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How to Get Review Privileges Back on Amazon in 2024

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So you got your Amazon account restricted from leaving reviews on the platform?

Trust me, I’ve been there.

But don’t panic, tons of accounts get banned in error or due to easily fixable issues.

With the right approach, you can get your review privileges back in no time.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get review privileges back on Amazon, from identifying why you were blocked to actually regaining access.

Let’s do this.

How To Get Review Privileges Back On Amazon?

In order to get your review privileges back on Amazon you need to file an Appeal.

To file an appeal, just go to Amazon’s website and click the “Help” option from the bottom, then select the reason for contacting them, you can click on “Something Else” from the options.

Click On Something Else

If you aren’t already logged in to your account, this will ask you to log in to your account and then it will take you to a form where you can write out your appeal case and send it directly to their customer service team.

When writing your appeal, be sure to explain in detail why you think your account should be reactivated.

Provide any examples or evidence you have that shows you didn’t intentionally break the rules. The more info you give, the better.

Once you submit the form, an Amazon rep will review your appeal and make the final decision on whether to reinstate your account.

If you don’t know what to write in your appeal, then you can use the template I have created for you:

Hi there,

I’m writing to ask you to please reinstate my ability to write reviews on Amazon. I know my account was banned because some of my reviews broke the rules. This was an honest mistake on my part.

I’ve been an Amazon customer for over 3 years and have written over 100 helpful reviews. I really enjoy writing reviews to help other people make good choices about what to buy. It’s been so rewarding being part of the Amazon community.

If you give me another chance, I promise to follow all the review rules moving forward. I’ll only review stuff I’ve actually bought myself and used. My goal is to keep writing useful, honest reviews that other customers can trust.

Please consider unlocking my account. I’m more than happy to provide any other information you need to give me a second chance. Thank you for taking the time to read this and think it over. I appreciate it!

Thank you,

[Your name]

Customize this with details relevant to your situation, but remember – to be polite, humble, and solutions-oriented.

Alternatively, if you’re from U.S., you can call +1 (206)-266-2992 to reach out to Amazon Customer Support.

and If you live outside America, you can call Amazon at 1-888-280-4331.

Providing any evidence you have to support your case is also helpful. With some luck, they’ll give you a second chance.

If The Appeal Fails, Try Opening A New Account

I wish I could say the appeal will magically fix everything, but sometimes Amazon refuses to budge. When this happens, starting fresh with a new account may be your best recourse.

Get Paid To Write Amazon Reviews

Of course, this isn’t ideal since you’ll lose your reviewer history and have to start rebuilding your reputation from scratch.

But on the plus side – it gives you a clean slate activity-wise, so you shouldn’t run into issues again as long as you stick to the rules.

When creating a new account, make sure to:

  • Use a different email – Amazon may link accounts registered with the same address. So create another email account and use that to signup on Amazon.
  • Do not rush reviews – Take your time building up an organic review presence vs flooding them right away. This looks suspicious.
  • Vary purchases – Don’t repeatedly buy and review items from the same seller or product category. Mix it up.
  • Read the guidelines – Seriously, read Amazon’s review policies closely so you know what is and isn’t allowed.

While not perfect, making a new account gives you back your reviewing voice, even if your old profile stays blocked.

Why Am I Blocked From Reviewing On Amazon?

If you are got banned for leaving reviews on Amazon then you might have unintentionally violated one of their policies.

Amazon has very strict policies around writing reviews on their site. Breaking any of their guidelines can lead to your reviewing privileges being revoked – meaning you’ll no longer be able to leave feedback on products.

Amazon Policy

Some of the most common violations that will trigger an account block include:

  • Posting a lot of reviews in a short period of time is a red flag and it might look fishy.
  • Leaving a fake positive and biased review for an item you received for free, or if seller has offered extra cash for leaving a review on Amazon.
Buying Reviews
  • Leaving abusive, inappropriate, or profane content in your review. Amazon won’t tolerate offensive language.
  • Writing fake positive or negative reviews intended to mislead shoppers. This is completely prohibited.
  • Trying to manipulate votes or engage in review fraud through Amazon bot accounts. A big no-no.

If you find your account has been restricted from leaving reviews, reach out to Amazon customer service right away.

