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Can You Use Canva For Commercial Use? (Explained!!)

Canva is a great tool for creating graphics and visuals for commercial and noncommercial purposes.

It’s user-friendly, so you can create professional-looking designs quickly and easily.

Canva also has a wide range of templates and tools to make creating graphics easy, so you can create anything from simple logos to complex projects.

Canva is generally free to use, versatile, and easy to navigate. However, when used for commercial purposes, there are some restrictions on the types of graphics and images that can be used.

Just make sure you follow the license agreement carefully when using any of the images or content that’s available on Canva for commercial use. Here are some pointers to help you out.

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Can You Use Canva For Commercial Use? (License Explained)

Canva is a free online platform for creating digital content. The platform offers both a free and pro version.

The free version includes limited features and the canva Pro version offers more features and greater flexibility. Canva can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Licensing In Free Version

As you all know canva comes with a free version also where you don’t have to pay anything in order to use the tool. But can you use designs created using canva free version for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use all the designs created inside canva free version for commercial purposes, however, because you are using the free version of canva you won’t be able to use any pro elements including photos, videos, and graphics.

Also, the commercial license does not allow you to sell any of the canva free elements, premade templates, photos, and videos as it is without adding your own creativity.

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Licensing in Pro Version

Some content in Canva contains watermarks. And to remove those watermarks, you can either purchase licensing for that particular element or buy a Canva Pro subscription.

The pro version of the site offers more features and flexibility than the canva free version.

All the content in the pro version is absolutely free to use for commercial purposes and you don’t have to buy any special licensing each time to remove the watermark.

The licensing is the same as that of the free version but this time you can use the pro elements as well.

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Prohibited uses of free or Pro Content on Canva

When you sign up for a Canva account, you agree to their Content License Agreement.

This agreement states that the content you create using the tool is your property and that you can use it however you please, with a few exceptions.

Reselling or Redistributing

Canva’s Terms of Service forbid users from “selling, redistributing or relicensing any Canva Content.”

This means that users cannot resell Canva’s premade templates and designs that are created by other designers, nor can they give away designs to others.

By preventing others from profiting off of Canva designs, the company maintains control over its brand and protects its intellectual property.

So be sure to read the terms of service carefully before you start creating designs, and respect the copyright of Canva’s contributors.

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Content Identified As “Editorial Use Only”

Canva’s prohibited content policy command that any images or videos containing content that is “Editorial Use Only” cannot be used for any purpose.

This means that images and videos relating to events that are newsworthy or of general interest are off-limits for any use on the platform.

While this policy may be frustrating for business owners, it is in place to protect the copyrighted material of photographers and videographers.

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Remove Any Notice Of Copyright

Copyright is a form of legal protection that gives the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution.

Copyright owners have exclusive rights to control how their work is used and shared. It also gives the copyright owner the right to be compensated if someone uses their work without permission.

You cannot remove any notice of copyright from any content on Canva.

This means that if you create Canva designs using someone else’s copyrighted work, even if you change it or modify it in some way, you still need to credit the original author.

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Content As Part Of A Trade-mark, Design-marK

While Canva is a great resource for business owners and entrepreneurs, it cannot be used as part of a trademark,  design mark, business name, or service mark.

This is because Canva’s content is not distinctive enough to be registered as a trademark. In order for a trademark to be registered, it must be unique and not too similar to any other trade-marks.

If you are looking to create a trademark or design mark that will set your business apart from the competition, it is important to work with an experienced trademark lawyer who can help you protect your brand.

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Content For Pornographic, Obscene, Immoral Purposes

Canva prohibits the use of its content for pornographic, obscene, or immoral purposes.

In the company’s Terms of Service, it is made clear that users may not create or share images or videos that are “sexually explicit or suggestive,” “graphically violent,” or “incredibly offensive.”

This policy exists to protect both Canva’s users and its reputation as a safe and family-friendly platform. The violation of this rule can result in account suspension or termination.


Are Canva Images Copyright Free

You may have come across the term “copyright free” while browsing the internet.

This term is often used to describe images that can be used without permission or attribution. So, are Canva images copyright free?

The answer is yes, the canva images are copyright free and can be used without attribution.

However, it’s always important to read the license agreement before using an image to make sure you’re in compliance.

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Can I Use Canva Pro Fonts For Commercial Use

Can I use canva pro fonts for commercial use? well, the answer is yes. They are royalty-free, so there is no need to purchase additional licenses.

Fonts are an important part of any design, and with Canva Pro, you have access to a wide range of high-quality fonts to make your designs look professional.


In conclusion, Canva is a great way to create professional-looking designs for your business without having to hire a designer.

The site offers a wide variety of templates and tools that can be used to create any type of design you need.

The commercial use of Canva’s content depends on your version. If you have a canva free version, you can only use free content available on the website for commercial use but if you have a canva Pro subscription, you can use any content for commercial use irrespective of whether it’s being free or watermarked.

If you’re looking to create marketing materials, social media posts, or even just a simple logo, Canva is a great option to consider.

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