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Agility Writer Review: Best Factual Ai Writer?

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Ok so, tell me one thing.

How many AI writing tools have you tried till now?

Many, right?

And how many of them are able to write based on the latest factual data from Google SERPS?

I guess none.

Well, that’s not their fault, the majority of them use the GPT 3.5 model which is not capable of writing content based on the latest facts and data.

What if I told you about an AI tool that is able to scrap facts and data from top-ranking Google SERPS and then generate high-quality articles based on that that even bypasses AI detection tools?

Well yeah, I am talking about Agility Writer.

I started using it a week ago and I got amazed by the results.

So this article is going to be an Agility Writer Review based on my personal experience.

I will mention everything about the tool, whatever I liked whatever I didn’t.

So let’s start!

Agility Writer Features

Agility Writer Review

The tool contains amazing features including multiple writing modes, outline builder, product round-up posts creator, etc.

Let’s talk about them one by one, what they do, and how to use them.

1-Click Mode (Cost: 1 Credit/Article)

As the name suggests, this mode allows you to generate an article in just one click, it is an amazing option if you need quick articles and don’t need a lot of control over the structure and quality.

How to use it?

All you have to do is enter your article title, you can also enter the keyword and click on “Get an Idea” to let the AI create a Cathy title for you.

Select the article length, enter your target audience (for eg. if I am writing an article on how to use nail paint is will select females as my target audience), and then enter the tone of voice (Informal, casual, friendly works for me every time).

Now you will see some checkboxes, let me explain them one by one:

  • FAQs, Title & Desc: Generated FAQs, an SEO-friendly Title, and Meta Description based on your article.
  • Standard Factual Data: Gather standard factual data from Google, while using advanced mode you can add your own URLs to gather factual data, we will talk about it later.
  • Advanced Content Structure: If you want more bullet points, lists, and tables then check this box.
  • Add Styling: Bold out important points and increase the readability.
  • Image Prompts: Generated image prompts for AI image generators, you can just copy and paste the prompts into any of the AI image generator tools and get your image ready.
  • Authority Links: Automatically add external links in your article to relevant authority websites.

Now I have explained to you about all the checkboxes, you can select them based on your requirements.

Agility Writer - 1 Click Mode

Finally, select your output language and click on “Add to Writing Queue”.

The AI is now writing your article, you can check the progress in “History” from the top menu bar.

It usually takes 5-10 mins to complete 1 article but it may take longer depending upon how busy the server is.


I have generated an article and here are the details for reference:

Title: Can You Tie Dye Cotton Polyester Blend

Article Length: Standard

Audience: General

The tone of Voice: Informal

I have checked all the checkboxes except the image prompts.

You can have a look at the article generated below or you can read the entire article here.

Note: The article is completely unedited, I haven’t even changed a single word in it.

Advanced Mode

If you want more control over the article then this mode is for you.

This mode is helpful if you want to control the outline, the factual data, the article structure, and the AI detection.

You will start with a keyword or article title as you did in the 1 click mode.

Now you will have to select “Main Headings”, these are the total number of H2s you want to use in your article.

The article length will increase if you increase the number of “Main Headings”.

Agility Writer - Advanced Mode

Now, select the Article Structure, there you will see 3 options:

  • Advanced (Beta): Let the AI decide the article length and format, like where to use bullet points, lists, tables, etc.
  • Standard (Text): Set this if you only want text paragraphs.
  • Long (Text): Select this if you want long text paragraphs.

Now select AI detection, how strong do you want Agility to bypass AI detectors?

By default it is “Standard” but you can choose advanced for a more aggressive bypass but it may reduce the quality of the article.

Now you will see 2 fields, Set Article Outline where your outline will be created and you can further edit the outline here.

And Terms/Keywords, here you can enter your NLP keywords from your favorite tools like Surfer or Neuron Writer to let the AI automatically insert them within the article.

Now there is one more extra field that you may have noticed that is about Factual Data.

It’s all about what type of factual data you want to use inside the article.

You can even select “Custom Factual Data” and provide the AI with the URLs from where you want the AI to scrap the factual data.

Once everything is set, click on “Create Outline”, and the AI will generate the outline of the article based on the settings and the URLs that you have provided.

You can edit the outline, and when you are happy with that just click on “Add to Writing Queue”


I have generated an article and here are the details for reference:

Title: How to Sublimate a Tumbler

Main Heading: 8

Article Structure: Advanced (Beta)

Audience: General

Tone of Voice: Informal

AI Detection: Standard

Custom Factual Data: I have provided URLs of top 2-3 ranking pages from Google

You can have a look at the the generated article below, you can read the entire article here.

I have checked all the checkboxes except the image prompts.

Optimize Mode

This mode would be useful for you if you want to write fully optimized articles of up to 5000 words without using any third-party SEO optimization tools (Surfer, NeuronWriter, etc).

The best part? It’s as simple as a few clicks!

You can watch this video from the Agility Writer Youtube channel for a better explanation.