They can look into your account history and confirm if you violated any specific policies.

If so, ask if there are any options to have your privileges reinstated going forward. But be prepared to strictly follow Amazon’s guidelines if given a second chance.

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How Does Amazon Identify Fake Reviews?

Amazon wants to make sure that the reviews on its website are real because customers trust these reviews.

How Does Amazon Identify Fake Reviews

Here’s how Amazon tries to find and remove fake reviews:

  • Machine Learning and Algorithms: Amazon likely uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyze reviews for patterns consistent with fake reviews.
  • Purchase Verification: Amazon labels some reviews as “Verified Purchase” which means the reviewer bought the product on Amazon. While it’s still possible for a “Verified Purchase” review to be biased or fake (e.g. if the seller offers freebies to the buyer for the purchase), it adds a layer of authenticity.
  • Review Patterns: If a product suddenly gets a large number of positive reviews in a short time frame, or if many reviews use similar language, it might trigger Amazon’s system to investigate.
  • Reviewer History: Amazon can analyze the history of a reviewer. If an account consistently gives positive reviews to a particular brand or seller and negative reviews to its competitors, it might be flagged.
  • User Reporting: Amazon allows users to report suspicious reviews. While this is reactive rather than proactive, user reports can be a valuable tool in identifying and removing fake reviews.
  • Review Request Policies: Amazon has guidelines about how sellers can request reviews. For instance, sellers cannot offer incentives for positive reviews. Violating these guidelines can result in penalties.
  • Human Moderation: While algorithms can catch a lot of fake reviews, there’s still a need for human judgment in ambiguous cases. Amazon likely employs a team to manually review flagged content.

As an added value, amazon’s automated system try to verify all the reviews and make the most helpful ones visible to the customers.

But despite these efforts, no system is perfect, and some fake reviews might slip through.

FAQ on How to Get Review Privileges Back on Amazon

Why Am I Not Allowed To Review On Amazon?

There could be multiple reasons why you are not able to leave reviews on Amazon:
1. You haven’t purchased the item yet
2. Maybe you have purchased that item using one account and you are trying to leave a review using a second account
3. You might have violated Amazon review policies and they might have banned your account

How Many Reviews Are You Allowed On Amazon?

According to Amazon’s Community Guidelines, anyone with an Amazon account can participate in submitting reviews.

However, only customers who have spent at least $50 on Amazon in the previous 12 months are able to leave a customer review.

There is no specific limit on the number of reviews that a customer can submit, but Amazon has put a limit on the number of non-verified customer reviews that a user can submit in a given week. As of 2016, the limit is 5 per week, per user, except for products that have been verified by Amazon as purchased.

It is important to note that Amazon has a zero tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or manipulate customers, and they have a list of types of reviews that they do not allow and will remove.

Can Amazon remove bad reviews?

Yes, Amazon has policies in place that allow for the removal of reviews, whether they are positive or negative. The guidelines aim to ensure that reviews are genuine, relevant, and helpful to other customers.

Why It Says You Are No Longer Permitted To Review Products On Amazon

I did a research on this and found out this Reddit thread that discuss their inability to post reviews on Amazon despite being loyal customers.

They suspect Amazon thinks they’re leaving fake reviews, especially if they mostly give 5-star ratings.

Some users express frustration with Amazon’s perceived arrogance and lack of communication regarding the issue, leading them to consider other shopping platforms like eBay.

A few mentions of possible mechanisms behind review removal and Amazon’s criteria for review eligibility were also discussed.

Final Words

Whew, we covered a lot of ground here today! Before we wrap up, I want to leave you with my top pieces of advice for regaining your Amazon reviewing privileges:

  • Be patient – The appeal process can take time. Stay polite and persistent with Amazon support.
  • Stay honest – Never post fake or misleading reviews. It destroys trust and may get your account banned.
  • Review selectively – Be thoughtful in how many reviews you post and for which products. Don’t overdo it.
  • Learn the rules – Read Amazon’s review guidelines regularly so you know exactly what’s allowed.

Amazon wants reviewers who enhance the customer experience, not destroy it.

Follow these tips and you’ll be reviewing again in no time. Wishing you the best of luck – you’ve got this!

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