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Walmart Call Out Number: How To Call In Sick at Walmart

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When you work at Walmart, properly calling out sick is crucial to stay compliant with attendance policies.

Even missing one shift can result in points or disciplinary action if not done correctly.

In this article, I’ll go in-depth on everything you need to know about using Walmart’s call-out number, their absence reporting procedures, and tips to make it easy.

Whether dealing with a sudden illness, scheduled doctor’s appointment, or any other emergency, I’ve got you covered. So Let’s start.

What is Walmart Call Out Number?

The Walmart call out number is:


This is the dedicated Walmart attendance hotline used by Walmart employees to report absences, tardiness, and other schedule changes.

When you call this number, be prepared with:

  • Your Walmart employee ID (also called your WIN number)
  • Date of birth
  • Store number where you work

After providing this info, you’ll receive a confirmation number to give to your manager when you call the store directly.

The Walmart call-out line is available 24/7.

However, you should aim to call at least 2 hours before your scheduled shift if possible.

How To Call in Sick at Walmart (Step-by-Step Guide)

Follow these steps when using the Walmart call out number:

  1. Call 1-800-775-5944 – This is the dedicated call-out line.
  2. Select the “report an absence” option – Listen to the voice prompts and choose this option.
  3. Provide your employee ID number – This is your unique WIN number. Have it ready before calling.
  4. Provide your date of birth and store number – You’ll also need to verify your identity with this info.
  5. Get your confirmation number – The automated system will provide you with a confirmation number. Write this down or save it somewhere so that you won;t lose it!
  6. Call your store – Next, call the direct store number and speak to the manager. Give them the confirmation number.
  7. Explain your absence – Let your manager know why you’ll be missing your scheduled shift, if the manager is unreachable tell your coworkers and ask them to convey the message to the manager.

You may have to provide a medical certificate if your reason for calling in sick is related to medical treatment or emergency.

The ideal method is to phone the Walmart Associates Information line directly and provide your WIN when prompted by the automated system.

However, if for some reason you cannot get through to the call-out line, you do have the option of contacting your assigned store’s manager directly as a backup.

Contact Wallmart

Explain that you tried calling the regular absence line and ask if they can help report your sick day.

I strongly advise against waiting until the last minute to call in sick to Walmart if it can be avoided.

While I understand emergencies happen, try your best to give as much advance notice as realistically possible. Ideally at least 2-3 hours before your scheduled start time.

Following the proper absence reporting procedures and giving ample notice will help prevent problems or attendance violations.

How To Call in Sick at Walmart Without WIN Number

If you need to report being sick but cannot locate your Walmart employee identification number (WIN), you can still properly call in your absence without it.

The best solution is to get in touch with the manager at your local store directly.

Local Walmart Store

Call the main phone number for your assigned Walmart location and ask to speak to the store manager on duty.

Explain that you do not have your WIN handy but still need to inform them you cannot make your scheduled shift.

Provide details on your absence and discuss arrangements with your manager.

Make sure to give as much advance notice as you can, at minimum 3 hours before your start time if possible.

And also make sure the manager approves your sick call before ending the call.

While calling the store directly is an option, it’s better to use the proper call out line and provide your employee ID whenever possible. But in a pinch, this method can work if you absolutely can’t locate your WIN.

What If Sick Line Didn’t Worked?

It’s important to understand that your manager has the final discretion over whether your absence request when calling in sick will be approved and paid or not.

If they deny a paid sick leave, you can mention the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which legally entitles eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year for medical reasons.

Although unpaid, this allows you to miss work without losing your job. If your initial call-in attempt is unsuccessful, you also have the option of providing documentation like a doctor’s note, medical certificate, or other forms of proof after the fact to demonstrate your absence was for a valid medical reason.

Having evidence can help overturn a wrongful denial of sick pay.

Walmart Call-in-Sick Policy? How Many Sick Days Can You Have?

Based on your location, employee type, and work experience Walmart different type of PTO (Paid Time Off).

The policy says that as a salaried associate, you will get a certain number of PTOs when you start with Walmart and the longer you work with Walmart the more PTOs you will get.

You can earn PTO every single month that you can use later whenever needed for whatever reason you want.

You can use your PTO for sick leaves, family vacations, weddings, or even if you just want to relax at home.

You still need to inform your manager or to Sedwick using proper call out numbers.

Walmart’s attendance policy specifies that if you call in sick prior to using your 3 allotted days, you will lose 1 point. Only missing half a scheduled shift results in half an attendance point deducted.

Call Your Manager

However, if you fail to notify Walmart of an absence through the proper call-out channels, you will lose 2 points for a full missed day and 1 point for a partial day absence.

