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How Much Do Bloggers Earn in 2024? – Survey With 100 Blogger’s

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So we have reached out to 100 bloggers and asked them some basic questions about their blog including how much they earn in 2024 from their blog.

And in this survey, we are going to reveal all our findings.

Key Takeaways From The Survey

  • The average blogger who is blogging for 1-3 years earns an average of $1388/mo from their blog.
  • Bloggers with an average post count of 1000+ earn more than $8000 every single month from their blog.

About The Survey

So I was curious – how much are real bloggers actually making in 2023?

What niches earn the most? How many years does it take to make money blogging? What monetization methods are most popular?

To find out, I created a simple Google form survey and sent it out to bloggers asking them questions related to their blogging journey including their income.

Based on these insider details directly from real bloggers, I crunched the numbers and created some incredibly helpful analyses and graphs.

My goal was to uncover real data on blogging income potential in 2023. That way you can see what’s truly possible and learn some proven lessons from successful bloggers who are crushing it.

In this post, I’ll share the key survey results, including:

  • How does blog age impacts earnings
  • How does the number of posts affect your earnings?
  • When most bloggers make their first $1000/mo
  • And much more!

My hope is by seeing real income data from others, you’ll gain priceless insights on maximizing your own blogging business and income.

I will try to follow up with these bloggers from time to time to keep this information updated.

  • I am open to adding new people to this list, so if you are a blogger, no matter how much you are earning, you can still contribute to this list and help others learn from your data.

    For submissions, you can contact me here.

Interesting Figures


The below graph shows how the age of the blog directly affects the average monthly income and this makes sense as your blog keeps on getting older you gain authority and trust which results in more traffic and earnings.

Average Monthly Income of Blogs Based On Their Age

Note: The above graph is created assuming that the blog is consistently adding high-quality content, following best practices, and avoiding any black hat techniques.


Average Monthly Income of Blogs Based On Number Of Blog Post

10 Real Bloggers Shared Their Stats Publicly

So now the fun part, is where you are going to experience real numbers and tips from real bloggers who have participated in this survey.

First of all thanks to all my blogger friends

1. This Online World

Owned by Tom Blake, This Online World is a personal finance blog that aims to guide people with ways to make money online, side hustles, saving and managing money, etc.

This Online World

Here are some questions that I asked from Tom:

When Did You Start Your Blogging Journey?

“I started blogging in January 2018. At the time, I was still in college and my blog was just a side hobby.

For the first two years, I published a post or two per week and was still learning about SEO and how to blog.

In my third and fourth year, I began taking blogging more seriously, and in my fifth year, I started blogging full-time.”

What’s Your Niche? and Why Did You Chose That?

“My niche is personal finance, and I mostly cover the gig economy, side hustles, and money-making apps or ways to make money online.

I cover these niches because my blog began as a way for me to document my own online income journey. Since then, it’s become a resource for people to find honest side hustle content.”

This Online World Income Breakdown

ThisOnlineWorld Income Breakdown 1

Here are some sweet numbers shared by Tom Blake.

Total Monthly Revenue: $50,000/mo

Monthly Ad Revenue: $20,000-$23000/mo (Using mediavine with $39 RPM)

Mediavine Income 2023 Tom Blake

Rest Comes from Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts and eBook sales

Here’s a screenshot of his Mediavine dashboard (He is definitely killing it)

Quick Blogging Tip By Tom

“My main tip for new bloggers is to learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) as soon as possible. Learning basic keyword research skills and how to properly format and write blog posts puts you ahead of so much of the competition. And it’s these types of skills that can help you achieve long-term blogging success.”

2. OJ Digital Solutions

Omar started his blogging journey about a year ago, focusing on the e-commerce niche because of his background running an agency.

In just 12 months, his blog OJ Digital Solutions has grown to over 700 posts and receives 320,000 pageviews per month.

Oj Digital Solutions

Omar chose Mediavine as his ad network and earns an impressive $35 RPM, netting $10,000 per month in ad revenue alone.

It only took around 6 months for Omar’s various income streams from his blog, including ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and other sources, to consistently generate over $1,000 per month, now totaling around $17,000 monthly.

Oj Digital Solutions Income Breakdown

  • Ad Revenue: $10000 (Using Mediavine with an average of $35 RPM)
  • Affiliate: $3000
  • Sponsorships: $2000
  • Other: $2000

Total: $17000/Mo

screenshot mediavine OJDS

Quick Blogging Tip By Omar

Blogging isn’t dead. It’s not easy, but for me, even if you can’t immediately make as much money as other business models, it’s the best source of stable passive income.

3. Sassy Boss

Lisa started her blogging journey with in September 2019, focusing on helping new bloggers launch and grow profitable blogs given her background as a web designer.

Sassy Boss

In the over 4 years since starting her blog Sassy Boss, she has published 98 posts and now averages 17,000 monthly pageviews.

