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How To Get Best Seller Badge On Etsy (Secret Trick!)

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Etsy is a popular online marketplace where people can sell handmade crafts and items. While the site is great for finding unique and one-of-a-kind items, as a seller it can be difficult to stand out from the competition.

But Etsy’s best-seller badges are the way to make your products stand out from the crowd and get more sales. These badges tell customers that your product is purchased by a lot of people in the past few days, and they also show that you are a quality seller.

But how to get bestsellers on Etsy? I will tell you some tips that will help you to get Etsy’s best seller badge on your products.

How To Get Best Seller On Etsy

If your products sell really well as compared to other sellers in a similar niche within a short period of time then Etsy will reward you with a best seller badge on your products.

A niche is like a category for eg. jewelry, craft, mugs, etc. If your products are performing really well in a particular category as compared to other sellers in the same category, Etsy will automatically put a best seller badge on your listing.

So the best seller badge on Etsy totally depends on how viral your product is on Etsy.

etsy bestseller badge

So now you know that getting a bestseller badge on Etsy is no easy task.

In order to get that bestseller badge, you need to create a product that is unique and catches the eye of shoppers. You also need to promote your products in a way that sets them apart from the competition. And finally, you need to sell at a price that is attractive to buyers.

If you can accomplish all of these things, you may be able to achieve the best seller badge on Etsy. This badge is only awarded to popular and trending products in a particular niche.

Achieving the best seller badge can be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you are willing to put in the hard work, you can sell your products at a price that attracts buyers and achieve the best seller badge on Etsy.

However, the bestseller product badge is not permanent and can be taken away at any time. The badge is awarded to products that have a high number of sales in a short period of time. However, if sales drop significantly, the badge may get removed by Etsy.

This could be due to some other products from your competitors start getting more sales than yours.

So that’s how to get best seller on etsy.

What Does The Best Seller Badge On Etsy Mean

When you see a product on Etsy with the badge “Best Seller,” it means that that particular product is sold a lot of items in a short period of time.

This is determined by Etsy’s algorithm, which takes into account a product’s sales history and the number of recent orders.

The best seller badge is seen as a sign of success and can help to drive traffic to your shop. It can also be helpful in terms of competition, as shoppers may be more likely to buy from a shop that has this badge. I

In order to maintain the best seller status, it’s important to continue to generate sales and stay popular on Etsy otherwise you may lose the badge in no time as it is not permanent.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot get the badge again, if your products start getting sales again and hit the Etsy algorithm, you will get back your best seller badge.

Affect Of Etsy Best Seller Badge On Sales

As you already know that only the best selling items on Etsy get the bestseller badge and there is no doubt that the Etsy Best Seller badge is going to increase your sales by giving you an edge over your competitors.

The badge also helps build trust with buyers. When they see that your product is a best seller, they know that you are an experienced and successful seller. This can help them feel more confident about buying from your shop.

Finally, the Etsy Best Seller badge can help you stand out from the competition. When buyers are scrolling through listings, they are more likely to notice your shop if you have the badge. This can help increase traffic to your shop and lead to more sales.

How to Create a Bestseller Product on Etsy

There are a few things you can do to ensure your product becomes a bestseller on Etsy. Firstly, analyze the competition and what’s working for them.

See what you can do differently to make your product more appealing to buyers. It’s also important to focus on quality and price; make sure your product is well made and affordable for buyers.

Finally, think about ways to create virality around your product. Is it something that people will share with their families and friends? is it something that is going to attract buyers? ask these questions when thinking about a product.

Also, you need to promote your shop using social media and Etsy search engine optimization in order to get more organic traffic to your Etsy store and then more sales. To attract more buyers you can also offer free shipping.

Creating a bestseller product on Etsy isn’t easy, but if you put in the effort, you can definitely achieve it.


How to become a best seller on Etsy?

There is no single answer for what makes a shop a best seller on Etsy. In order to be successful, a shop must offer quality products that are priced competitively and are marketed effectively.

Additionally, shops must ensure that their products are seen by as many people as possible, which often requires using effective marketing strategies and taking advantage of social media platforms like Etsy’s own blog and Instagram account.

Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on the competition and analyze what is working for them in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Can I Tag my Own Products as “Bestsellers”?

No, you cannot mark your products as best sellers. Etsy’s algorithm is going to decide that by looking at multiple factors that we have already discussed in this blog post.

How to find the best-selling items on Etsy?

When you are looking for the best-selling items on Etsy, it is important to consider whether or not the items have a bestseller tag. Items that have a bestseller tag are likely to be more popular and sell better than those that do not.

However, the bestseller tag is not the only thing that determines the popularity of the product.

One factor to consider is how many likes an item has. An item with a large number of likes is likely to be more popular than one with fewer likes.

Another factor to consider is how many reviews an item has. An item with a high number of reviews is likely to be more popular than one with few or no reviews.

Ultimately, there are many factors that can influence the popularity of an item on Etsy.


So that’s how to get best seller on Etsy, by following the tips above, you can increase your chances of getting the Bestseller tag on your products on Etsy.

By increasing your traffic and improving your Etsy search engine optimization, you can make your products more visible to buyers, and by using effective keywords, you can make it easier for buyers to find your products.

Remember to keep track of your sales and rankings, and continue to improve your shop in order to maintain and improve your Bestseller status.

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