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How To Sell Stickers On Redbubble Step By Step Guide 2022

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Hey there beautiful people, in our previous article we have discussed how to make money on Redbubble.

But this article is focused on how to sell stickers on RedBubble. I will cover the entire process from start to finish and provide a step-by-step guide for getting your sticker designs onto the site.

In addition, I will go over some of the benefits of using RedBubble as well as some tips for designing your first set of stickers. If you are interested in learning more about this topic then please keep reading!

Selling stickers on Redbubble is an easy and efficient way to make money online. However, the process is a bit more complex than selling other types of designs such as t-shirts or mugs.

If you are not a designer at all but want to earn money on Redbubble then i have added a secret trick at the end of this article to make money on Redbubble without creating any design at all. Just keep on reading !!

Before we get to know how to sell stickers on Redbubble we should have knowledge about how to create stickers. So let’s take a look at it.

How to Make Redbubble Stickers

The process of making stickers for Redbubble is very similar to the process of creating any other type of design. The first step is to come up with an idea or concept for your sticker. Once you have a general idea, you can begin sketching it out.

You can use Procreate or Photoshop to create your Redbubble stickers. If are not artistic

I recommend you to upload a high-quality PNG file of your sticker that should be 2800 x 2800 Px with 300 DPI resolution.

Why 300 DPI?

Some people will try to design in a big sticker form, so you need to make sure that your design won’t get pixelated.

Let’s talk more about details about Redbubble sticker sizing.

There are 4 different size options available on Redbubble.

– Small: about 3×4 inches

– Medium: 4×5.5 inches

– Large: 6.5×8.5 inches

– Extra-large: 10.5×14 inches

Make sure your sticker file will fit into all 4 sizes in order to get more sales. If your sticker is too small Redbubble won’t show your sticker to the users who are looking for a bigger size and you will miss out on sales.

Just putting your canvas to 2800 x 2800 px won’t resize your stickers to the correct dimensions. You need to make sure your actual design is large enough.

Become sometimes your canvas is going to be 2800×2800 Px but your stickers will be only 2400×2400 Px and that’s because of the white space you have added as a border.

You must also make sure that you are exporting your file as a .png with “transparent” selected in order for it to be transparent.

Now when you are done exporting your stickers it’s time to decide on proper pricing for them before putting them on sale.

How to Price Your Redbubble Stickers

There are many factors that you need to consider when setting the price for your sticker. The main question is whether or not people will be willing to pay a certain amount of money for it.

Choosing pricing can be difficult, but it’s important because if you set your prices too high then no one would buy them and you won’t make any money. On the other hand, if you set your prices too low then you will be making less profit on each sale.

When pricing your stickers, you should consider the following:

– How much time and effort does it take to make them?

If it took a lot of time and effort to create the sticker, then you should charge more for them. People will definitely pay you more for your efforts and hard work.

– The prices of similar stickers in the market.

Tell me one thing if you are selling a bunny sticker for 2$ and a similar design is selling for 1$ then nobody is going to buy from you.

So do proper market research before putting out your stickers for sale.

– What type of sticker it is?

Stickers can be divided into different categories, such as funny, cute, cool, or artistic. You should price your stickers according to how much the average person would be willing to pay for them.

Some stickers in categories like cryptocurrency, business, finance pay really well because their audience is willing to pay more.

– How many you are selling?

The more stickers you sell, the higher the price per will be. That means a sticker pack containing a pack of 10 stickers will price more than a single sticker.

So start creating beautiful sticker packs today.

– Are they exclusive?

If you are the only person selling a certain type of sticker then you can charge more for them. This is because people will know that they cannot get that design anywhere else but from you.

How To Sell Redbubble Stickers

Now that you have created some amazing stickers and you are ready with your prices also it’s time to put them on sale. The first step is to create a Redbubble account if you don’t already have one.

It’s a very simple process and it will take you only a few minutes. You can do that by clicking here.

Once your account is created just fill out your profile and attach your social media accounts to make your profile look more legit.

It will build trust with the users and they will be more likely to buy from you.

Now that your account is created it’s time to add some of your amazing stickers for sale.

You can do this by dragging your stickers file directly into the uploader.

Luckily, Redbubble will automatically set your sticker to all the sizes if you have uploaded the right image with the right dimensions and resolution.

Put all the related information in your listing and make it live for sale.

You can cross-check the information before publishing it if you want.

Now that your stickers are up for sale, all you need to do is promote them and get sales!

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How To Promote Your Redbubble Sticker Shop

how to promote redbubble shop

Although Redbubble already has an audience base so it is not necessary to market your stickers, doing some marketing never hurts.

Promoting your Redbubble shop will not only boost your sales but also build your audience base because now you are creating brand value by doing proper marketing on various platforms.

There are many ways to promote your stickers but the best way would be through social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

These sites have a large number of buyers so you will get your stickers to sell very quickly.

In addition, Pinterest is one of the best places to promote your shop because it has an audience that really loves buying stickers and other products from Redbubble.

In addition, you can reach out to bloggers and journalists who may be interested in writing about your sticker shop.

The last thing left for you to do is wait until people start purchasing your sticker designs!

Now Let’s take a look at some of the FAQs.


What Percentage Does Redbubble Take?

On Redbubble, you set your own profit. You can adjust your profits according to your needs but make sure you don’t put a big price tag or you won’t get any sales.

How Many Stickers Can I Sell?

You can sell an unlimited number of stickers on Redbubble.

How Much Do Redbubble Artists Make?

It totally depends upon the number of items you have and the quality of each item.

Make sure the quality should be top-notch otherwise no matter if you even create 1000 items, nobody gonna buy them.


So this was our article on how to create Redbubble stickers and how they can be sold online by using social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

I hope I did not miss anything on this topic otherwise please let me know about it through the comments below 🙂 Thank You !!!!!

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