Rather than using display ads, Lisa monetizes primarily through affiliate marketing and her own digital products.

It took about 2 years from her first affiliate sale to consistently earn $1,000+ per month, which she now reliably earns between affiliate commissions and digital product sales each month.

Lisa shared screenshots of her earnings:

earnings screenshot 2 Lisa van der Velde

Sassy Boss Income Breakdown

  • Ad Revenue: $0
  • Affiliate: $1800
  • Digital Product: $190

Total: $2000/mo (Approx.)

Quick Blogging Tip By Lisa

“Make sure you know who your audience is and what they are struggling with and then create helpful content that solves their problem. Offering your own digital product or a good affiliate product to help them solve their problem is a great way to drive sales

4. Let’s Reach Success

Lidiya started her blog Let’s Reach Success way back in 2013 as a personal development hobby site.

As she built an audience and realized her love of blogging, she slowly turned it into a business over the years.

Lets Reach Success

Her site now covers online business, lifestyle design, mindset, spirituality, and finance – topics Lidiya feels help entrepreneurs build their dream business while providing value.

In 10 years, her blog has amassed over 2,000 posts, including guest contributions, that drive over 30,000 monthly views currently.

Though that’s down from her peak of 100k views per month a few years ago that she’s working to regain.

Lidiya uses Mediavine to monetize her content, earning around a $15 RPM.

Building her income streams took years of effort before she could earn $1000+ per month consistently, but she now reliably earns a few thousand dollars monthly from various sources.

She shared a link to detailed monthly income reports that break that down further.

Quick Blogging Tip By Lidiya

First, get that blog started and begin publishing content regularly. Optimize it but make sure you provide value with each post. Use SEO + Pinterest to grow your blog traffic (that’s both a short- and long-term formula for success).

5. Your Chic Geek

Kim started her blog back in 2015, focusing on teaching solopreneurs and side hustlers how to create passive income products to sell online – a need she recognized from her own experiences.


In over 7 years, she has published around 85 optimized, evergreen posts that now drive 22,500 monthly views primarily from YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook referrals.

While Kim doesn’t currently run ads on her site, it took around 6-12 months for her income streams like affiliate marketing, digital products, courses, Amazon publishing and YouTube to consistently earn $1000+ per month.

She now averages between mid-4-figures monthly, with her highest income month hitting $13k during a course launch.

Quick Blogging Tip By Kim

Think about one person you want to help — and focus on making content and products specifically for that person. Also, diversify your income streams as much as possible. This is seriously key. If one thing fails then you have other income streams to support you. Best of luck to you all.

6. Practical Wanderlust

Lia started her travel blog Practical Wanderlust back in 2016 while traveling the world on her year-long honeymoon.

In over 7 years since then, she has published around 250 posts sharing her passion for travel, driving an impressive 400,000 monthly views.

Practical Wonderlust

She monetizes that traffic primarily through Mediavine, earning a high $50 RPM, and affiliate marketing.

It only took Lia around 6 months from launch to consistently earn $1000+ per month between these two income streams, which now reliably bring in around $15,000 each per month for a $30k total monthly income.

Practical Wanderlust Income Breakdown

  • Mediavine Ads: $15,000 (With $50 RPM Rates)
  • Affiliate Marketing: $15,000

Total: $30,000

Quick Blogging Tip By Lia

Just start! The hardest part of blogging is hitting publish on your first post. The second hardest part is continuing to do it consistently.

And don’t copy what’s working for other bloggers – find what works for YOU and use your unique voice and perspective to drive your success.

7. Yourlifestyle Business

Jo started her blog Your Lifestyle Business back in 2019 as a hobby, sharing her 13+ years of experience building a location-independent business.


She got serious about monetizing it in 2022. In over 3 years, she has published 500+ posts driving 100k+ monthly views.

Rather than display ads, Jo monetizes through affiliate offers and sponsorships.

It took her about 6 months from getting serious to consistently earn $1000+ per month, which has now grown to an impressive $9k monthly.

She shared a screenshot showing a recent month’s $10,340 income from these sources.

Screenshot 2023 09 14 at 17.50.58 Jo Barnes

Quick Blogging Tip By Jo

Pick a nice big niche with a passionate audience. Stay away from YMYL niches as they are notoriously difficult to rank for. Then keyword research, links and a lot of quality content is your key to success. Good luck!

8. Blogging For New Bloggers

Sisters Lucrezia and Marina started their first lifestyle blog Tiny Love Bug together in 2017, then launched their blogging-focused site Blogging for New Bloggers in 2019.

blogging for new bloggers

Identifying a need to help newcomers understand blogging monetization, their niche focuses on demystifying topics like SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing and more for an audience they can relate to from their own experiences.

In over 5 years they’ve published 33 posts driving 20,000 monthly views.

