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How To Use Glyphs In Canva (Step By Step!)

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Are you struggling to make your Canva designs pop?

Those stylish glyphs can take your typography to the next level, but learning how to use them can be tricky. I get it – I’ve been there too!

But don’t worry, because, in this quick guide, I’ll walk you through exactly how to use glyphs in Canva. You’ll be creating sleek, fancy typography in no time!

The key is learning how to find and insert the glyph elements for your fonts.

Once you get the hang of that, you can add some real visual flair to your typography.

So let’s get started – here’s everything you need to know about how to use glyphs in Canva!

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How To Use Glyphs In Canva (Steps To Follow!)

Follow the steps below to learn how to use glyphs in Canva:

1. Download The Font

Firstly, we have to download a font style from a third-party tool before using the Glyphs in Canva.

Go to Creative Fabrica and then search for ‘Free Font Styles’ from the top search bar.

Search For Free Font Styles

Now scroll through the available font styles, and then click on a beautiful calligraphy font with Glyphs.

Click On The Calligraphy Font

Once the selected font style opens in front of you, click on the ‘Download’ button to download it on your computer.

Click On The Download Button

Note: I will download the ‘Huntry Font’ for demonstration purposes.

2. Install The Font

After downloading the font style on your computer, you will notice a ‘Zip File’ in your downloads. Right-click on that ‘Zip File’ to get access to a new menu.

From the new menu, click on the ‘Extract All’ button to extract all the contents of the zip file on your computer.

extract all files

Now a new folder with two extracted files will appear in front of you.

From the search bar at the bottom of your screen, search for the ‘Font Settings’ and then press the ‘Enter’ key from your keyboard.

Search For Font Settings

Now click on the ‘Browse And Install Fonts’ button to select the extracted files from your computer. After selecting the extracted file, it will automatically get installed in the font settings.

Install Extracted Files

3. Open Character Map

After installing the font, again from the search bar at the bottom of your screen, search for the ‘Character Map’ and press the ‘Enter’ key from your keyboard.

Search For Character Map

The character map of your fonts will pop up in front of you (refer to the screenshot below).

open character map

From the ‘Character Map’, click on the ‘Font’ button to open a new drop-down menu. Then click on the name of the downloaded font.

For example, I downloaded the Huntry Font’ on my computer. So I will click on the ‘Huntry’ button from the new menu.

Click On Your Desired Font

Once you click on the downloaded font, the ‘Character Map’ of that font will appear in front of you. It will give you various choices for all the different glyphs available in that font.

huntry character map

4. Upload Font In Brand Kit

Go to the Canva homepage and then click on the ‘Brand’ button from the left sidebar.

Note: You will notice a ‘Crown’ icon near the ‘Brand’ button indicating that it is a Canva Pro feature. This means that Canva-free users cannot get access to this feature.

Now we have to upload our downloaded font to the already existing ‘Brand Kit’.

click on brands button

Under the ‘Brand Fonts’ section, click on the ‘Upload a Font’ button to select the downloaded font from your computer.

After selecting the downloaded font from your computer, Canva will ask for your permission to upload the file. Click on the ‘Yes, Upload Away’ button to successfully upload the font in Canva.

click on yes upload away

Note: If you don’t have an existing brand kit in Canva. Then follow our How To Create and Use Brand Kits In Canva blog post to learn how to create one.

5. Create a New Design In Canva

After uploading the font in Canva, click on the ‘Create A Design’ button from the top right corner of the Canva homepage.

create a design

Scroll through the new design type menu to find the design type of your liking or use the top search bar to search for your specific design type.

Once you find a design type that you like, click on it to get redirected to the Canva editor.

6. Create Text With Glyphs

After getting redirected to the Canva editor, start with adding text to your design.

Click on the ‘Text’ button from the left sidebar and then on the ‘Add a Heading’ button. Now a text box will appear on your screen, type your desired text.

For example, I will type ‘Live Laugh Love’ in my text box.

Type your Text

Now click on the ‘Font Style’ button from the top toolbar to change the existing font style of the text. Then search for your uploaded font style from the top search bar of the font menu.

For example, I uploaded the ‘Huntry’ font. So, I will search for ‘Huntry’ from the top search bar of the font menu.

From the search results, click on the uploaded font to change the existing font style of the text.

Change font style of the text

Once you have your text on your design, click on your ‘Character Map’.

From the ‘Character Map’, double click on the glyph alphabet that you want and then on the ‘Copy’ button from the bottom right corner.

For example, I want to make the first alphabet of my ‘Live Laugh Love’ text element glyph. So, I will copy the ‘L’ alphabet from the ‘Character Map’.

Copy glyph alphabet

After copying your glyph alphabet, ‘Backspace’ the alphabet from the text box that you want to replace, and then press ‘Ctrl + V’ from your keyboard to paste the glyph alphabet in its place.

Paste the copied text

Note: Follow the same process to add glyphs wherever you want on your text element.

Glyph your text element

After adding glyphs to your text, resize the text elements by dragging the ‘Resizing’ handles inwards or outwards to make the text smaller or bigger in size according to your need.

Resize And Position Your Text

Then drag and position the text element on the design.


In this way, you can create beautiful wall art, planners, wedding invitations, etc. After creating the design in Canva, click on the ‘Share’ button from the top right corner of the screen to download it on your computer.

FAQ- How To Use Glyphs In Canva

Below are a few frequently asked questions:

How do I Add Glyphs To Canva For Free?

To add glyphs to Canva for free, click on the text element that you want to style and then open the ‘Character Map’ from the computer. Now copy the alphabet from your ‘Character Map’ and then replace it with the existing alphabet on the text box.

Does Canva Support Glyphs?

Yes, Canva does support glyphs. You only have to download the font style from Creative Fabrica and then upload it to your brand kit in Canva. Then you can use the ‘Character Map’ to add glyphs to your text element.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – now you know how to easily access glyphs and special characters in your fonts!

I hope this quick guide gave you some helpful tips to take your typography up a notch. Personally, I love using glyphs to add visual interest to my fonts.

A few special characters here and there can really make your text look stylish and professional.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different glyph combinations too. Finding the right marks that suit your fonts is part of the fun!

If you have any other questions about working with glyphs, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m always happy to help you out!

If you found this tutorial useful, please share it around with your friends. I’m sure they’d appreciate learning how to spice up their fonts with glyphs too.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have fun designing some amazing glyph-enhanced typography.

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