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How To Make A Superscript In Canva 2022 (Easiest Way!!)

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The platform Canva is all about the fun objects that one can think of. Whether you want some good graphic designs, some highlighted texts, or even some animated videos, Canva is the first thing that comes to mind most of the time. It is one graphic design tool that is a favorite for all of us.

Isn’t it? do you possibly think of any other software other than Canva for your design needs?

Remember the problems faced during making presentations of mathematics and science? Can you think of solving the same with the help of Canva?

I am pretty sure; you just cannot think of it. Making equations cannot be complete without some superscripts coming into action.

Thus, that’s where the purpose of this blog post comes into play. Today, we will discover a new side of Canva, where, you can use the same software for your superscript requirements. Your question on how to make a superscript in Canva is the point to be answered throughout this piece.

What is A Superscript?

Superscripts are nothing but part of the normal text that appears slightly above the normal text line. This concept is usually seen to be used in mathematical expressions, science equations, that deal with exponents, derivates, etc.

Especially, a chemical equation is incomplete without derivatives and that’s where you can find the use of superscripts. Though dealing with superscripts cannot be your area of interest, you just cannot avoid your assignments and presentations on such subjects.

At least once in a lifetime, you have to find yourself in such a situation, where you need to struggle with superscripts. However, these texts over the normal line are nothing extraordinary to deal with.

Now the question arises, can you superscript in canva?

How To Make A Superscript In Canva

In order to make a superscript in Canva, you will be needing 2 textboxes. Just add two text boxes from the left sidebar. Place the second textbox on the upper right side of the first textbox and reduce its size so that it will look like a superscript to the first textbox. Finally, group both the textboxes together so that you can move them together as a single layer. 

If you are not able to understand how to do superscripts then here is a detailed guide for you to help you in your next project:

Step 1: Create A New Design

Visit the Canva homepage and open yourself a new file by clicking on the option that says ‘create a new design’ option as always. This is one step you already know before starting with a new project on Canva.

how to make a superscript in canva

Step 2: Add Two Textboxes

Next up, you need the fonts menu, which you can easily find by clicking on the ‘text’ tab, displayed on the left side corner of the Canva screen.

From the font’s menu, you need to select the text size you would like to use for your project. You can either choose, ‘heading’, ‘subheading’, or even the ‘body text’ option. You can either click on the font size twice or, create two different text boxes.

To create two text boxes, you can tap ‘T’ on the keyboard itself. When you click on it twice, two different text boxes will appear on the blank canvas for you to start with your superscript.

If you are worried about what font to choose then check out our top 11 best canva fonts for bloggers.

superscript canva

Step 3: Add Your Text

Now, like as always, you need to enter your choice of texts in both the text boxes that are displayed on the Canva software.  Now you are ready to go forward with your superscript.

Step 4: Resize The Second Text Box

The first and the most common way to start is to resize the text you have put in the second textbox. Make sure you highlight the same text before by clicking on the font size option available.

There is another way that you can use to resize the text. All you need to do is drag the small circles around the text box to adjust the size of the text till you are satisfied with the result.

Step 5: Reposition The Second Textbox

Now that you are satisfied with the result, you need to drag the smaller text and place it in the right-hand corner of the first text box, to make it look like an exponent form. To place it in the right direction, you need to click on the cross-arrow symbol and fix the position.

Step 6: Group Both The Textboxes

Now, the last step would be to make both the texts appear to be one. For that, you need to highlight and select both texts and click on the ‘group’ option that is available on the toolbar.

how to do superscript in canva


Does Canva have a direct superscript button to make superscripts easily?

No, Canva is not some tool that can make your superscripts in seconds, by just clicking on a single button. But there are a few small steps that you need to follow to make superscripts easily. It is not very difficult to make.

Are there any limitations to making superscripts using the Canva tool?

No, there are no limitations to making superscripts using the Canva tool. You have the chance to make as many superscripts as you feel like. Just like any other design works on Canva, you can easily make as many superscripts as you need.

Concluding Words

Canva is a well-known tool that helps in all your design needs. Similarly, right from fancy presentations and animated texts to even making superscripts, all of it is possible by using Canva. What else can you think of? I am sure that there are a lot of other things that Canva can help you with.

In the previous blog, we have discussed how you can use Canva to fade out the audio and many other things. Yes! Canva is that useful and helps in different types of activities. It is not just restricted to a few useful things that you can do in Canva. The list goes on and on, and one can spend days talking about how to make a superscript in Canva and its other useful features.

Hence, if you are still thinking about whether or not you can do things on Canva, google and find out what are the things you can do and make interesting things using a tool as simple as Canva. It is time to get started with your journey too.

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