Rather than ads, they monetize via affiliate marketing, their own digital products, and services like audits – revenue streams that took 12 months to consistently earn $1000+ per month, now reliably bringing in around $20,000 monthly.

Quick Blogging Tip By Lucrezia

Don’t spread yourself too thin, particularly when it comes to social media. I see so many new bloggers trying to be everywhere—Instagram, Twitter/X, Pinterest, TikTok, you name it. While social media is important, it shouldn’t be your primary focus when you’re just starting out.

Instead, concentrate on the two pillars that will truly sustain your blog in the long run: SEO and Email Marketing.

So, invest time in learning the basics of SEO—keyword research, on-page optimization, and quality backlinks.

Start building your email list from day one. Use lead magnets, pop-ups, or whatever strategy aligns with your brand to entice visitors to subscribe.

Once they’re in, nurture that relationship. SEO and email marketing are the two channels that will not only drive consistent traffic but also help you build a loyal audience making it possible to turn your blog into a six-figure business.

9. Mksguide

Madhsudhan started his software and tech blog MK’s Guide back in 2018, drawing on his longtime passion and background in the industry.

In over 5 years of consistent blogging, he has published 336 posts driving 80,000 monthly views.

Mks Guide

He monetizes this traffic primarily through Mediavine, earning a $22 RPM, plus affiliate marketing and YouTube.

It took 4 years of effort for these income streams to consistently generate $1000+ per month, which now reliably brings in around $3900 monthly total between ads ($2200), affiliates ($200), and YouTube revenue ($1500).

Madhsudhan shared a screenshot of a recent $2294 month from Mediavine.

Mediavine Dashboard Madhsudhan Khemchandani

Quick Blogging Tip By Madhsudhan

Be consistent and do keyboard research. Never compete with big websites. You won’t get anywhere. Find long-tail keywords to build your authority.

10. This Work From Home Life

Gemma launched her blog This Work From Home Life in 2018, focusing on the increasingly popular remote work and side hustle niche.

In over 5 years of consistent blogging she has published around 300 posts driving 100,000 monthly views.

This Work From Home Life

Though it took 3 months of hard work to get into Mediavine, once approved she easily and consistently earned over $1000 per month from ad revenue alone, which now reliably brings in $3000 of her $3950 total monthly income.

She supplements ads with affiliate commissions averaging $750 monthly, plus some digital product sales.

Quick Blogging Tip By Gemma

Focus on getting into a premium ad network if you want to make money ASAP. That is the game changer.

11. Cassie Scroggins

Cassie started her blog in 2016 after having a child, seeing it as a way to stay home while still earning income after being inspired by a mom blogger she followed.

Cassie Croggins

Going through some trial and error with topics, she settled into the motherhood lifestyle niche focused on parenting but also rediscovering yourself as a woman and creating an ideal life as a mom.

In over 7 years Cassie has published 250 posts driving 130,000 monthly views. She monetizes this audience through Raptive (formerly AdThrive) earning a $36 RPM, plus affiliate marketing, digital products, and sponsored content.

It took nearly 2 years to consistently surpass $1000 in monthly earnings, but she now reliably earns $6500 from her blog (Including Ad Revenue, Affiliate Marketing and Digital products) and another $3500 from social media (Inlcuding more affiliate sales and social sponsored posts) each month.

Cassie shared screenshots validating these impressive earnings.

Screen Shot 2023 09 27 at 12.48.44 PM Cassie Scroggins
Screen Shot 2023 09 27 at 12.46.51 PM Cassie Scroggins

Quick Blogging Tip By Cassie

Invest in a good blogging course/training. It will save you so much time! –Focus on SEO ASAP! – Just START! -Don’t stress about your niche if you don’t know what to write about.

Just start writing and see what you like to write about and what your audience responds well to. – Don’t overlook Pinterest for traffic. – Blogs are not dead.

They’re just more like niche sites now instead of online journals. That’s what social media is used for now.

You have to focus on what value you’re giving your reader. If you just want to journal your life, do that on social media.


The survey and income reports and tips shared by these 11 successful bloggers in 2023 highlight that blogging can still be a profitable business in the current era.

The bloggers profiled earn between $1000 to as high as $30,000+ per month by monetizing their content through a mix of display ads, affiliate marketing, digital products, sponsorships and other avenues – many achieving their first $1000+ month within 6-12 months.

Ad rates are strong as well, with networks like Mediavine and Raptive driving a $30 to even $50 RPM for some.

While social media gets more eyeballs, niche blogs continue to build loyal communities and drive solid income potential.

The keys remain regularly publishing high-quality, focused content that attracts and engages your target audience.

Then implementing various monetization strategies, diversifying income sources, and staying persistent through an initial slow build period.

But for those who stick with it, these bloggers prove blogging can still change lives and fund the lifestyle you desire.

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