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society6 review
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Almost all of us are pretty much hit by the pandemic. Some lucky ones have their jobs in place, while some others are struggling to get one. In this situation, what else could be better than choosing your passion for art and artistic skills?

Yes! As someone interested in art, several third-party sellers help you connect with customers who want to get your designs printed on certain pieces of stuff.

However, trusting online marketplaces today is a very difficult thing to do. The fear of it being a scam is always on the minds of both buyers and sellers, especially in the case of online third-party selling platforms.

Today, I am going to talk about one of such platforms known as Society6 and bring to you a genuine piece of society6 reviews.

If that interests you, keep reading each word of this blog post to know more about what is in store for you.

What Is Society6?

Society6 is a platform that acts as a meeting place for buyers and sellers interested in the trade of art pieces made by artists that showcase through a third-party seller.

Society6 does not have a brand of its own. They are depending on artistic and creative people who come and become a part of their society. Besides, from the point of a buyer, you can easily buy products from the platform.

Thus, it works in the favor of both buyers and sellers. As sellers, you can earn some good profit once your designs are liked and sold. And as sellers who look out for genuine art pieces to be printed to different pieces of stuff, society6 gives a great opportunity.

Customized artwork is something that most people are attracted to. That’s where society6 comes into play. The products you can find usually range from mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, pillowcases, bedsheets, and many more.

Ever since 2009, the platform has been in the market fulfilling the needs of both buyers and sellers. However, they have a particular set of guidelines that one needs to follow to become a part of them.

How Does Society6 Make Money?

To put it in simple words, society6 makes earning as and when a product is sold on their platform. The maximum amount of a product is kept by the platform itself and a little part of the earnings are given to the artist as a commission.

This might be seen to be an unfair situation but, there are a few positive parts too. For example, as a buyer, you need not spend any money as subscription fees when engaging with the society6 platform.

Society6 acts as the perfect third party, whereby, as a seller, you need not do anything except for uploading your design on the platform. All the job, right from packaging to shipping, everything is planned by the platform and the seller has no role to play.

In other words, you can say that it is a hassle-free marketplace where the sellers do not have to worry about anything. It’s the same as Redbubble.

With that said, it is seen that society6 has successfully helped secure a community of artists who can sell their designs with the platform, without any worry.

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Is Society6 Legit?

Even though society6 has been in the market for a long time now, so many people still deal with the question of the legitimacy of society6. But many factors will assure the legitimacy of society6 throughout this blog post.

Firstly, talking about the strict community guidelines that both buyers and sellers need to follow to become a part of society6.

Several actions of both buyers and sellers are strictly checked such as the minimum age requirements, multiple account checks, spam, fake accounts, promotion activities, or any repeated violation of the guidelines laid down.

This shows the security that the platform offers for its users. Besides, its privacy policy is very detailed and is in accordance with data protection laws, rules and regulations.

Only the standard set of information such as name, address, contact number, email address, etc. that you wish to provide with them can only be used.

Any other form of information that you do not wish to share will not be taken into consideration, as is mentioned in the privacy policy and terms of use. Thus, with that, I am sure the issues on the legitimacy and safety on the society6 platform are no more a barrier for both buyers and sellers.

Is Society6 A Trusted Marketplace For Buyers And Sellers?

What else can help you get your answers other than customer reviews and ratings?

Well, in the case of society6, it has been rated 4.29 stars out of 5 stars by its existing group of user community so far.

This clearly shows the satisfaction that both buyers and sellers have faced while using the society6 platform.

Unlike other third-party selling platforms, the return policy of society6 is more direct for the users.

They allow their buyers to send a return request within 60 days from the date of delivery.

However, the only drawback is that the shipping expenses are on you when you decide to return a particular product.

Besides, certain items are not at all eligible for returns such as face masks, furniture, and eGift Cards.

The customer support team is highly cooperative and helps to process your return. For those who already have a society6 account, for them, the process is conducted earlier than anyone who does not have a society6 account.

After the return process is completed, it takes about 7-10 days for the amount to reflect in your bank account.

Furthermore, for any sort of scams that one can face on the platform, society6 makes it a point to compensate and ban the person doing such unwanted activity.

These are some of the factors that help to guide the buyers and sellers before joining and becoming a part of society6 community.

What Are The Perks And Drawbacks Of Society6?

For a buyer or a seller, it is equally important to realize both the advantages and the disadvantages before jumping to a conclusion.

For the purpose, here I have for you a few important points you need to know as part of society6 reviews.


There are several reasons that one can think of before joining society6. It offers several positive points that are ideal for any third-party selling platform.

Firstly, society6 gives you a proper system where you can report any issues you are facing from another user.

Secondly, society6 is a very easy-to-use platform where there is no complicated process you need to know to use the platform.

Thirdly, there are several options for the buyers to choose from. Thousands and thousands of artists come and join hands with society6 to showcase their artwork and sell them to the desired customers.

Last but not the least, the answer to the question ‘is society6 legit’ is found through several reviews of existing users who assure you that it is a legit platform to sell and buy creative art pieces.


There are not just all positive points about society6. Some disadvantages too can be found if you can take a close sight of society6.

The first drawback is that you cannot get to know what would be the quality of the product you ordered. Before placing the order, you cannot get an idea of the quality in any way. Only once delivered you will get to know.

Furthermore, the shipping time for each order is generally high as they are made only after you place the order and that takes more than the average time to ship. Thus, for any emergency orders, society6 is perhaps not the best.

Concluding Thoughts  

Now that we are done with most of the debate, the last conclusion lies here.

So, for the artists trying to get the right scope for selling their artworks, society6 is a great platform to invest your hard work. They contain all the features that you need from an online third-party marketplace.

Though there are several other platforms just like society6, society6 is definitely a bit different and secured for both buyers and sellers alike.

You have with them all that you need. You do not have to take up extra pain to deliver or ship any of the products, all work is done by society6.

The pay may be less with society6 but, other aspects are quite fine if you are ready for a little bit of compromise.

For the buyers too, it is all safe and secure to go around and shop for some classic art pieces from society6. You can get your hands on as many options as you want.

However, for those looking for a huge income out of society6, this is not practically possible.

Other than that, society6 is all legit and you are assured to be in safe hands. Thus, you can safely begin your journey with society6 right away without wasting any more time and energy in the wrong direction.

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