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Leadswift Review: Lead Generation and Outreach (2023)

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The average sales rep spends more than 65% of their time on lead generation work. Yet most admit they struggle to drum up enough qualified prospects to hit their quotas.

Enter LeadSwift – the automatic lead generation tool that can generate thousands of leads in just a few clicks.

But between bold promises and reality falls a gaping chasm of uncertainty.

In this no-hype review, we will see LeadSwift’s lead generation capabilities to reveal exactly how well this tool actually finds leads.

  • Did You Know: According to SemRush, 67% of companies use lead generation as the sole metric to determine content success.
    Source: Hubspot

You’ll get the complete inside scoop on LeadSwift’s unique strengths, concerning limitations, and most importantly – if it can actually help you to start an agency.

What Is Leadswift

Leadswift is a cloud-based lead generation platform that can generate thousands of leads within a few mins.

With the ability to scrap multiple sources like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages, and Business Directories, Leadswift promises to find you more leads than any other tool could ever do.

Not only that, with features like searching a particular text in a website, mass auditing, and online presence analysis you can easily find targeted leads that actually make sense for you.

And it’s not done yet, leadswift does have an inbuilt email verification and cold email outreach tool that will help you to reach out to all the leads that you found under the same roof.

Watch Leadswift In Action (Video)

Leadswift Features

Let’s talk about all of the Leadswift features one by one.

1. Finding Leads

This is what Leadswift is known for, finding or scraping leads from different sources and displaying all the info in an organized manner.

But here things get interesting, unlike other tools, you can do a lot more with Leadswift.

You can search leads that have a particular text on their website, eg. Let’s say you want to reach out to Shopify stores, you can search for “Powered by Shopify” this will search for all the leads that are currently using Shopify for their websites.

You can mass audit websites for issues like poor SEO, slow page speed, etc and offer them your services.

Leadswift will also provide you with their business reviews so you will get an idea about their online reputation, so if you are someone who sells reputation management services to businesses this is going to be useful for you.

You will also get all of their social media handles including the important stats like how many followers they have. Good for social media management agencies.

You will also get enough data about whether or not your leads are advertising on platforms like Google, Bing, Twitter, etc.

So you see, you will get everything you need to know about your leads from Leadswift under one report.

FeatureDescriptionSuitable For
Search Text In WebsitesSearch leads that have a particular text present on their websites like “Wordpress”Web Development, Marketing Agencies
Mass Audit WebsitesAudit websites for poor SEO, responsiveness, speedWeb development and SEO agencies.
Reviews/Ratings InfoProvide detailed information about the business ratingsReputation management agencies
Social Media ReportAll of the business’ social media profiles, statistics such as how many followers they have, etc.Social Media Management Agencies
Advertising StatusTheir advertisement status on various platforms like Google, Bing, Twitter, etcSMM Agencies

Additionally, leadswift provides so many options to filter out your leads and you can easily export them in csv as well.

Leadswift does have an email verifier that removes all the nonworking emails from the list so that your bounce rate will stay under limits.

To get started you just have to log in with your leadswift account and click on the blue “Add Campaign” button to create a campaign.

Now enter a title and description for the campaign so that you can recognize later what the campaign was about.

For eg. I want local plumbers from san diego so I have entered plumbers in san diego.

After entering the title and description click on submit and you will be returned to the campaign list your campaign is created now, just click on it to move ahead to the next step.

Now, enter the business category from the drop-down, if the business category is not available, just enter its name and select the location.

If you want you can also enter a custom HTML to look for on websites and click on the “Search” button.

Now leadswift will take some time to scrap all the leads but the wait is worth it believe me.

So here are the results, it took around 10 mins but it fetched 4238 plumbers in san diego that I can reach out to, amazing.

leadswift results

2. Outreaching

So once you are got your lead list what’s the next step you usually do?

Outreaching right? And usually, you use some third-party tools for that.

But fortunately, with leadswift, you don’t have to use third-party outreach tools as all these features are already included inside Leadswift.

With leadswift, you can easily:

  • Connect your emails
  • Create Email Sequences
  • Create Voicemails
  • Setup follow-ups based on prospect behavior
  • And start sending emails to your lead list

So now lead finding and outreach all under one roof.

3. Campaign Management

Leadswift makes it a lot easier to manage multiple campaigns.

You can easily track your emails, open rates, and reply rate inside the Leadswift dashboard.

With simple and easy-to-read charts, Leadswift makes campaign management a lot easier than any other tool.

Leadswift Pricing Explained

Here is the pricing for different leadswift plans, currently they are offering 50% off but the price may increase in the future.

leadswift pricing

Every plan includes all the features that Leadswift offer, it’s just the number of searched power day that is different in each plan.

Want to try it out? Leadswift offers you a 7 Days free trial. (No Credit Card Required)

What Others Are Saying About Leadswift

Here are some Leadswift reviews that I gathered from multiple sources, see what others are saying about this tool.

Here’s what Peeyush is saying about Leadswift on

Here’s what Gordon has to say about Leadswift on Capterra.

What I Like About Leadswift

Here are some features that I personally loved in Leadswift:

  • More number of leads (I have compared it with other tools Leadswift always provides you with more leads compared to others)
  • More email addresses for every lead: Leadswift finds multiple contact details for most of the leads along with their job roles.
  • In-Depth Data: Leadswift finds almost everything that an agency needs about their prospects for eg: whether they have a website or not, whether are they running ads, hows their SEO is, hows their website speed is, how well they are doing on Social Media, what type of reviews they have, etc.

    They are definitely using something to capture beyond basic information about businesses worldwide.
  • Amazing & Quick Support: They will reply to your queries within a few hrs.
  • Amazing Filters: You can easily filter your lead list inside leadswift with based on multiple factors.
  • Email Verification: It allows you to quickly remove invalid emails to avoid email bounce.

What I Didn’t Like Leadswift

To be honest there is nothing that I didn’t like about this tool but still here are some things that I think should be improved:

  • UI definitely needs some improvements
  • Email Shuffling: Currently you cannot auto-shuffle your emails to reach out to prospects but they said this is in the pipeline so can expect that feature in future updates.
  • Email Inbox: It would be awesome if they can add an Inbox inside Leadswift where replies (people who have replied to our cold emails) from all campaigns can land and we can then start a conversation with our prospects from there only.

Before You Leave

So we have come to the end of this review and honestly, I have found LeadSwift to be the best all-in-one lead generation tool available.

As someone who is always looking for ways to improve my business, I was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity and ease of use.

The powerful features and user-friendly interface made it a breeze to navigate and implement into my marketing strategies.

With LeadSwift’s help, I was able to streamline the lead generation process and capture high-quality leads effectively.

It has proven to be an invaluable asset in expanding my customer base and growing my business.

If you’re searching for a straightforward and reliable lead generation solution, I highly recommend giving LeadSwift a try.

If you have any questions about the product you can comment down below or you can directly reach out to their support, they are very friendly.

Thank you so much for reading!

– Rohit Lohia

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