These articles will cover all the essential facts and align perfectly with the search intent.

They’re even optimized with NLP entities and LSI keywords, ensuring they hit the right word count.

And guess what? you’ll be doing all this inside Agility Writer without relying on third-party tools.

You start by clicking on “New Optimized Article”, inputting the relevant keyword or title, and selecting your target region and language.

Then, you choose a project and hit the Create Article button.

Now it may take up to a few mins to scrap the Google results, grab all their headings and structure and come up with a perfect outline for you.

After it finishes, you will see top-ranking websites on the left and the article outline generated using those results on the right.

You have the freedom to review and adjust the outline according to your preferences.

Plus, you can tweak the article structure, add lists and tables, optimize keywords, apply bold styling, include outbound links to authoritative sites, and even insert internal links seamlessly as we saw earlier.

Once you’re satisfied, just hit the “Add To Writing Queue” button, and the system takes care of the rest.

While your articles are being written in the background (which might take some time depending on their length), you can sit back and relax.

Bulk Mode

Agility writer bulk mode allows you to write up to 50 articles at a time.

All you have to do is switch to the Bulk Mode and enter your keywords over there.

You can select the checkboxes according to your needs as we did in “1 Click Mode” and click on “Add To Writing Queue”.

Agility Writer - Bulk Mode

And let the AI run in the background.

It can take some time to write all 50 articles, generally a few mins per article.

You can check the progress in the “History” section.

Product Roundup (Currently In Beta)

Now this mode is specially designed for affiliate website owners to create product round-up posts.

This is the most common limitation that all typical AI writers usually have.

Cause the AI has never experienced that product so it lacks the knowledge that is needed to write a review article featuring the product.

Tell me one thing, how do you usually write a product round-up post?

Let me tell you, you visit top-ranking pages and see what they are writing and you check product pages to read their specs, pros and cons, and pricing and then you write it in your own words right?

That’s what Product Roundup mode does for you automatically.

See the powerful product round-up in action in this video.

Let’s see how to use it.

The first step is to go to Agility Writer’s Product Roundup section and enter your Title, such as “10 best fishing rods in 2023”

Then, select the target to guide the AI in creating an outline and finding relevant products.

A lot of settings are the same as what we saw in Advanced Mode so you can choose the relevant setting according to your preferences.

Once you are done with everything click on “Create Outline”.

After a few mins, you will see the outline in the “Article Outline” section along with the product’s name on the right side followed by an “Auto” keyword.

That Auto keyword means that the AI will automatically search for that particular item, if you want to manually insert the product URL you can replace the Auto keyword with the product page URL.

If you want Comparison Table, Pros & Cons, or Product Images from Amazon you can check the relevant checkboxes.

When you are satisfied with the outline and the products you can click on “Add To Writing Queue”

Agility Writer Pricing & Credit System

So here’s the deal: they work on a credit-based system. You can check their latest pricing over here.

Agility Writer - Pricing

You gotta sign up for their monthly plan, and with that, you’ll get a set amount of credits each month.

But here’s the even cooler part: if you don’t use up all your credits in one month, no worries!

They’ll roll over to the next month. That means none of your will go to waste. Pretty sweet, huh?

Here are the credits needed for different modes:

  • 1 Click Mode: 1 Credit/Article
  • Advanced Mode: 2 Credits
  • Optimized Articles: 4-5 Credits/Article
  • Bulk Mode: 1 Credit/Article
  • Product Roundup: 4 Credits/Article

What I Like About Agility Writer

Here are some points that I really love about Agility Wrtier:

  • Factual Data: It scrapes the top-ranking pages, extracts the facts and information from them, and then writes the content for you.
  • Best Outline: Tried many tools, but the outline that Agility Writer generates is outstanding.
  • AI Detection Bypass: Although I don’t care about AI detectors, still the content generated from Agility bypasses all AI detectors available in the market with an average human score of 70%.
  • Auto Styling: It automatically bolds the important points within the content
  • Tables and Lists: It automatically adds tables and lists whenever necessary so you are not going to get those boring chunks of texts
  • Auto Linking: It automatically links out to relevant authority websites.

What I Didn’t Like

Even after so many loaded features, Agility Writer is still isn’t perfect:

  • Not suitable for a very specific software or tools-based tutorial articles (for eg. how to create a shadow effect in canva, etc)
  • Sometimes the language and the synonymous it uses are very evident that it is written by AI.
  • The auto-linking feature link to competitors, which is quite funny, as nobody wants to give backlinks to their competitors.
  • Pricing may be an issue for some people

Before You Leave

No AI writing tool is perfect in the market, one may be better than the other but at the end of the day, they all are working on a fixed language model.

You have to put in some effort if you want to create valuable content that people would love to read.

In my opinion, Agility Writer is an amazing tool, no matter if you are an individual blogger or an agency owner, it can do wonders for you if you know how to use it properly.

I have done my best to introduce you all to this amazing tool, if I missed something you can comment below, I would love to help you ot.

Thanks for reading.

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