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How To Make Money With 3d Printer From Home

Making money by sitting in the comfort of your own home is just the right thought that most of the readers out here are looking forward to.

Well, some people are blessed with several skills and that can use the same to earn some money.

If you are a creative guy and are more into art and similar other activities, 3d printing is something you can try out.

There are several ways in which your 3d printer can help you earn some money.

Be it as a hobby turning into a small business, it is no big deal in showing those skills that you are good at.

And thus, if you are here to learn about how you can make money with 3d printer, you are in the right place.

Thus, if you are looking for easy and fun work time which also brings your money, you are in the right place looking for your answers.

Here I have for you all that you need to know before you start your journey as a professional in this field that needs creativity. So, let us get started with the topic.

How To Make Money With 3d Printing?

There is a lot you can do with your 3d printer and earn money. The first idea would be to create things and sell them in different places. Yes, you read that just right.

You can use your creative skills on any object such as in the form of 3d art. If you have enough ideas, this is going to prove to be a great idea for you.

The internet has several places where you can start selling your creative designs in no time. With the help of your 3d printer and some time, you can easily make good products that sell. Some people love 3d printed pieces of stuff and once you can reach them, it can be a great deal for you.

Besides, if you think you want to develop your skills and do better in the professional field, there are several online courses to opt for. once you have learned about such skills, you can also teach others and earn money out of them.

Lastly, I would like to talk about renting your 3d printer in return for some cash. Yes! Many people are on the lookout for rental services for 3d printers.

And that’s how you can take the same opportunity and fill your pockets with such a good number of bucks.

With that, the list of things you can do with a 3d printer keeps going on. It is for you to discover what interests you the most.

If you rightly know the different ways in which you can sue your 3d printer, money will come running to you.

3d printing is a fun activity where you can easily sit in the comfort of your home, work when you feel like it, and also earn money by selling them. Besides, there are other options too if you are not a fan of making creative products using your 3d printer.

But, if you still need some more information on the topic, keep reading each word of this article to learn about some interesting things you can do, if you have a 3d printer at your house.

List Of 10 Things To 3d Print And Sell

Isn’t it full of fun to get your hands on a 3d printer and earn some profits? Well, for me, the very thought of it is exciting. Making things out of your creative mind is a great thing to do. You can work, spend quality time and get yourself some money. Thus, if you do not know where to start, I have a list of ideas for you. Let’s get started:

Phone Wall Holder

Yes, this is a need in the present day. Not all charging cords are of the same length.

Thus, if you are to keep holding the phone while on a charge, nothing could be worse than that. So, you can take the chance and make wall holders with your 3d printer.

Wall Clock Designs

Using a 3d printer, one can make very fun and interesting wall clocks. As kids today are fond of unique stuff to keep at home, you can try and be a seller for them.

Bottle Carriers

Carrying one or two class bottles is ok. But, what about when you have to carry a pack of bottles? Well, that’s where your 3d printer can go a long way in getting your needs fulfilled by crafting a multiple bottle holder.

Foldable Hanger

A foldable hanger is something you can make by using a 3d printer. Such hangers are of great utility especially when it comes down to traveling with such items.

A Stand For Your Headphones

When you are not using your headphones, it is a problem on how to keep in safe. Well, a 3d printer can serve your purpose by helping you craft a design that will in turn ensure you keep your headphones safe.

3D Lamp Designs

There are several lamps designs that one can craft and sell out of their 3d printer. The illusions that 3d lamps create are great and you can earn a quite amount of money by selling them.

Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters come in different shapes and sizes and your 3d printer can help you make different shapes of cookie cutters. With these designs at hand, your cookies would look interesting and fun especially for the kids out there.

Little Boxes

Several types of boxes are a need for day-to-day life. Kids need pencil stands, for the kitchen too, small cutlery stands are always on the go. Thus, to fulfill such needs, your 3d printer can help.


Yes, 3d printers can help in crafting whistles with the device quite easily. It is a very simple yet important item and thus, you can make and sell it. for outdoor occasions or travelers, this is a great item to always carry around for safety reasons.

Organizing Boxes

No matter which part of the house you look into, organizer boxes are always available. To clear off messy areas of the house, there must be small boxes to keep necessary things and prevent them from losing.

These are some of the items that your 3d printer can get you. Making money is no longer a tough job if you know where and how to start with.

After making your designs, you can have your online store or even choose to sell with bigger sellers in the industry.

Some of the examples would be selling on platforms such as Etsy or Amazon. These are great platforms to try out and get going with your 3d printing journey.

All you need to do is list your products on these platforms and reach sellers that are interested in buying your products.

Once you find your desired clients, they will pay you as per your prices and you get to be your boss. Thus, for a side hustle or part-time income source, 3d printing is a great option to look into.

Few Important Points To Keep In Mind

While on the one hand, selling items of different designs is easy, there are some important points that you need to keep in mind.

Copywrite issues always might come up on your way. Designs that are already popular on the internet, mostly come with copywrites and you cannot use them in the original copy.

It is seen as an illegal job if you copy someone else’s design that comes with ‘all rights reserved. You can always craft items by taking inspiration from such designs but, you cannot sell them.

Copied designs can only be meant for personal use and not for selling. Thus, to avoid issues of Copywrite, it is better to go for one’s designs and also securing those very designs.

Otherwise, the risk of others copying your designs will still be there.

Concluding Lines

When it comes down to the thought of how to profit from 3d printing? The answer is simple, sell and make money. This is one such industry that offers you to be at your own will.

There is hardly any investment you need to start your journey.

If you have a printer and some expense on the product filament, you are all good to go about and make money with 3d printer.

Yes, it is that simple. For students or the ones looking for part-time earning options, it is simple to get your job done with 3d printers.

Talking about profits, it is easy to make money by selling 3d printed products.

Everyday use products are mostly on-demand in this industry and thus, you can take a greater chance by doing a simple job and earning quite some good money.

What else are you waiting for? if you want to earn some money by displaying your creative skills, start with 3d printing and you can easily fill your pockets. Thus, get started right away.

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