Also be aware that on key dates such as holidays, Walmart may enforce double point deductions for call-outs on those specific days.

To avoid getting points deducted when you are legitimately ill, always call out at least 3 hours before your start time to give proper notice.

Importantly, if you do not report extended absences to Sedgwick within 2 calendar days, you may not get approval and could face disciplinary action per Walmart policy. So make sure to follow the absence reporting procedures closely.

Tips For Calling In Sick At Walmart

To have the best experience when calling out sick from your Walmart job, keep these tips in mind:

  • Call early – Give as much notice as you can, at least 2-3 hours before your shift. Last-minute call outs can create trouble so avoid them if you can.
  • Know the call out number – Save the number in your phone so it’s handy when needed.
  • Save your confirmation number – This is your proof that you called out properly.
  • Be honest – Share the real reason you are unable to work. Don’t fake an illness.
  • Talk to your manager – Have an open line of communication with them about health issues.
  • Keep medical notice handy – If you are going to have a medical treatment then keep a medical certificate with you as Walmart may ask for proof.

Various Methods To Report An Absence

Walmart offers a few different ways to report absences, tardiness, and schedule changes:

1. By Calling Your Store Manager

Your first call should be directly to your store manager. This allows them to find coverage and understand why you cannot work.

Let them know you will also be reporting the absence through the proper call out line. Make sure they approve your request.

2. Contacting The Sedgwick

You can call Sedgwick at 1-800-492-5678 anytime to report an absence. This is the official Walmart call out line.

After speaking to the automated system, you will receive a confirmation number to share with your manager.

3. By Accessing Your Walmart Sedwick Account

The Walmart Sedwick web portal allow associates to report absences digitally. Just log in to your account and navigate to the “Report an Absence” section.


Enter your absence details and you’re done!

It’s fast and easy when you’re not feeling well.

How to Report an Absence on Walmart MySedwick

Walmart Mysedwick

For employees with access to Walmart’s new OneWalmart account, you can report absences right from the web portal. Here’s how:

  • To begin a leave of absence request with Sedgwick, visit the MySedgwick portal online or call their toll-free number at 800-492-5678.
  • Have your Walmart employee ID, recent work schedule, last day worked, planned return date, and your doctor’s contact information ready to provide. Sedgwick needs your physician’s address, phone, and fax to verify medical details.
  • Sedgwick will email you a packet of absence forms to review and complete with your details. Make sure to fill out all paperwork thoroughly and accurately.
  • You can submit your finished forms either by uploading them directly on the Sedgwick site or emailing them to [email protected]. Pick whichever method is easiest for you.
  • After submitting your absence packet, you can log into your Sedgwick portal to track the status of your leave request.
  • Before returning to work, confirm your official return date is correct with Sedgwick.
  • Finally, be sure to obtain your return to work clearance certificate through the Sedgwick system prior to your first shift back.

That’s all it takes to call out sick directly through the mySedwick platform!

Just make sure you still notify your store manager too.

What Is the Walmart Tardy Number?

If you realize you’ll be late to your scheduled shift, you can call the same Walmart call out number at 1-800-775-5944.

When prompted, state that you’ll be tardy instead of absent. Provide the required employee information and store number.

You’ll receive a confirmation number, just like when reporting an absence. Let your manager know you’ll be late but are on the way.

FAQ – Walmart Call In Number

Here are some frequently asked questions on call in number for walmart associates

How Early Do I Have To Call To Inform Sickness At Walmart Call Out Number Online?

Walmart expects associates to call in at least 2-3 hours before their shift whenever possible. For absences known in advance, call a few days prior.

When Should I Call To Walmart?

Ideally, call between 8am-5pm when the call center is open. If your shift starts early in the morning, call the evening before your absence when you can.

Whom Should I Have To Report My Absence At Walmart?

You should always inform your direct store manager first when calling out from a scheduled shift.

How Many Hours Before Can You Call Out?

Walmart expects associates to call out at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled shift time, whenever possible. For known absences farther in advance, call the day before.

What Information is Asked When Called In Sick At Walmart Call Out Number?

When you call the Walmart absence line at 1-800-775-5944, be prepared to provide your full employee ID (WIN), date of birth, store number, and reason for your leave.

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide provided you with everything needed to properly call out sick from Walmart using the right phone numbers and reporting methods.

While missing work is sometimes unavoidable, be aware of Walmart’s attendance policy and use your call outs responsibly.

Communicate with your manager to keep them informed.

Knowing the ins and outs of the Walmart absence reporting process will make your life easier whenever you need to call in sick!

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