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How To Sell Comic Books On eBay (Full Guide!!)

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As both a comic enthusiast and reseller myself, I often get asked by friends and family if their old comic collections are worth anything.

Most are surprised when I explain just how valuable some of those dusty boxes stashed away in basements and attics can be.

But it does require a strategic approach in order to know exactly which comics to sell and how to sell comic books online properly.

And in this article, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to sell your comics on eBay step-by-step.

Whether you’ve just got a small collection of ’90s comics or a bonafide grail-filled stash, you could turn those books into cold hard cash. Sound good? Then let’s dive in!

Is eBay good for selling comics?

The short answer? Absolutely.

Launched way back in 1995 as mainly an online garage sale for used books and knickknacks, eBay has grown into one of the premier marketplaces for buying and selling collectibles of all kinds.

Ebay Marketplace

That includes big money categories like trading cards, coins, and of course, comic books.

So what makes eBay such a good fit for comics?

For starters, it offers:

  • Massive built-in audience – 147+ million active buyers prowling daily
  • High buyer intent – People come to eBay explicitly to purchase
  • Established reputation – Trusted platform with buyer protections
  • Low fees compared to auction houses – Typically 10-15% vs 20%+
  • Global reach – Over 180 countries and counting

In addition, eBay employs powerful search algorithms and category filters enabling buyers to easily locate exactly what they’re looking for. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to sell comic books online.

Niche communities have also grown around areas like comics with very active forums and groups facilitating connections between enthusiasts.

Now let’s explore how to leverage eBay successfully to convert those dusty long boxes into cold hard cash!

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Identify The Key Comics

The very first step is figuring out if you actually have anything worth selling locked away in those long boxes.

Idenify Key Comics

Not all old comics are valuable keys. Truth is, most random issues that seem neat to collectors personally are not in high demand. True gems that sell for big money have a few common characteristics:

  • First appearances – An issue featuring the first appearance of a major character sees a spike in popularity
  • Low print runs – Rare issues and #1’s often had smaller print runs making them scarce
  • Iconic covers/stories – Issues featuring famous front covers or pivotal story moments
  • High-grade condition – Mint condition rockets value for any desirable issue

So study your stash closely and identify what big-name heroes or events show up.

Check websites like ComicBookRealm which lists the key issues for every major title. Search the big names like:

  • Spiderman
  • Batman
  • X-Men
  • Iron Man
  • Avengers
  • Hulk

If you own any first appearances or famous storylines for major characters, you could have a coveted comic worth listing. Those types of books skyrocket in value if tied to new movies or shows too.

For the more ordinary stuff though like random 90’s X-Force or 70’s Daredevil, sorry to say those might just be good donation pile contenders. But let’s price-check to be sure!

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How To Find Key Comic Books

Luckily there are great tools available to determine if you’re sitting on a goldmine:

Search through your collection, noting down any promising issues for further evaluation.

Grade Your Comic Books

Once you’ve identified potential “keys”, the next step is assessing the condition. This is crucial as grade drastically affects value.

The standard grading scale is:

10Gem MintNo visible defects
9.8 – 9.4Near Mint/MintMinor defects only
8.0 – 9.0Very FineSlight wear
6.0 – 7.5FineClearly read but still complete
4.0 – 5.5Very GoodWell-worn
2.0 – 3.5GoodHeavy wear, staining
0.5 – 1.5Fair/PoorExtremely worn, pieces missing

Resources for Grading Your Comic Books

  • Overstreet Price Guide – Visual photo examples of each numeric grade
  • YouTube Comic Grading Videos – Teach what flaws to look for
  • Local Comic Shop – Many offer free walk-in appraisals

Be extremely nitpicky here, as buyers will inspect closely and condition equals cash. Note All observable flaws.

Pricing Your Comic Books

Now that you have identified your key issues and graded condition, the next step is researching real-world value on eBay by filtering for sold and completed listings of that exact issue.

Pricing your comics 1

Remember, what you think it’s worth means nothing – genuine price value is proven by what willing buyers recently paid.

Follow this process:

  1. Search issue number on eBay (ex: “Amazing Spiderman #50”)
  2. Navigate to “filters” and select “Show Only”
  3. Click the “Sold Items” checkbox
  4. Sort low to high by price; observe range

Make notes on overall value trends based on grade.

Newsstand editions often command higher premiums as well when consistently confirmed across past sales.

Additional Pricing Resources

For second opinions:

Pricing slightly below the average recent sale often maximizes interest amongst existing eBay watchers and bidders monitoring that issue.

Take Quality Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for sellers, this means taking good photos can show details better than long, complicated descriptions.

Take Quality Pictures Of Your Comic

When taking pictures of your comics, make sure to capture:

  • The front and back covers.
  • Some pages from inside.
  • The condition of the spine.
  • Any damage like tears or stains.
  • How the comic is protected, like in a sleeve or with a backing board.

Use bright white light and the close-up setting on your camera to really show the details and colors of the pages.

Spending just an extra five minutes to take good photos can really improve how your listing looks to buyers.

Also, showing any flaws clearly in the photos can help prevent returns.

Provide Detailed Descriptions

Writing a clear and detailed listing helps buyers know exactly what they’re getting when they buy a comic book.

Since comic books can have many small issues, it’s important to list these clearly and in detail.

