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How I Make $2,000 Per Month Creating Faceless YouTube Videos

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Hey, gorgeous people so today I want to let you in on the business I’ve built that earns me over $2,000 per month, almost completely on autopilot.

Like many of you, I’ve always dreamed of having a popular YouTube channel.

I mean, who wouldn’t love earning piles of cash just for posting great videos?

The problem was actually creating videos seemed way too hard. Filming, editing, promoting – no thanks! I value my sanity and free time.

But what if I told you new artificial intelligence tools exist that remove 90% of the work involved?

What if with just a couple of hours a week you could direct your own virtual video production studio?

I know it sounds unlikely.

But stick with me through my story of stumbling upon ChatGPT and Pictory.AI and I think you’ll be blown away by what’s now possible…

How I Make $2000 Per Month?

Now before diving into the actual process, I know you might be wondering how do i even make $2000 per month on autopilot by working a few hours every month.

What’s the business model?

How does it work?

So let me tell you what the actual business model is.

So I create faceless YouTube videos that I bet you might have already seen somewhere on YouTube.

Yes, these are the videos where no one ever shows face but instead, stock footage and a voiceover are used to create such videos.

Here are some YouTube channels that have already doing this for years.

So I create these videos and publish them on YouTube, my videos get views over time and then I get paid by YouTube.

October Revenue

YouTube usually pays you based on RPM (RPM = $ per 1000 views).

So my RPM usually stays between $7-$10.

My channel generates over 200k views, and I earn more than $2000 every single month from youtube ads and affiliate sales.

Now how can you achieve similar numbers? well keep reading and i will reveal all my secret today.

The Struggles

So I’ve tried vlogging and some tech review YouTube channels before and I don’t mind being on camera occasionally.

But editing? My god. I wanted to tear my hair out.

“I remember sitting at my laptop late into the night, painstakingly stitching random video clips together. My 10 minute video had taken 30 hours of work!”

And for what? 17 views and 2 subscribers?

I wasn’t willing to live my life as an editing zombie for meager rewards. There had to be a way to automate this somewhere.

Out of desperation, I googled “automate video editing AI”. And I struck gold.

I landed on articles about two revolutionary technologies:

  • ChatGPT: An AI bot that can write amazing video scripts better than any copywriter in just a few clicks.
  • Pictory: An AI video editing platform that can turn scripts into high-quality videos using stock videos and AI voiceover.

My pulse raced reading about them.

Could I feed text to an app and get YouTube-worthy videos spat out?

I mean imaging, it is like a money-making machine, you put a script into a tool, click a button and it generates a video that you can publish on YouTube and make money.

I had to get my hands on ChatGPT and Pictory to find out. Which brings me to…

4-Step Process To Create Autmated YouTube Videos Using AI

Here is a 4 step process to create faceless Youtube videos using AI in minutes without any video editing skills.

1. Choosing a Niche and Video Ideas

To succeed on YouTube without showing your face, you need videos with incredible value focused on specific topics.

Rather than guessing at ideas myself, I let ChatGPT recommend promising niches and video topics tailored to my channel’s goal of earning at least $1000/mo.

I gave ChatGPT key details about my target viewer demographics, content style, and monetization plans. It suggested:

“Consider an outdoor recreation niche like camping. It has mass appeal yet few optimized videos for search terms like ‘car camping for beginners’.”

I loved this idea – informational how-to content perfect for my youtube channel.

2. Writing Detailed Video Scripts with ChatGPT

The key to videos that rank highly in YouTube searches is thorough, well-researched scripts.

While writing quality scripts myself would’ve taken days, I can generate a full script through ChatGPT in minutes.

All you have to do is visit ChatGPT website and log in with your openAI account.

After that, you can start prompting the AI and it will generate you whatever you want based on your instructions.

I instructed ChatGPT:

Write a friendly 1000-word script on “Car Camping Tips for Beginners” with 8-10 sections, use conversational tone, do not use any narrator or speaker, make it look like an article, use proper line breaks, full stops, commas.

ChatGPT Script

In seconds, I had the ideal script structure to transform into an 8-minute video.

Sometimes, if chatGPT stops writing in the middle or you want even more detail, just prompt:

Continue suggesting beginner car camping tips…

and ChatGPT will keep adding helpful content indefinitely.

3. Turning Script Into Video Using Pictory.AI

ChatGPT blew me away with its scriptwriting skills. Now it was time to feed it to Pictory and render an actual video out of thin air!


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Grab Your Free Trial!

I copy/pasted my car camping script into Pictory’s script to the video tool.

It automatically splits the script into scenes and added an AI-generated human-sounding voiceover based on my script.

Youtube Script

Pictory.Ai has recently collaborated with Elevenlabs to offer ultimate human sounding voiceovers to their customers

Pictory Video

My first impression of the video was amazing, with beautiful and relevant scenes and footage, human-sounding voiceover and easy-to-read captions at the bottom.

But if you find that some clips are not really relevant to the script you can easily replace them with Pictory’s huge library of stock footage with just a click.

So In just a couple of minutes, Pictory exported me a snappy, gorgeous 8-minute car camping tips video that is now ready to get published.

I was stunned. This was supposed to take at least 2-3 days with a whole video production team!

4. Uploading My AI Video to YouTube

So after your video is ready, it’s time to publish it on Youtube.

So for that, I created a simple Video title and description using chatGPT and a simple YouTube video thumbnail for my camping video using Canva and uploaded my car camping video on YouTube.

And then I repeated the same thing again and again.

Because the video creation process was a lot simpler, I was creating 2 videos every single day within just a few minutes.

I knew what I was doing and I was regular with my process, after a few months I noticed my videos started driving traffic and subscribers rapidly from YouTube searches.

After 6 months my YouTube channel got accepted into YouTube Partner’s program and I can now make money by running YouTube ads on my channel.

$100 in ad revenue that first month. Then $212 the next.

6 months later now?

I am consistently making $2000/mo just ad revenue and affiliate sales.

And all the videos on my channel are created by AI!

I’ve now expanded to paying freelancers to help produce 5-7 videos per day for my different channels in various outdoor niches.

So believe me when I say…

Anyone Can Use AI to Build Passive Income Now

I know it seems unbelievable. But the numbers and video proof don’t lie. AI video production is the real deal.

You don’t need an editing bay, production team, or even any on-camera charisma.

Just a laptop, ChatGPT, Pictory.AI, and a willingness to learn.

People are selling the same stuff for $500 in form of online courses but i have revealed everything for free.

Oh and some business hustle once the videos start flowing, of course!

But if I could figure this out?

The guy who barely passed high school video editing class?

I promise hundreds of thousands of others can thrive with automated video channels too.

So why not get your feet wet?

Sign up for ChatGPT and Pictory today. Brainstorm some niche ideas. And start bringing your own AI videos to life immediately!

Got Any Questions? Comment down below, i will reply to each and every one of you.


Can complete beginners do this?

Yes! ChatGPT and Pictory are designed to be user-friendly. Some learning is required, but experience isn’t necessary.

How long does it take before you earn money?

Within 6-7 months of steady video creation, you can expect to earn your first income.
In some cases you might be able to do within 2-3 months but it all depends upon your niche, the number of videos you upload and a little bit of luck.

What are the software subscription costs?

ChatGPT is currently free with some limitations during its beta period.
Pictory.AI offers 3 free video projects so users can test it out. After that, paid plans start at around $39 per month.

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