How To Remove Audio From Video In Canva (Easy Trick!)

How To Remove Audio From Video In Canva
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I know how frustrating it can be when you create a video in Canva but the audio isn’t quite right.

Or maybe the background music is too loud or doesn’t fit the vibe you’re going for

You put time and effort into making that video visually appealing, but the audio is just not working.

I’ve been there too!

But don’t worry, removing audio from a Canva video is easy peasy.

In this quick guide, I’ll walk you through the simple steps for how to remove audio from video in Canva.

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How To Remove Audio From Video In Canva

Follow the below steps to remove audio from video in Canva

1. Open Canva Website

Go to the Canva website.

Click on the ‘Log In’ button at the top right corner of the page and then enter your login credentials, if you have used Canva in the past.

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top right corner of the page and then follow the sign-up process, if you have never used Canva before.

After logging in or signing up you will be directed to the Canva homepage.

2. Open a Video Template

After being directed to the Canva homepage, Search for ‘Video’ from the search bar located in the middle of the Canva homepage.

search for video

Now Canva video templates will be available in front of you.

If you want to remove audio from your own video then click on the ‘Create a Blank Video’ button to upload your own video To Canva and then further remove the audio from it.

Or if you want to remove audio from Canva stock videos then scroll through the available options and click on the video that you like the best.

choose a video template

Now a new menu will open in front of you, click on the ‘Customise This Template’ button and it will open in a new window with a left sidebar.

customize this template

Note: For this tutorial, I will be working on a Canva stock video.

3. Add An Audio

Once you have the video template in front of you, It is time to add audio to your video.

There are two ways for adding audio in Canva. Either you can click on the ‘Uploads’ button from the left sidebar and then click on the ‘Upload files’ button to import your audio from your desktop to Canva.

Upload you audio

Once your audio is uploaded, it will be shown under your upload library. Simply drag and drop the audio onto the video.

Or if you want to use Canva’s pre-made library of audios then click on the ‘Apps’ button from the left sidebar and then scroll down to click on the ‘Audio’ button.

click on apps

Now you can use the top search bar to search for your preferred audio or scroll down the options.

add audio to your video

Once you like the audio for your design, click on it to add it to your video.

4. Remove Audio From Your Video

Once you have added the audio, it is time to learn how to remove audio from the video.

There are two ways to remove an audio from the video:

a) Delete The Track

Click on the soundwave timeline ones and it will be highlighted.

To delete the audio from the video either simply click on the ‘Delete’ key from your keyboard.

click on delete key

Or click on the ‘3 Dots’ icon from the right side of the highlighted soundwave, and a few options will appear in front of you.

click on 3 dots button

Click on the ‘Delete Track’ button from the new options to delete the audio from the video.

b) Mute The Track

OK, what if you used a stock video from canva that already comes with audio, how you gonna remove it? the previous method ain’t going to work.

So here is a simple trick for that scenario.

Click on the video that whose audio you want to remove.

Click on the ‘Volume Button’ button from the top toolbar and the volume slider will open in front of you.

mute the video track

Now to mute the audio track, while pressing the left button of your mouse, drag the slider towards the left side 0.

Now the volume of the soundtrack will get muted.

5. Save Your Video

To save the soundless video from Canva to your desktop, click on the ‘Share’ button from the top toolbar.

save this design

Look for the ‘Download’ button from the new menu in front of you, and then click on it to open download settings.

download your design 2

Now set your file type to ‘MP4 Video’ and then hit the ‘Download’ button at the end to start the process.

FAQ- How To Remove Audio From Video In Canva

Below are a few frequently asked questions to deepen your understanding:

Can You Edit Video Audio In Canva?

Yes, you can edit video audio in Canva. Canva provides you with basic video editing features like trimming, cropping, volume adjustments, audio effects, etc. To know how to edit video audio in Canva, follow our in-depth guide How To Edit Audio In Canva’.

Can You Make Professional Videos On Canva?

Yes, you can make professional videos on Canva. You can either create a professional video from scratch or use a video template and then customize it to suit your needs.

From Canva Intensive Library of templates, graphics, effects, elements, photos, etc, you can make a professional video in no time.

Before You Leave

There you have it – removing audio from a Canva video is a breeze!

With just a few simple clicks, you can delete the existing audio track and replace it with music or voiceover that better suits your creative vision.

No more wrestling with lackluster default audio.

So next time you need to pull some audio from a Canva video, you’ve got this! Just follow the quick steps outlined above.

In a few minutes, you’ll have picture-perfect video complete with exactly the audio vibes you want.

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