Make sure to include things like:

  • The full name and issue number of the comic.
  • Any special features, like the first appearance of a character.
  • The year it was published.
  • The type of printing (like newsstand edition or direct edition).
  • The names of the writer and illustrator.
  • How you’ve kept the comic (in a plastic sleeve and backing board, etc.).
  • Any problems, like tears, stains, or missing staples, should be clearly mentioned.

Use correct grammar and avoid text abbreviations. Write as if the person buying doesn’t know anything about comics.

Building trust with buyers by giving them all the details and being honest is very important when you’re selling collectibles.

Additional Tips For Selling Comic Books On Ebay 

Below are some extra tips to maximize the value of your comic books when you decide to sell them on eBay.

1. Set Lower Starting Bids with a Good Reserve Price

eBay provides sellers two useful options when listing comics:

  1. Starting auction bid price
  2. Hidden reserve reserve pricing

Finding the optimal balance between these two takes some trial and error experimentation.

Low start bids reel in watchers and early activity kicking off bid momentum…yet you risk letting a valuable book go too cheaply if reserve isn’t set adequately high.

On the other hand, overly ambitious reserves can deter bidders altogether if beyond recent sales.

General guidance:

  • Set start bid ~60-70% of fair book value
  • Place aggressive yet realistic reserve at 80% of value
  • Example: $100 comic => $0.99 start price + $80 reserve.

This captures bidder interest that hopefully escalates into a bidding war come auction close.

2. Take Advantage of News

Comic book characters become more valuable when they are in the news or part of big events that a lot of people are interested in.

Smart sellers know how to use these times to their advantage. Here are some examples:

  • When a new Marvel or DC movie trailer comes out, comics with those characters become more popular.
  • Big events like Comic Con 2024 make people want to buy costumes of comic characters.
  • If a TV show decides to use a comic character that hasn’t been on TV before, it gets more attention.

During these exciting times, you can smartly increase the price of your comics by 10-25% more than what you usually would ask for.

Useful News & Rumor Sources:

Plug these sites into Google alerts to receive trending comic news directly to your inbox enabling you to react in real-time aligning listings.

3. Packaing and Shipping Securely

The last important tip is to make sure they reach the new owner in good condition after you sell them.

Pack and ship your comics

Packing them the right way keeps them safe in the mail and prevents negative reviews from buyers. Here are some tips I recommend for packing:

  • Put the comics in a plastic sleeve and a backing board, then wrap them well in bubble wrap.
  • Place them tightly between two hard pieces of cardboard.
  • Add extra protection to the corners to avoid damage.
  • Always send them with a service that lets you track the package and includes insurance!

Spending a little extra on good packing materials, like special comic bags or bubble envelopes, is worth it.

It makes sure the comics get to the buyer without any damage, so you won’t have to worry about giving refunds. Think of it as a small investment to protect your valuable comics.

Spending a bit more now, maybe around ten dollars, can safeguard a shipment worth a thousand dollars.

So, it’s not good to try to save a small amount at this final step. You’ve put in a lot of effort to get a good price for your comics on eBay, so make sure you finish the job well!

Hottest Selling Comics On Ebay

Based on recent data, some of the hottest selling comic books on eBay include:

#Comic BookKey FeaturesRecent Sales Trends
1Despicable Deadpool #287Exploring Deadpool’s Return to His Villainous RootsParticular cover, return to Deadpool’s villainous ways
2Teen Titans #12 (2017)Significant return on investment, especially in near-mint conditionStrong return on investment, rapid increase in value
3Dark Nights: Batman Who Laughs #1Large following, massive recent salesUneven return on investment, top recent graded sales
4Incredible Hulk #181Engaging storyline, a significant spike in recent purchasesFirst full appearance of Wolverine, a consistently popular
5The Batman Adventures #12Harley Quinn’s debut, resurging popularityResurgence in popularity, influenced by media portrayals
6Amazing Spider-Man #121A slight decrease in average sales price over past yearGaining attention alongside Spider-Gwen’s media popularity
7Wolverine #8Popular for its cover art and early meeting between Wolverine and HulkFavoritism for cover art, affordable for collectors
8Batman #423Famous Todd McFarlane cover art, traction due to iconic Batman storiesGained traction due to association with Batman stories

How much does eBay charge to sell comic books?

As an eBay seller, you’ll pay both listing fees and final value fees per transaction. The key variables are:

  • Insertion fee for each new listing
  • Final value fee based on sale price

Current eBay comic book fees are:

  • $0.35 listing fee per comic (non-refundable)
  • 10% final value fee per comic

On a $100 comic sale for example, you would pay $0.35 initial listing fee + $10 final value fee = $10.35 in total fees.

Additional optional fees include:

  • Store subscription for volume sellers
  • Promoted Listings to increase visibility

It’s important to factor fees into your pricing strategy so you don’t lose money on sales.

Putting It All Together

Phew – that was a lot of information to take in! Let’s do a quick recap:

To successfully sell comics books on eBay:

  1. Identify any “key” issues
  2. Accurately grade condition
  3. Check recent sales to estimate values
  4. Photograph thoroughly and describe details
  5. Price competitively
  6. Package extremely carefully for shipping
  7. Build up positive buyer feedback

Comic book selling does take some work. But once you get the basics down, it can be an incredibly enjoyable – and profitable – hobby!

I hope these tips help you uncover the true value of your collection and sell those books for top dollar. And if any questions pop up along the way, feel free to reach out. Happy selling!

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