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12 Ways to Get Paid To Travel The World (Easy Money!)

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Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world and getting paid for it?

I know I have.

As someone who loves to travel but often struggles financially, the idea of earning an income while traveling across the world sounds amazing.

That’s why I was so excited to share 12 practical ways people just like you and me can get paid to travel.

From freelancing to leading tours and becoming a travel videographer, this article will explore 12 practical ways to fund your trips by working.

So, if you want to turn your passion for travel into a full-time career, keep reading!

12 Ways to Get Paid To Travel The World

Below are 12 ways to get paid to travel the world:

1. Tour Guide

If you are interested to explore and learn about new places then becoming a tour guide is the best way to get paid to travel the world.

A tour guide is basically a person who guides the visitors during their travels.

The role includes sharing information about the places, following the itinerary, leading the group, answering the questions, etc.

tour guide- Ways to Get Paid To Travel The World

Good communication, excellent memory, a good sense of humor, etc are the key skills needed to become a tour guide.

You will be responsible for creating a pleasant traveling experience for the visitors.

If you have no prior experience in tour guiding then joining a tour guide company will be the best option for you.

As you develop expertise, you can go solo and work on a project basis.

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2. Freelance Travel Writer

Do you know that you can get paid to write about your travel experiences?

The role of a freelance travel writer is to write content related to the culture, history, cuisine, music, and art etc of the places they are traveling.

Freelance travel writers are not committed to a single client for the long term. Freelancers usually work on a short-term or project basis with multiple clients.

Freelance Travel Writer

To become a freelance travel writer, start by signing up on freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Then apply for travel writing jobs posted by travel blogs and magazines to start making money.

Your earning potential as a freelance travel writer depends upon your projects, fees, time invested, etc.

But according to Glassdoor, a travel writer earns around $70,000 per year in the USA.

earnings of a travel writer

3. Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant is the best way to earn money while traveling if you want to experience different cultures and cuisines.

Flight attendant is a job that requires keeping passengers safe and comfortable. Flight attendants not only get to travel for free around the world but also get to fly at reduced prices on their vacations.

Flight Attendant

This job also comes with additional perks like health insurance, free hotel stays, food expense compensations, etc.

The perks usually depend upon the airline you are working with.

To become a flight attendant, you have to undergo flight attendant training and then apply for jobs in different airlines.

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4. Travel Videographer

Have you ever considered using your videography and editing skills to become a travel videographer?

A travel videographer is a person who shoots videos of luxurious hotels, famous cuisines, exclusive travel destinations, etc for themself or a company.

  • You can post your travel vlogs on your YouTube channel to build an audience and then earn money through affiliates, ad revenue, etc.
  • You can also sell your travel vlogs to big travel companies, hotels, etc to earn money.
Travel Videographer

Start by creating, and posting short travel videos on your YouTube channel to learn about your audience’s interests.

This will not only help you to become a successful vlogger but also automatically create a portfolio of your work.

In the future, you can send the link to your YouTube channel to big travel companies to showcase your quality work and pitch for collaborations.

You do not need any degree or qualification to become a travel videographer.

All you need is a quality camera and professional editing software and you are good to go.

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5. Teach a Language

If you master any language then you can easily become a tutor or teacher and get paid to teach a particular language to foreign students.

For example, if you have a good hold in the English language then you can apply for tutoring jobs online on platforms like Cambly and Preply.

Online tutoring will give you the chance to visit and explore the destinations of your liking. All you will need is a stable internet connection and a good laptop.

Teach a Language

If you don’t want to teach online, you can also apply for offline teaching jobs at the place of your liking.

Offline teaching will not allow you to visit different places frequently, which will make you restricted to a particular country for a long period.

But on the bright side, you will receive free accommodation, food, and travel. The perks of your employment depend upon the institution you are working with.

According to Indeed, an average USA language tutor earns around $24 on an hourly basis.

You can earn as low as $12 per hour to as high as $36 per hour depending upon your tutoring experience, qualifications, and the platform used.

tutors salary

6. Travel Influencer

Why not take benefit of your huge following on social media accounts to get paid?

A travel influencer is an individual who posts about his traveling experiences on social media accounts. They post pictures and videos related to the places they visit, the food they try, the adventures they love doing, etc.

The role of a travel influencer is to influence the traveling decisions of their followers by giving honest reviews about their travel destinations and experiences.

Travel Influencer

Becoming a travel influencer is the easiest way to get paid to travel the world.

Once you have made a name for yourself, you can start collaborating with travel companies, airlines, hotels, etc to let you travel for free in exchange for promoting their company on your social media.

Even if they don’t accept your collaboration, you can always travel at your own expense and then earn from brand collaborations, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing through your social media account.

