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Redbubble Reviews, Is Redbubble Safe? (Shocking Reality)

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We have discussed a lot of things about Redbubble before on our page. We have seen how you can make money on Redbubble and also learned about how you can sell stickers on Redbubble. But today, the whole point is about discussing is Redbubble safe?

Looking into the previous articles, I am sure you were thinking to start your journey with Redbubble. But there are a lot of confusions you can still have in your minds.

Even though it is a big enough online marketplace, you still might be struggling with questions on whether you should buy for Redbubble or not, or you might be thinking if it is a reliable marketplace or what experience you might have while using Redbubble.

Well, if such questions bring you here to this blog post, you are just are the right place, looking for answers for your questions.

Keep reading to get all your related doubts cleared and find out if Redbubble is the one platform for your print-on-demand needs or not.

What Is Redbubble?

As we have already discussed many a time before, Redbubble is nothing but an online marketplace where sellers and buyers meet.

But this marketplace is only meant for people who are interested in artistic and creative things.

Redbubble is a third-party print-on-demand seller where people come and sell their pieces of art for others to buy.

On Redbubble, buyers look for great art pieces which they can get printed on different objects such as t-shirts, pillows, phone cases, mugs, and many more.

You can say that it is more of a customized effect where you can pick a design and get it printed of anything of your choice.

For the members of Redbubble, it is a great means of side income that they can easily earn without having to do anything much.

Ever since 2006, Redbubble is growing with time, and today, it has a worldwide reach. People from different parts of the world, know and talk about the platform Redbubble.

How Does Redbubble Work?

Just like any print-on-demand company, Redbubble works in the very same way. You can put your designs for sale on Redbubble, and as and when someone likes it, he/she can get it printed on any object and pay for it.

However, you do not need to do anything other than uploading your designs on Redbubble, from production on demand to shipping and delivery, all operations are easily managed by Redbubble itself. For the designs, you have the Copywrite and people come to know that it is your design.

However, that does not mean that you can label your brand while selling on Redbubble.

If you are looking for a platform that can value your pieces of art and pay for them, then Redbubble does exactly that.

Other than that, if you want your branding and store, Redbubble is not the place for you.

Besides, if you want to be a part of Redbubble, all you need to do is, sign in and create an account. Now you are the manager of your account.

You have the right to upload your designs and logos and set the profit margin.

Besides, you also have the right to choose the product in which you would like to get your designs printed.

There is just a base price for every product that Redbubble charges and it is fixed for each type of product.

Other than the base price, any other money you receive by selling a particular product is your earnings.

Is Redbubble Legit?

Redbubble reviews from all over the internet speak a lot of its legitimacy.

Besides, if you talk about the platform, everything is taken care of by Redbubble itself. You have no liabilities.

Your customers are dealt with by Redbubble and they ensure that timely delivery is made to your customers.

Your money gets into your account quite safely without any hassle. once your earnings reach the minimum range, you can easily withdraw them for yourself.

There is no reason why Redbubble may not seem legit to you.

They ensure full security and safety for its customers and also its members contributing to the platform.

As a third-party print-on-demand company, they do not leave any area unnoticed for you to struggle with it. Your concerns are handled carefully when you have Redbubble to look after you.

Thus, in my opinion, Redbubble is a legit platform and is better than many of its competitors in the print-on-demand market.

Is It Safe To Use Redbubble?

The primary question people are dealing with today is nothing other than is Redbubble safe? Talking about the safety part of Redbubble is not that difficult.

You can easily measure safety from three different points of view.

Firstly, the growing outreach of Redbubble in the online marketplace shows how safe the platform can be.

Though the company started on a small scale, today, it has its offices located in different parts of the globe.

Besides, their chain of manufacturers is also increasing with time. This clearly shows how a company can build trust and grow if it can make you feel safe and secure.

Secondly, what could give you the best results other than customer reviews?

Yes! Redbubble has successfully won the hearts of its customers and that is why you can find so many positive reviews about Redbubble.

Many people have said that they have placed several orders from Redbubble and have been satisfied with the purchase experience and customer support system.

Last but not the least, Redbubble’s customer support system is talked about by its existing users.

The team is sweet-spoken and is ready to help you in every possible way. Also, once you reach them on their support system, they get back to you very soon to solve your problem.

If you want to return an order, you can do it within 90 days from the date of delivery.

The customer support team will help you go easily with the return and refund process.

Thus, if you are someone who likes reading reviews, you can read some of the Redbubble reviews and find out for yourself the truth behind it all.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Redbubble

Practically thinking, there cannot be just all good points or all bad points about Redbubble.

While many reviews show that Redbubble is just the ideal platform, some other reviews talk about the problems that have been faced while using Redbubble.

Thus, while purchasing a product from Redbubble there are a few perks and drawbacks that have been brought to light.


  1. While purchasing from Redbubble, you can be sure to get your hands on a lot of variety that you can’t even find in a physical print-on-demand store.
    Each design is unique from one another and the artist in you will love to buy things from Redbubble.
  2. Redbubble keeps all its customer data in safe hands and while buying something, you can be sure to make safe and secure transactions. The fear of getting scammed cannot be a problem while shopping from Redbubble.
  3. Redbubble assures that the quality product you receive is of high quality. Not just the material of the product, but also, the print quality is highly maintained.


  1. Shipment and delivery might take a longer time than a regular e-commerce platform that has its products all ready to sell. It is a bit different in the case of a print-on-demand company.
  2. The next most considerable disadvantage is that the product you see and the product you receive may turn out to be different. Sometimes you may not like the result and that can break your heart.

Thus, with that, the major advantages and disadvantages of Redbubble have been talked about.

Though there can be several advantageous points, the demerits of Redbubble are very limited and you hardly can criticize the platform on that basis.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that we have reached the end of this blog post, it is pretty clear that Redbubble has a two-faced review in the eyes of different people.

Though there is nothing as such wrong with the platform, it is just the user experience that differs in each case.

Nevertheless, earning from Redbubble is a very good idea for those looking for passive income sources. If you have the right artistic and creative skills in place, you can easily consider Redbubble as your blessing.

Similarly, as a buyer too, you would hardly find any good source as good as Redbubble. I

t is better than several e-commerce sites and can fulfill all your print-on-demand needs.

Though there are many competitors of Redbubble, you can still try and see what makes Redbubble different from all others in the crowd.

Thus, as someone who values art and has willing to customize things, Redbubble is something you must try out.

It will give you the best shopping experience in no time. Go ahead and sign up today to see what Redbubble has to offer to you.

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