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How To Sell Airbags On eBay And Make Money (Full Guide)

When it comes to making money on eBay, there are a lot of options.

You can sell just about anything and make some good side cash. But what if you are actually serious about selling on eBay and want to maximize your earnings?

What’s the best way to do that?

One option is to sell airbags. And not just any airbags, but those from luxury cars. Why? Because they can go for a lot of money.

Whether you’re looking to get rid of some old airbags or you’re trying to start a business, selling airbags on eBay can be a great way to make some extra money.

But where do you start?

This guide will show you everything you need to know about how to sell airbags on eBay, from sourcing your airbags to listing them on the marketplace.

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Why Selling Airbags On eBay Can Be Profitable

In the United States, there are an average of six million car accidents each year.

Many of these accidents result in serious injuries or death.

Airbags have been shown to reduce the severity of injuries in car accidents, and they can even save lives.
Because of the life-saving potential of airbags, there is a high demand for them.

This demand creates a profitable market for selling airbags on eBay. Individuals who have spare airbags or who want to make some extra money can sell airbags on eBay and make a profit.

Selling airbags on eBay can be profitable because there is a high demand for them.

Airbags have the potential to save lives, which makes them a valuable commodity. If you have spare airbags or want to make some extra money, consider selling airbags on eBay.

Is It Allowed To Sell Airbags On eBay?

Yes, it is allowed to sell airbags on eBay however there are many restrictions in place for the vehicle parts including airbags.


Airbags are considered critical safety devices in motor vehicles. As such, their sale is highly regulated by law.

That means, only Approved & Authorise sellers who have been verified and have a good standing with the company are still allowed to sell airbags if some conditions are met.

  • The only permitted airbags are those that have never been used.
  • It must not be a part of an equipment recall. It is the sellers’ duty to keep an eye out for any recalled items and remove them from their inventory.
  • Must be shipped in accordance with applicable regulations using hazmat shipping and a carrier other than the US Postal Service
  • Must include the following statement in listing descriptions: “I certify this airbag is not subject to recall and will be shipped by hazmat shipping requirements”
  • The certification from the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) must be maintained by the seller.

You can read more about all the conditions on eBay’s website.

How To Sell Airbags On eBay (Beginner’s Guide)

Selling airbags on eBay is a great way to make some extra money. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Find a Supplier

If you’re looking to start selling airbags on eBay, the first thing you need to do is find a good supplier.

There are a few things to consider when finding a supplier for airbags to sell on eBay. The quality of the airbags is important, as is finding a supplier that is trusted and reliable.

Airbags are a safety product, so it is important to make sure that the ones you are selling are of good quality. You don’t want to be responsible for selling a defective product that could put someone’s life at risk. Do some research and read reviews before settling on a supplier.

It is also important to find a supplier that you can trust. Take some time to get to know them and their business before committing to working with them. Make sure they have a good reputation and will be able to provide you with the airbags you need on time.

Take Good Photos

After sourcing airbags to sell, it’s time to take their quality pics to post on eBay listing. The right pics can make or break a sale, so it’s important to get them right.

Here are some tips for taking quality pics of airbags:

1. Use a tripod or other stable surface to keep your camera steady. This will help you avoid blurry pictures.

2. Choose the right angle. You want to show off the airbag from each side, but you don’t want the picture to be too cluttered.

3. Make sure the lighting is good. Natural light is usually best, but if you’re using a flash, make sure it’s not too harsh.

Write An Effective Listing

A good title and description are important for getting potential buyers to click on your listing. Here are a few tips for writing an amazing title and description for your airbag listing on eBay:

1. Use keywords that potential buyers would search for. This will help your listing show up in more search results.

2. Make your title and description clear and concise. Be sure to mention what kind of airbag you’re selling, as well as any special features or benefits.

Start with a catchy headline that accurately reflects what you’re selling. Something like “Brand New Airbag for sale!” or “{Car Name & Model Name} Airbag for sale!” will do the trick.

3. In the description, include all of the relevant details about the airbag including its condition, price, and any shipping information. Be sure to mention if the airbag has been tested and is in working order.

4. Use persuasive language to encourage potential buyers to click on your listing. For example, you could try something like “Don’t miss out on this deal!” or “Get the best airbags at the lowest prices!”

Ship Carefully

If you are selling airbags on eBay, it is important to ship them carefully to your customers. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your customers receive their airbags safely:

1. Use strong, sturdy boxes for shipping airbags.

2. Make sure the boxes are well-padded to protect the airbags inside.

3. Ship the airbags via a reputable shipping company, and insure the shipment for its full value.

4. Keep a close eye on the tracking information for your shipment, and make sure to provide your customer with updates along the way.

5. Upon receipt of the shipment, have your customer open it and inspect the contents right away. This will help ensure that there are no problems with the shipment and that your customer is happy with their purchase.


Although selling airbags on eBay is not illegal, you need to be an authorized seller having all the certifications and legal allowance to sell airbags on eBay.

This is because airbags are considered to be safety devices and should only be installed by trained professionals. Additionally, airbags can be dangerous if they are not handled correctly.

So if you want to sell airbags on eBay, start by doing research and finding a good supplier, take quality photos of the airbags, create a listing with a catchy title and description, set a competitive price, and ship the airbags safely.

So I hope you have enjoyed our guide on “how to sell airbags on eBay”. With a little effort, you can make a full-time living by selling airbags on eBay!

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