How To Make Money Selling Journals, Make Journals To Sell 2022

how to make money selling journals
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When you think of money-making ideas, several different things come up to your mind. From becoming a Pinterest manager to selling on different print-on-demand platforms, the pandemic has given enough options to earn money through online platforms.

No matter where you stay, today you have the opportunity to work from home and see your bank account grow. You can earn as much or as little as you want to. You are your own boss and there is no stress of meeting deadlines.

Today, I have something new for our creative readers out there. Yes! What if I tell you that you can earn by selling journals online on different platforms? Isn’t that amazing?

If you love the idea and do not know where to start from, this blog post will give you a clear idea about how to make money selling journals.

What Is A Journal?

make journals to sell

Journals are nothing but blank books that come with extra features. They are beautifully decorated on the outside and the inside, you are most likely to find pages with numbers, maps, certain, drawings, and many such interesting elements.

The main purpose of using journals is to take important notes on certain occasions such as meetings, schools, etc. Besides, there can be several other uses of journals.

For example, some people also use journals as their weekly or monthly planners.

Now, most interestingly, there is a huge demand for journals in the marketplace today.

People look for different designs and formats of journals to meet their purpose. That’s where your creative mind can use such an opportunity to make money by selling journals.

It is quite easy and you would love to do such fun activities that can also help you earn some money as a side income. To know how you can go about making your journals, keep reading each word of this piece.

How To Make Journals To Sell Online?

Anyone can make journals. Be it kids, or someone a little of a little older age, anyone can enjoy making journals. Yes! It’s that easy. Word/Google Sheets/PowerPoint and/or Canva are the most used tools for making journals.

In my opinion, Canva is the best as you can get yourself some templates that you can work on. This is mostly useful for those who are not very good at creative skills but still want to earn money by selling journals. It is free to use the tool.

Here are a few steps to create journals:

Look For A Theme That Is In Demand

The first and the most important step is to look for a theme that is in demand.

choose a theme

For that, you need to look for what other creators are doing. It is not a very difficult job.

You can go into Esty or Amazon and find out what are the most trending themes are getting sold. It is all about doing some research on your own to find out the best themes to make a journal.

Start Designing Pages

The next step would be to start creating inside pages of your journal by using the software design tools such as Canva, Corjl, Photoshop, etc.

start designing pages

You can take inspiration from other creators’ designs or if you have some ideas in your mind, you can go ahead and create it yourself too. But the designs should be based on the theme you choose for your journal.

Design The Cover Page

The third step is all about creating the outer cover for your journal. Remember that the outer page is the first thing that the buyer will see.

You need to be as creative with it to attract buyers to come and buy your journal and see what is inside for them. Make sure you understand your target customer’s needs very well so that you can stand out in the crowd.

Sell It On Marketplaces

Lastly, the final step you need to do is sell your journal on different platforms such as Shopify, Esty, Amazon, and several others.

You need to upload your journal and post it on the platforms, for buyers to come and purchase your listed journal. And that’s how you can earn some money through it.

As a beginner, I suggest you to sell your journals on marketplaces first because they already have audience and you don’t have to spend money marketing your products.

How To Sell Journals On Esty?

On Esty, digital, printable, and physical journals are available for sale. You can choose to sell any of the categories if you have the capacity to. But the main idea here is to sell digital or virtual journals online.

Thus, while selling on Esty, here are a few things you need to consider to get rid of the challenges and bring in more sales for your journals:

  1. Learn Esty SEO techniques: while listing your journals on Esty, you need to take care of the titles, tags, and descriptions you use for your product. The SEO techniques are such that once a user searches for a particular type of journal, it will be displayed to the buyer if your product description has the needed keyword.
  2. Market your products on Pinterest: Pinterest can help you reach more target customers by pinning your products to Pinterest. You can create mood boards or visual boards that talk about your journals and that can attract target customers to buy from your listed item on Esty.
  3. The more products the better it is: once you start your Esty store, there is no looking back. When you have more products listed, there is a higher chance for buyers to land up into your profile. You can bundle all your products under one listing and that can help bring more sales for your journals.

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Where To Sell Journals Online Other Than Esty?

Now that your journals are set, you need to sell them to the right customers. But where and how? Though Esty is one option at hand, there are several other options too for you to sell your digital journals.

Let us take a look at some of the platforms that can be your next marketplace:

  • Creative Fabrica: it is one of those marketplaces that deals in buying and selling designs, fonts, graphics, crafts, etc. Besides, you can also use their design tools and make your journals here. Thus, it is a great place for you to start selling your journals other than Esty.
  • Creative Market: it is just another ideal marketplace for all types of design needs. On this platform too, you can sell your journals as it has a worldwide reach for you to get huge sales from all over the globe.
  • Design Bundles: Design Bundles too is an equally good marketplace that only seals in design resources. It is a UK-registered company that can be your ideal marketplace to sell your journals online. Do not forget to try out.
  • Shopify: It is the most popular of all. Though one can sell anything and everything on Shopify, your journals too can be easily sold on the platform by listing them to you’re your virtual store. It is quite similar is Esty.

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How To Make Money Selling Journals?

If you want o make enough money by selling journals, you need to reach out to the right customers that are looking to invest in your product. And how do you reach such customers?

You can reach them through different marketplaces online. This blog post has quite some suggestions to get going with selling your journals on different platforms, that you can try out.

Besides, you can choose to market your journals on different social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram marketplace.

You can join a domestic or international group whereby, people from different parts of the globe join groups to buy and sell similar products.

These are some of the methods you can go for, to bring in more sales for your virtual journals. There is no end to your creative skills and once you have grabbed quite some customers who like your work, you can see them coming to you for all of their creative journal needs.

It is a great way to start selling and growing in the industry with so many different competitors going around in the market.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you know how to make money selling journals, I am pretty sure you are ready to start off your journey.

To meet the huge demand of journals today, any number of sellers would be less. Hence, it is a great opportunity, to begin with, some side income. You do not need any investment as there are free design tools that you can use.

Besides, it has been seen that several people have loved the process of earning money by selling journals. People of any age can do that too just by sitting in the comfort of their homes.

If money-making interests, you and you have some creative skills, I would suggest you start with making and selling journals right at the moment. It is never too late for you to start earning. And now is the time you have with this blog post your way.

All you needed to know has been mentioned in this post and you can start your journey without thinking twice.

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I feel like this might be a dumb question but I’m still going to ask – who actually makes said journal? Design was discussed in depth however, if the journal is not digital, who is fronting that product? Is that me and I just missed that part? Or is Amazon actually manufacturing said journal and we pay Amazon a % of the profits?

Ally Christian

How can i promote my journals for more sales? i have an Etsy shop and i have posted 14 designs but still just 2 sales.

Christine Platon

I want to know how to copyright our journals so that our themes or entries are not duplicate by others.