personal experience.


  • Very much affordable
  • Great UI
  • Multiple tools under one roof
  • One-click Auto Optimize is amazing
  • Auto-add external links to relevant sources
  • Auto bold all the important words in the article
  • Ability to add your own OpenAI API key for faster and better response


  • The generated Intro paragraph is not up to the mark
  • Generated outlines are not really good
  • The keyword tool gives you a very small amount of keywords (less than 500 for a broad seed keyword of “Cat”)
  • Not able to scrap real-time updated data 

Now, keep in mind SurgeGraph is pretty much new in this field and I guess they will improve over time.

But the amount of features they are giving at this price range is amazing.

In my opinion, it’s a great time to invest in such before the price goes higher.

Did I say price? now let’s talk about the pricing of SurgeGraph.

SurgeGraph Pricing

SurgeGraph pricing is pretty straightforward, they have 3 plans, monthly, yearly, and for 3 years.

SurgeGraph Pricing
SurgeGraph Pricing
  • 1 Month plan: $43.99/Mo for all features
  • 1-Year Plan: $24.90/Mo for all the features
  • 3-Year Plan: $14.69/Mo for all the features

The best thing is you will get all the features in all types of subscriptions and they do offer 30 days money-back guarantee so you can get your money bac if you didn’t like the product so it’s a risk-free investment.

SurgeGraph Affiliate

So SurgeGrapgh does have an affiliate program that pays you a 30% commission if someone buys from your link.

The cookie period is for 60 days which means you will earn a commission if someone subscribes using your link within 60 days.

SurgeGraph Affiliate
SurgeGraph Affiliate

You can signup for the SurgeGraph affiliate program here, and read about their terms and conditions.

SurgeGraph Lifetime Deal?

Currently, there is no lifetime deal available for SurgeGraph however you can buy their 3 years plan for an amazing discount.

If you buy their 3 years plan, the effective monthly price will come to $14.69/mo which is $43.99/mo if you buy a monthly plan

Although they may decide to launch their lifetime on platforms like Appsumo, you can keep an eye on that as well.

SurgeGraph Review – FAQ

1. Is SurgeGraph Free?

No, SurgeGraph does not have any free subscription, if you want to try the product you have to subscribe to one of their plans.

2. Is SurgeGraph’s Keyword Data Accurate?

Just like other keyword tools, SurgeGraph also gets its keyword data from some API, and we all know none of the keyword research tools are 100% accurate they are good for estimates only.

3. What type of content can I produce with SurgeGraph?

Almost all types of content, but I suggest you stay away from content that needs a lot of factual data otherwise you will end up doing a lot of editing in the generated content.

Before You Leave

So that was our Surgegraph review, we will keep updating this page if SurgeGraph comes up with some new features.

Now before you leave I suggest you read our guide on the Best SEO optimization tools that can help you rank higher on Google SERPs.

Got any questions? comment down below, I would love to help you out.


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