The earning potential of a travel influencer depends upon his following, engagement rate, content, etc.

So, make sure to post authentic content on your social media accounts constantly to increase your earnings.

7. Cruise Ship/ Yacht Worker

Working on a cruise ship or yacht will be an ideal way to get paid while traveling for a water baby.

You can work as a chef, housekeeper, entertainer, teacher, etc on the cruise ship/ yacht.

They hire people for different departments like entertainment, food and beverages, technical, retail, etc.

Cruise Ship worker

Apart from traveling the world for free, you might get a chance to meet famous celebrities and be a part of exclusive yacht parties.

Before applying for the available job at the yacht, make sure you are ENG1 medical certified and possess the basic safety knowledge required on the ship.

8. Travel Blogger

If you don’t want to become a freelance travel writer(point 2nd) but still enjoy writing then blogging will be a perfect option for you.

Travel Bloggers are basically individuals who write and post articles about their journeys and experiences on online blogs.

travel blogger

Travel bloggers create content on topics like best travel destinations, solo trips, unique adventures, delicious cuisines, packing lists, traveling on a budget, etc.

To start your own travel blog, you will need to buy a domain, hosting and choose a blogging platform and a name for your website.

To know more in detail, go through the below video.

While writing blogs for your website, make sure to do proper keyword research for high-quality content.

You can use platforms like answerthepublic to create a list of popular keywords that can increase the quality of your article. SEO-friendly blogs tend to show up at the top during Google searches.

answer the public

If you are wondering how much you can earn by becoming a travel blogger?

Let me tell you honestly, it’s not much at the start!

Earning through a travel blog is a very slow process. You have to keep creating and publishing content on your website until you reach a certain engagement level to start making actual money.

Once you become a successful travel blogger, you can earn money through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, advertisements, etc.

9. Rent Your Assets

Have you ever thought of renting your assets like a house and car while you are traveling to another country?

Renting your assets will not directly pay you to travel the world but indirectly you can use this money to visit any travel destination.

rent your assets

You can list your house on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo to find interested tenants for your property. You might earn more money by dividing your house into parts and then putting it on rent.

For example, instead of putting your whole property for rent, you can put rooms, floors, garages, etc on rent. These small areas tend to get rented easily in comparison to the whole house.

Cars are yet another highly demanded asset around the world. You can list your car on Turo to get the best deals for your valuable asset.

Renting your assets while you are away will not only make you extra money but will also keep your assets running in proper condition.

10. Volunteer

You can volunteer for various kinds of jobs like teaching, farming, pet sitting, animal care, counseling, etc around the world to get paid.


Don’t worry not all volunteer jobs are free of cost, some volunteer jobs pay for the accommodation and meals of the volunteers in exchange for their services.

While others might also pay a small stipend to the volunteers. How much benefit and money you get from volunteering depends upon the organization you are working with.

So, you can spend 3-4 hours volunteering for jobs and then spend your free time exploring different places.

Use platforms like Worldpackers and volunteerforever to apply for short-term or long-term volunteer work around the world.

11. Brand Ambassador

If you have already made a name for yourself in the world of influencing, podcasting, blogging, etc then becoming an ambassador for a brand will be a great way to earn money to travel around the world promoting their services.

A brand ambassador is responsible for speaking about the company and its products and services in social gatherings, events, workshops, etc.

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors get to travel for free from one location to another while promoting the brand.

The company also takes care of the ambassador’s outfits, hotels, and meals. If you are at the top of your career then you also ask for additional payment or benefits.

To become a brand ambassador, you can join programs like the Airbnb Ambassador Program, EF Ultimate Break Ambassador Program, etc.

If you can’t find an ambassador program according to your preference then consider signing up on the Brandbassador platform and applying for brand ambassador opportunities posted by different companies.

12. Reseller

Traveling to new places gives you exposure to different cuisines, cultures, ornaments, etc.

If while traveling, you come across a product that you feel is very unique and will be high in demand among your followers then you can consider buying a small stock of that product and then selling it online.

For example, on your visit to Thailand, you found their tribal jewelry very pleasing. You can purchase a small stock of tribal jewelry from them and then list it on your social media handles for a higher price.

In this way, you can resell items to earn money and help grow small communities. These small communities are not very hard to find, you can ask about local markets at the reception of your hotel or to local drivers.

Wrapping Up

I hope going through these 12 practical ways to get paid to travel around the world helped you to earn money.

I’ve found that tour guiding and participating in various volunteer programs have been the most rewarding paid travel experiences for me.

However, the key is finding legitimate opportunities that match your skills and interests. From teaching English abroad to becoming a travel vlogger, there are so many ways to fund your trips.

Feel free to leave a comment below sharing which option seems the most interesting. And if you found this post helpful, do share it with other travelers.

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