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How To Make Instagram Music Longer Than 5 Seconds (Solved!)

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Instagram or insta as the young peeps refer to is a platform for video and photo sharing in the form of an application.

People can share their photos and videos on Instagram which would be visible to the people who follow them if they have a private account and on the other hand, can be seen by everyone if they have a public account.

Generally, a person shares his photos and videos with his followers for fun but many people want to gain followers and be a public figure who can be recognized by millions of people.

This platform for video and photo sharing is widely spread all across the world among people of different age groups let it be teenagers, adults, or old age people, and is liked by everyone.

A person can also put-up stories, make a boomerang, upload reels, and whatnot.

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What Are The Other Facilities Offered By Instagram?

Instagram also provides us with the facility to comment, like, and share other people’s posts that they make on Instagram.

But it is not exactly what it seems like as with advantages there also come disadvantages like sometimes people leave negative comments on your posts which might lead to you having a bad effect on your mental state.

This application can be used by anyone above the age of 13 years by registering their email address and then selecting a username for their account with which people can recognize them.

Instagram stories are one of the best features of this application. The content creators, small businesses like thrift stores, and marketers face a problem while posting stories.

To use Instagram firstly a person needs to install the latest version of this application from the play store and open the story’s camera and either take a picture or video or upload it from his camera roll.

Once he is done with this, click on the stickers button which is present on the top of your phone’s screen, and from that choose the music sticker.

This sticker will hence open the Instagram music library which has a lot of music tracks, tunes, and songs by various musicians.

A person has thousands of songs to choose audio from and he can scroll through the For You tab for some suggested songs or you can also search for some specific songs.

If a person has a business account, he may have a limited collection of songs to choose from because of licensing agreements with Instagram.

You may choose a particular part of the song and when you are done with choosing click on done. With this step, music will be applied to your Instagram story as per your choice.

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Instagram And Its New Features.

Instagram has now launched a new feature that lets Instagram users add songs to their feed posts which is similar and intermediate to the idea of Instagram reels and stories.

But Instagram is testing these features in only a few countries like Brazil and Turkey.

India is one of the few countries where this feature by Instagram is being tested. This feature of Instagram gives users a way to add audio to their feed posts.

The way users make short videos with music known as Instagram reels and post stories that can also be customized with different layouts, stickers, music, voting polls, and what not, this new feature has amazed the Instagram users as now they can use soundtracks in their feed posts as well.

The stories that a person posts on Instagram disappear after 24 hours but the feed posts with music that they make don’t disappear.

How can a user use this feature on Instagram to add audio to their feed posts?

Step 1: Upload a photo on your feed.

Step 2: Click on the option to add music.

Step 3: Either scroll through the For You option and add audio from there or search for songs from the Search option.

Step 4: Choose and select the song that you want to post with your photo on your feed.

Step 5: As soon as a person clicks on the audio, he will be taken to a soundtrack page that shows all the posts of the people that have used that song on their feed posts.

Step 6: Select the duration of the audio clip and the particular part of the song that you want.

Step 7: Click on the Done option and then share your post with audio to your feed.

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Why Is Instagram Story Music Only 5 Seconds Duration?

You’re Instagram story music might be only 5 seconds maybe because you had previously set the length of the story music to be 5 seconds.

But this is adjustable and you can increase the length of your Instagram story music in this app if you post a story that has a static image you may keep the music up to 15 seconds.

People generally add music to their Instagram stories to make them more engaging.

The question of how to make Instagram music longer than 5 seconds is frequently asked by many people who use Instagram and they need a good answer for this question.

How To Make Instagram Music Longer Than 5 Seconds?

Method 1: Add a mix of different songs and lyrics to each slide.

Step 1: From your camera roll, select up to 10 photos or 4×15 second clips in the form of video.

A person should remember that the ten images would equally transition at a maximum of 6 seconds (10 images x 6 seconds will give 60 seconds Instagram story).

To select various images at a time either tap and hold on to the first photo or press the select button which is present on the top right corner of your phone’s screen.

Step 2: Choose a layout for your Instagram story

Choose how you want your story to appear either show all the photos in a single layout or show the full-sized photos separately and one after the other with a slider.

Step 3: Add music to each of your photos or video

You can select and edit each video clip and image from the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen and add music to each slide of your Instagram story.

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Method 2: Customize the start and end points of single music tracks

This method can be used to continuously play a single soundtrack for a longer period which is more than the maximum period of 15 seconds.

The only difference a person can feel in this method is that he is not adding a new soundtrack for every new image or video clip on your Instagram story

The process that you used for the first method is hence repeated to add the same soundtrack to your Instagram story.

The second image would have the track begin from the point where the previous audio had ended rather than starting from the very beginning of the soundtrack.

The audio selector bar which is present on your screen can also be used to trim out particular lyrics that a person wants to include in his Instagram story.

The question of how to make Instagram music longer than 5 seconds has now been answered with proper instructions that a person can follow and increase the duration of his Instagram story to more than 5 seconds

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the users of Instagram.

Where is the music duration shown on Instagram?

Whenever a person adds a soundtrack to an image or a video clip on his Instagram story, only a particular part of the soundtrack is added to his Instagram story.

The shortest period for the soundtrack is 5 seconds and the longest duration for your soundtrack is 15 seconds.

The duration of the soundtrack is usually shown as a number which is there inside a circle on your screen in the bottom left corner. It is just to the left and about the audio selector bar.

If there is a number 5 inside the circle on the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen it means that the soundtrack will play for only 5 seconds in your Instagram story.

How to change the duration of an Instagram story?

The duration of the soundtrack of your Instagram story can be changed and increased up to 15 seconds by tapping on the number inside the circle on the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen.

When you will tap on the number a menu will appear on your phone’s screen which will give you various options to choose from for the duration of the audio clip. This is the menu that lets you make your Instagram audio longer than 5 seconds.

The duration of the audio clip increases in 1-second increments which usually starts at 5 seconds and then ends at 15 seconds duration.

How to add a story with music of the required length?

To add an Instagram story of the required length you can select the audio and set the time duration for your audio.

Instagram overall is a great platform for people who want to gain followers and hence for that they need a good algorithm that is easily accessible and easy to use so that they can create content with fun.


Instagram is one of those happy places that can bring about a smile on the faces of people from every age group. Be it spending some creative time or some quality time on the social media platform, Instagram is what you have.

And when it comes to struggling with making a piece of music last for more than 5 seconds, this blog post is all you ever need. Follow the step-by-step guide to bring about the best experience while using Instagram.

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