How To Fill A Text Box With Color in Canva (Easy Trick!!)

How To Fill A Text Box With Color in Canva
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Oh! So your text is getting mixed with your busy background and is barely visible?

And you don’t want to change the font and the color of the text as it matches your branding?

And now you are looking for a way to make your text stand out in your design, right?

Well, you are in luck!!

We have a total of 3 different ways that will come in handy to highlight the text.

So keep reading to know about how to fill a text box with color in Canva.

How To Fill A Text Box With Color In Canva (8 Steps)

So there are total 2 ways to fill your textbox with color inside canva.

You can use any of them, both will do the work.

Video Tutorial

Don’t like reading? here is a step-by-step video tutorial for you

Method 1 (Most Flexible)

Step 1: Open Your Design In Canva & Add a Text Layer

So firstly, open up your canva design wherever you want to fill the textbox with color.

Now add a new text layer (skip this if you already have one) into the canvas by pressing “T” from your keyboard or by using the “Text” from the left sidebar.

Add a Text Layer In Your Design
Add a Text Layer In Your Design

This will add text to your canvas from where we can move on to our next steps.

Step 2: Adjust Your Text

Now, Put in your own text inside the text box for eg. I have entered my name “Rohit Lohia” in the textbox.

Adjust the color, sizing, position, alignment, and style of the text according to your needs.

Step 3: Add a Shape Layer

Once you are done with your text, you can now add a shape layer by clicking on the “Elements” option from the left sidebar and searching for the keyword “Shapes”.

Add a Shape Layer
Add a Shape Layer

Choose the first square/rectangle shape and add it to your canvas.

Step 4: Change The Color & Sizing Of The Shape

Now, adjust the color of the shape and size according to your needs.

You can change the color by selecting the shape layer and clicking on the color palette from the top toolbar.

Change The Color & Sizing Of The Shape
Change The Color & Sizing Of The Shape

And you can adjust the size of the shape by dragging the edges, it’s just that simple.

Step 5: Send The Shape Layer Backwards

Now because we have added the shape layer after the text layer that’s why our shape layer is on the top of the text layer but we do not want that.

Send The Shape Layer Backwards
Send The Shape Layer Backwards

We have to send our shape layer backward so that our text can sit on it.

So just select the shape layer, click on the “Position” tab from the top toolbar, and then click on “Backward” or “To Back” to send our shape layer backward.

Step 6: Group Them Together (Optional)

Now in order to move both layers together and make it convenient, you can group both text and shape layers together.

To group them together, you can select both layers by holding the “Shift” key and then clicking on the “Group” option from the tooltip.

This is completely optional but if you want you can do that.

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Method 2 (Easiest But Limited)

To fill a textbox with color using this method all you have to do is open your canva design and press the “R” key on your keyboard.

Directly add Shape With Text Layer
Directly add Shape With Text Layer

This will add a rectangle shape to your canvas, and guess what?

You can directly write text in this shape without adding an extra layer.

You will see the cursor is blinking in the middle of the shape, just write your text, adjust the sizing and color according to your needs and you are good to go.

You can also round the corners, add a border and even change the border style of the shape by selecting the shape and adjusting the settings although it is completely optional.

Adjusting The Shape Settings

Now this method is quick and easy but it kinda limits you.

You cannot freely move the text inside the shape which restricts you from having different padding from different sides of the shape.


What types of shapes can I use to create my text box?

Squares and rectangles are very common shapes that you can easily find out and use for your text box.

But, very surprisingly, you can use any type of shape you want to bring more creativity into your design.

How do I customize a text box in Canva?

To customize your text box, click on the text box and you will see a lot of options in the top toolbar.

You can easily change the textbox color, border size, border type, border color, corner rounding, etc.

Before You Leave

So now you know how to fill a text box in canva and make it stand out in your design.

But what about images, how are you gonna make them stand out of the background?

Well by simply adding an outline to it, but how are you gonna do that?

Read our full guide on How to Add Outline To an Image In Canva.

And I also have something special for you, what about 30+ Canva Tips and Tricks To Help You Design Faster?

We have spent hours creating this in-depth guide on canva hacks that you can use in your daily life and make your designing easier.

Need any other help? comment down below!!

I will reply to you all.

Thank you for reading!

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